Cool or a geek

So I promised my kids I would take them to the pool today. I never intended to go in the middle/heat of the day. But I got to working on a programming project and it was going very well. Finally at almost seven my youngest comes to remind me of my promise. So I told them I’d eat some dinner and go. I asked if it was OK to if I didn’t swim and M said it was OK.

So I’m into a programming project and I need to go to the pool. Ended up taking my powerbook and sitting there watching the kids and programming. Was I cool because I was using my computer poolside, or a just a geek? It was fun, programming with jailbait as a background.


sexmap_thumb.jpgWas reading a new blog from H-Town blogs and had to comment about sex with out the kids, including in the car. This got me to thinking if it was a good idea to make a sexual comment the first time you go to a blog. Especially when I generally avoid talking about sex on my blog. So I decided I need to talk about sex on my blog.

My wife and I have kept track of all the states (as in United States, not mental states) we had sex in. When we were newly married we had sex at rest stops just so we could add the state. That’s how we got Missouri when going from Indiana to Arkansas (to the thrill of some college girls who happen to walk by at the time). Here’s a map. Red states are the one’s we’ve done it in.

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Black Homeschoolers

An article that says not all homeschoolers are white religious fanatics. They say “black children are now five times more likely to be homeschooled than they were five years ago. “

As a homeschooling Dad it is interesting to hear this group’s reasons. They aren’t that different, “I want to be looked upon as an individual and as an individual I want to do what is best for my family, “

“‘I’m not going to sacrifice my children to a system where they’re suffering.'”

“We can teach our own morals, we can still say the Pledge of Allegiance, we can teach them about our country and loyalties,”

And my favorite line – required in any article about homeschooling:

Some critics say that homeschooled children might be academically challenged but miss out on valuable social experiences.

“The socialization process today is far more difficult than we really know,” Charles Christian, a University of Maryland sociologist, told The Christian Science Monitor . He notes that a lot of parents “are simply saying that [public] school is not where they want to send their children during their formative years.”

Gosh my kids are missing out on being socialized like this, or this, or this?

And I know the standard response to this one too. “But they are going to have to deal with these things eventually. Don’t they need to be learning how to handle them?” Then why not start at 5. “Hey little boy, should you let that girl suck your dick?” The reason you don’t deal with it till later is because 1) it isn’t an issue at 5 (Or we hope it isn’t), and 2) they aren’t emotionally equipped to deal with it. So you wait until they get to an age where they can understand the implications of what is going on. The problem is if they get exposed to it, they have to deal with it when they are too young to understand. That is more likely to happen when they are in school. And then who will tell them how to handle it? Other students, or their teachers, with parents coming in last. When homeschooling, teacher is parent, and other students are brothers and sisters.

Fact is homeschoolers learn to deal with adult situations better because they learn from adults more than kids in public school. Homeschoolers generally have more contact with adults when they want to know how to handle something. Problem in public school is you learn about what sex is from people who are acting like they know what they are doing, even though they are only a couple of years your senior.

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Better Parenting Through Technology

So we have this problem at home. Our kids watch too much TV. We have an established limit, 30 minutes each and they can watch the other kids 30 minutes too. Which means no more than an hour a day. Our TV is upstairs in its own room and my wife and I aren’t up there all the time to make sure the kids only watch 30 minutes. Usually one of us walks in and says “How much TV have you watched?” Then they scream and apologize and turn the TV off. Now since we didn’t really catch them, they obliquely confessed, we usually don’t punish them. Or they will fall back on the kids favorite, “I don’t remember”.

Awhile back we read this on Boing Boing. I’ve been meaning to look at it for awhile and finally remembered today. After reading the info on how it works I realized it wouldn’t work for use because the only coax in my system in the cable from the satellite dish, and I want that to continue so TIVO can record things.

Looking around the site I found TV Allowance, which looks like a better system. It allows you to set the amount of time and it controls the power to the TV, not the signal. Which means it will work with my system, which uses RCA plugs through a receiver for all inputs. Only problem is we let them play GameCube alot more than watch TV, but this would block both.

I’ve asked to be notified when TV Allowance ships, and well probably buy one.

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Traffic Ticket

I got a ticket a few weeks back (Good Friday) and am going to go to court about it. Found this article which is interesting about Houston tickets.

Interesting quote “Twenty officers now write a third of all Houston traffic citations”. The guy running the speed trap was a traffic enforcement officer, probably one of these 20.

One of the sidebar links says the law in Texas says, “State law says the speed limit is whatever is “reasonable and prudent.” The reasonable speed is deemed to be the 85th percentile, meaning that 85 percent of vehicles actually observed in a particular stretch are going that speed or slower and 15 percent are going faster. “

I was driving right next to another car going no more than a mile or to an hour faster. The cop had to stop that car so he could pull me over. We were leading a pack of cars. Sounds like I should be with in 15% of the other traffic on the bridge.

I’m sure I’ll be blogging about the day in court on May 20th. I’ve got to go to an attorney’s office by next Wednesday and pay him $100 to try and get me out of a $125 fine.

Guess I should mention I’ve taken Defensive driving recently, so I can’t use that to get out of it.

UPDATE: Texas laws governing the “reasonable and prudent”. Look for “545.351. Maximum Speed Requirement “. Even better look at this summary.

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Summer is near

Been running around today and discovered summer is on its way. It is hot and muggy here in Houston.

Houston, Texas
Currently: 82°F Cloudy
Wind: south at 14.0 MPH
Humidity: 76.0%
Dewpoint: 74 ° F
Barometer: 29.72 inches and falling
Heat Index: 87° F
Sunrise: 6:36 AM CDT
Sunset: 8:00 PM CDT

Last updated: 4:00 PM CDT

Its the humdity that makes it feel so warm. Of course this is nothing compared to what is coming. But I think you body adjusts to the change and mine hasn’t yet.

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2 minutes to post

Didn’t want to bust my longest posting spree.

Hopefully just in time.

Beach was fun. Took pictures. Am playing Ghost Recon.

That’s real content


Two interesting blog worthy events this morning at church. First it is Palm Sunday and the church had its Easter play “The Borrowed Tomb”. Thing that really struck me was the story is really powerful. Seems strange for a life long Christian to be reminded the story is really powerful. It is THE STORY, of who Jesus was and what happen to him.

At one point though I had the cynical thought, “These people are the same people that protest violence in video games and that some pretty graphic violence of Jesus being whipped, beaten, spat on and executed”. Probably not as graphic as Mel Gibson is going to do, given his history with Braveheart. But that’s the story.

Second thing was they had a blood drive and I gave blood for the first time in years. They said it was for the troops and I’d been meaning to do it since before the war started and I heard on the radio the DoD had asked Houston blood banks to provide 500 units and the blood banks were already short.

Interesting how high tech the process is. They log in your information on laptops and then scan every step of the way using modified Palm Pilots with bar scanners built in. Tomorrow I can go to their website, enter my unit number and they’ll tell me my cholesterol level, and if I have HIV or other infectious diseases.

The church is a conservative Assembly of God and I thought it ironic to be asking 70+ year olds – who’ve probably gone to an AG church most of their life – if they’d had sex with a member of the same sex in the last three years. In the stall next to me there was a Vietnamese member of the church who wanted to give and one of these older women (probably a former missionary) who was going to translate the questions for them. Wondered if she’d know those words.

Interesting stuff.

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