Carry Ready To Fire

Dr Piazza has an interesting and disturbing gunfight video posted on his blog today.

A few points I’d like to make after watching it.

First a break down of the armed citizens actions.

:07 – He gets shot. It appears he was hit as soon as the bad guys came in.
:08 – He moves, and gets a hand on the gun in under a second.
:10 – Gun is out and moving toward assailants. Then he’s hit again.
:11 – He’s got two hands on the gun and it up where he could see to fire. But he can’t because now he has to rack the slide to get a round in the chamber.
:12 – He’s racked twice and the slide locks back. And he’s shot again.
:16 – Its obvious his gun isn’t doing anything to the assailants, and they are just unloading into him. Then they walk up to him, kick him in the head and take it away.

#1 Carry Ready To Fire

He go the gun out and on target pretty fast. But then he had to get a round in the chamber. If you don’t feel safe carrying your pistol with a round in the chamber, ready to fire, don’t carry that gun.

Really. There is no reason, in this day and age, not to carry a weapon that is perfectly safe to carry ready to fire. And as we see here, it is the difference between life and death.

#2 The Fight Isn’t Over Till It is Over

This guy started out by getting shot and got shot multiple times. At least 3, more likely half a dozen. He was still pointing the gun at the bad guys. If it had been functioning he would have been inflicting damage.

Just because you get shot doesn’t mean you are dead. It also doesn’t mean you have to stop acting.

On the flip side, just because you shoot someone doesn’t mean they aren’t going to shoot back. Keep the fight going till you are sure they can’t shoot anymore.

#3 This Guy Was Really Pretty Good

Ultimately he probably died. But the fact is it was a poor choice of firearm and carrying that killed him.

He drew from concealment in under a second after being shot once. I think most CHL holders grossly underestimate how hard it is to just get their gun out from where they are hiding it and on target.

He got it up and both hands on it. If it had been functioning, he had a good platform to shoot from. He didn’t close his eyes, hold it with one hand and punch as he fired in the general direction of the assailants. At least not until the end.

There Was No Blood

This is more an EMS thing. We are taught to cut someone’s clothes of and look for the bullet holes, both entrance and exit. This guy got shot many times and in the movies there would have been blood everywhere. A big pool under him. But there was nothing. He was bleeding enough to lose consciousness in about 5 seconds, which is a lot of bleeding, but you couldn’t see any of it.

Cut the clothes off medics.

Drawing From Concealment

(This post was written in Feb of 2007 right after I went to Front Sight for the Four Day Defensive Handgun course and never posted.)
One of the things you learn at Front Sight is to draw from concealment. Which is good because most of the civilians getting the training are doing it because they have CHL/CCWs. I’ve been carrying a gun for over 5 years and have never really learned how to draw it from concealment before. I cringe now to think what would have happened if I’d tried to draw from under my sweater using the method I’d thought of using.

We did a lot of shooting and most of it was from the holster. We didn’t learn to do it from concealment till day three, but after that, we did most of the time. The end of class test was from concealment, under time pressure.

I learned a couple of things relevant to my carry from practicing for the test. First drawing from under a closed front garment is much slower than from an open front garment. I wanted to take the test like I carry and mostly I carry under a sweater in the winter and a untucked shirt in the summer. But even using the correct methodology it was slower to draw this way. Part of it is because there is an extra step. While open front has a step one that flips the garment back, it isn’t much different than not having the garment there. With a closed front you have to life the garment out of the way with both hands, which is an extra step before getting a grip on the weapon.

I’ve also discovered since I’ve been back that I sometimes have both. I’ll wear a jacket over my sweater over my gun. There is no fast draw from this. I have to flip back the jacket, trap it, then get both hands on the sweater and lift it. Sometimes I’ll actually lift the sweater over the gun when I go outside so I only have the jacket to move.

On further thought the best method might be to use the closed front draw when wearing both. It should work, the grabbing motion would get both garments and let you get a grip on the gun. You’d have more to hold out of the way with your support hand, but you could keep it all out of your way while you draw.

The important take away for all my CHL readers is to dry-practice drawing how you carry.

FrontSight Member Now

Well I finally did it. I joined FrontSight as a Legacy member. If you look at their website that is a $9,900 membership, but I got a direct mail piece that let me get it for $1,900.

I’ve been considering becoming a member since Feb 2007 when the Mrs and I went for the 4 day Defensive Handgun course. But the cost to course ratio was never right. I wanted at least Advanced Handgun and Practical Rifle. I’d also have liked the One Day 30 State Handgun license class.

Well the Legacy doesn’t have the CHL class, but it did have all the other classes and then some. And as Dr Piazza says it cost about the same as one course. So I’m a member now and need to find time to go to Nevada and train. Don’t really want to go until after Feburary anyway having froze my ass off at night last time.

I bought an AR-15 and need to learn how to use it.

Story of a Gun Fight

This is a video – the raw video – of an interview with a man involved in a gun fight where two others were killed.

It is a good follow up to my article on what to do after a gun fight.. Dr Piazza has some take aways on the FrontSight Blog as well.

Heaven forbid I’m in such a situation, but I hope I’d have a much presence of mind as this guy. Faking a heart attack. Takes guts and brains in the face of a gun he thought was an Uzi.

Also a reminder it is better to wear your gun all the time, than have it sitting somewhere in your house.

“There is nothing you can do if you don’t react quickly and have something with you to defend yourself with. I would be dead if I didn’t.”

Navy Firearms Training

Got one of my weekly emails from FrontSight offering their current deal. The thing that made it blogworthy was the included letter from a Navy Petty Officer about their firearms training.

Speaking only for myself, my firearms training is limited to what I received in boot camp, which was two hours of classroom instruction, two hours of simulator practice, firing 48 rounds on the M9 service pistol and only 3 rounds(!) on the M870 shotgun.

He says that if they are going to be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan they are sent to school that is “basically Army boot camp” so they can get the training they need.

His email to Dr. Piazza was in response to the offer they are running right now. Basically you pay for a Challenge Membership and you get 5 for free. He words it another way, where you are paying for 4 and getting 2 free, but it seems like the other way around. The only caveat is that at least one of the memberships has to be given to a member of the military or reserve.

We have a friend, used to babysit my boys, who is now at the Air Force Academy and this would be a cool gift for him. If we had $5000 for it.

Front Sight Membership Deal

If you remember the Mrs and I went last February for the 4 day handgun class at Front Sight, which was excellent. We both really learned a lot and I would have loved to become a member, but most of Front Sight’s memberships are outside our price range. But for the next week they are doing a special membership deal aimed at law enforcement, but available to everyone.

The law enforcement membership has all the stuff I want to take and only a $2500 price tag. That’s almost the same price as the 4 day rifle class I want to take by itself. And it includes more classes than their lowest cost Patriot membership, which is $4900.

This is probably going to be the time I commit and join. I can see myself going to Nevada once a year for vacation and training. Two day course at Front Sight and couple of days in Vegas, sounds good. And I was already thinking about going in 2008.

Shooter and Front Sight

I finally got around to watching Shooter last night. I’d mentioned the movie in an earlier post because Front Sight trained Mark Walberg to be a sniper. Well if you watch the Making Of special feature on the DVD you’ll see a lot of Front Sight. The main sniper consultant on the film was a Front Sight instructor and former Marine sniper.

I’ve never mentioned before that Front Sight is more than a training facility. It is also an organization dedicating to changing the view of the culture towards firearms and firearm ownership. They are focused on doing this in the media, which is why they offer this kind of training for free to celerities, among other things.

Other than the Front Sight stuff, the movie was actually quite good. The director said they were going for a masculine, “muscular” movie. They didn’t want it to be politically correct – though the politics we very anti-government/blood for oil. The feeling of the movie reminded me of First Blood. Not what Rambo became, but that first movie where he was a pushed till he had to use his training to make things right. There is a seen where Bob Swaggert – the main character – gives himself a saline drip with a marinading needle that very much reminded me of Rambo stitching himself up.

The plot was good, and some of the twists and turns were interesting. The scene with Swaggert in the conference room at the end I didn’t seen coming. The gun stuff was good and very realistic to me. The sniper guy said they handled the main assassination scene wrong, because a 50 cal bullet hitting someone’s head from over a mile would be too gruesome to show in the movie.

So if you are looking for a DVD rental, Shooter is recommended.

Front Sight Links

Front Sight is running a promotion where if you’ll post this list of links to their website, they will give you a free four day course. As you know I’ve been to one of their four day courses – posts – and think it is worth it. I’d like to go again, but at this time can’t afford a membership. So I’ll pay in link love.