P90x: Bonking All Week

I’m at the end of week 3 of P90x. I’ll be on a “rest” week next week with no strength training.

And, boy, do I feel like I need it.

My energy is in the toliet. I’ve done worse getting through workouts all week. It isn’t that my muscles are tired, it is that I just can’t keep going. My heart races and I’m just worn out. This may be “bonking”, which the P90x diet guide says is a result of too few carbs.

I’m not using the exact P90x diet. I’m using Livestrong.com’s My Daily Plate to track everything I eat and keep my net calories per day under 1800. Both P90x and Livestrong add calories you can eat for all the calories you burn with a given workout. So in general I’m over 2000 total calories.

I’m not particularly low carb, most day’s it is a balance between the three macro nutrients. But 1800 may just not be enough for my body. So I’m adding 200 and will see what effect that has.

P90x Day 12: Just Keep Pushing Play

Finishing up my second week on P90x and it is good. I think my intensity is down, but I’m plodding along. I get up and do as much as I can every day. I haven’t completely missed a day yet.

I will miss my first day tomorrow, but I’ll do Kempo X on Sunday instead. Busy, Busy day tomorrow. I’m teaching a workshop at the studio and have to be there at 8AM, teaching till 4 and them interviewing a potential studio affiliate. Don’t think I need an hour of cardio to start things off.

As the title suggests, the point is to just keep doing it. Do as much as you can and hit it every day.

It is good to have other people doing it with you. We have a morning P90x meeting at work and it is good to talk about it. It is also good to know you’d have to tell someone if you skip out. It has gotten me out of bed more than once.

P90x Day 8: Return of Shoulders and Arms

I puked again. My only consolation was that about 3/4 of the way through the second round of exercises Tony says he was feeling a little nauseated. So maybe it is inherent in the workout.

Or I’m just a wuss.

But I won’t be forever.

It was no easier the second time. I thought since I knew what was coming it would be easier, but it wasn’t. The work out is just hard, but that’s a good thing.

Also did weight and measurements today. I’ve lost no weight and body fat is still in the margin of error for the scale. Measurements we also almost totally static. I sure feel like I’m working hard, so I hope to start seeing measurable differences by next week.

I remember on Body For Life it was about week four where you really started to see a difference. And about week 4 or 5 when you energy just exploded. Looking forward to that as well.

P90x Day 5: Legs and Back

I just couldn’t do it. I wasn’t willing to puke and that’s what was going to happen about half way through it. So I just skipped over the rest and went to the cool down.

Then I went back to bed.

Going Back To Bed

One thing about working out is you have to find your own way of doing things that works for your body. When I was training for the Marathon I found I loved to run at 2 AM and then go back to bed. I’d run from 2-4AM and then go back to bed. Worked well for me. I’m sure experts would say that was a bad idea to workout and then lay down, that I’d be super sore, but it worked and felt fine after I woke up.

I’ve been very tired the last few days working out in the morning, but getting up a little earlier and going back to bed for almost an hour today seems to have really helped.

The P90x Workout Sheets for Legs and Back Are Incomplete

They only list the pull ups that you will do, but there must be 30 leg only exercises that you do. These aren’t listed. I wrote my results in the spaces under where the pull up are listed.

And the blonde omnisexual acrobat Dreya Weber was great eye candy. Of course she’s so ridiculously fit she’d tear me up, but it was nice to have her to look at during my pain. 🙂

P90x Day4: Yoga X

Doing Yoga X was like doing Ab Ripper in that you get through an exercise or two and then go “Yeah, right, now way can I do that.” I spent a lot of time watching them do stuff I couldn’t possibly do.

I will say there is a point about 40 minutes in where you realize they are beyond you and think they are never coming back. Fast Forward till there is 42 minutes left, that’s when they change to balance postures. Balance postures are hard, but in a different way that might be more possible for you.

I now have a favorite Yoga posture – corpse posture, which should tell you something. 🙂

While I felt I got a workout, I’m feeling better than I have after any P90x workout yet.

P90x Day 3: Shoulders and Arms

On day 2 my arms were sore from the Chest and Back workout of day 1, but now I know what it really means to work you arms.

Lots of weight work.

For the last exercise I found I could do 7 reps with my right arm and zero with my left.

Strangely I felt this one was easier. I think because day one felt like an cardio workout, but after an actual cardio workout, I found this was a strength workout. Kicked my butt, but in a way I’m already starting to get used to.

Did Ab Ripper again. Or I started it and did as much as I could, which was more than last time, but only about 3 exercises in the set.

P90x Day 2: Plyometrics

The first cardio workout and it kicked my butt. Matter of fact the next day my butt is primarily what is hurting. 🙂

Plyometrics is not low impact, which my back doesn’t really like, but I think ultimately will be good for me. I could do a low impact Cardio X routine, but I want the effects of plyometrics. I want to be able to jump higher and run faster.

The cardio workout was hard, and this coming from someone who ran a half marathon a couple of months ago.

P90X Day One

I haven’t puked during a workout since High School but I did today. I guess that makes it extreme. But I went back in and finished the last 3 set after my stomach was empty.

The first workout is Shoulders and Arms, which means a lot of different kinds of push ups and pull ups. I can’t do a single pull up, so I was using bands to do the equivalents.

I did the fit test they want you to take before and after doing the P90X yesterday and didn’t pass all of the tests, but I’m doing it anyway. It was something of a work out all by itself.

UPDATE: Just discovered I didn’t do the Ab Ripper segment I was suppose to. Crap. Guess I’ll have to do it tonight.