BFL goals

Here are my goals for this twelve week period. I will work out 72 times in the next twelve weeks. I will lose 2.5 inches in my waist. I will be able to see cuts in my arms and chest. I will lift 25% more than what I start with. I will be able to…

Day 4

Got up at 6:52, which was only 1 snooze. And it did it even though my wife tempted me to wait till the evening and go to the gym, and it was cold. Went for a bike ride, even though it was very cold (for Houston and me). I forgot to drink water before and…

Day 3 part 2

Just finished lower body work out. I mean just now. God help me. I’ve got cramps in my stomach. We muscle spasms. And I only did one round of ab boot camp. But I did do my workout.

Day 3

Had a set back this morning. Missed my first lower body workout. Official excuses: – It was raining and the bed felt too good. – My back is really hurting. I pulled something yesterday morning and its been killing me ever since. If it isn’t better by tonight I’m going to the Chiropractor tomorrow. –…

Day 2

Today I’m sore. Haven’t had DOMs in a while and it is hitting me hard today. Also very hungry today. I had 3 meals by 12:30. Of course the last one was a huge chicken salad, since I ate out with a friend of mine.

BFL related sites

Did a Google search for “BFL Blog” and Body Blog, which is a collection of blogs about and by people doing twelve week programs. I also like Body Changers, because it shows me that real people are doing this and it works. It doesn’t always turn you into Mr Ripped in 12 weeks, but it…

Day 1

Been gone for a number of days to my family home in Springdale Arkansas. Ate a lot of turkey and a bunch of crappy food. I must have eaten 20 zingers. And I felt like crap afterwards. Fell a sleep everyday around 1 for about an hour. This made me finally reach my health threshold….