Week 2 reflections


Well its the end of week two. I’m not sure I have any great insights this week. I’m more on auto-pilot, back in the BFL groove. I’ve gotten past the hungry stage and am now in this, “God do I really have to eat again?” stage.

Not near as sore as I was week one. Don’t know if that is a good thing.

One newbie tip is never weight yourself after free day. Do it before, because you will gain weight on that day. Most of it is water weight, but still don’t psych yourself out.

And while we’re on the subject of weighting, don’t do it everyday. My wife has been doing it everyday and “nothing was changing”, but Saturday morning her BF was the lowest its been and under 30% for the first time. So don’t torture yourself. Plan when you’ll do measurements and do it then. I do it once a week on Saturday morning.

Here’s my weight for week 2, 191.0 and 20.5%. That’s down 5 pounds from starting, but it is scale weight. If the BF stuff is right, and with bioimpeadence you never know, I’m down 3.58 lbs of muscle, and -1.42 lbs of fat. Waist doesn’t seem to be down much.

I decided if I reach January and I’m not making noticeable changes, I’m going to get hard core with physiquetransformation.com. It seems they are very strict and precise. That may be what I need to hit my goals. Ultimately I’d like to look something like Bart. I went to this site because I like the look Bart had in the picture to the right. I think that’s more what the muscle under my fat will look like than some other pictures I’ve seen.

BFL Blog buddy

I have a virtual training partner in Sean Willson. He started this challenge the same day I did and is also blogging it. He’s also using the Success Journal.

I got his blog off your Yahoo BFL group I’m part of and realized it is good to know someone is reading your blog, so I decided to let him know as part of my Universal Law of Reciprocation, which is part of the Power Mindset.

One of the more impressive things Sean does is get up and go to the gym every morning. I did that on the first challenge I did back in 1999, and it is hard work. Now I just have to walk up the stairs to my office/gym and workout at home. Saves me some sleep time.

Day 11

Almost 2 weeks in and somethings are getting easier and some harder.

Its easier to get up early, if I pay attention to going to bed early. Its easier to do my bike riding.

Its hard to resist cokes during the week, but I’ve done it. I’m really having trouble doing my Power Mindset exercises. I don’t know what to do for five goals a day. Should I put, eat clean, do workout every day? Need to work on it. I’ve also started adding non-BFL goals in there. Still only hitting about 1/2 the last couple of days. Mainly because I only look at these goals during the next day’s planning, which is usually the last thing I do in a day. Need to get to them earlier.

Day 9

I find myself at the end of the day and wanting to graze. I got up and rode my bike this morning, and ate clean all day. Which is good. Now I’m unmotivated to do much, and don’t have control of the TV, so I fall back on wanting to eat. I don’t think I’m really even hungry. So I thought I’d post about day 8 as something else to do.

Day 8

Today was my hardest day yet. Or at least my hardest morning. I was dragging through the workout, though I did get through all three sets of Ab Boot Camp.

I stayed up too late last night watching Girl 6, (which I had Tivoed and wasn’t worth watching – the first half was good, but the end just sort of weirdly piddled out.) And I didn’t eat well yesterday. Had only 4 meals and two of them were really too big. They were clean, just poorly placed and too big.

Guess if this is as hard as it gets, I’ll breeze through the rest of it.

Tips from week one

Here are some tips for newbies in their first week:

Its gonna hurt. There is going to be muscle soreness, and a lot of it. You’ll have DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), hopefully, through the whole twelve weeks. But the first weeks are probably going to be the worst and the most pervasive. There really isn’t anything to do about it either. And I find the second day after a work out to be sorer than the first day after.

You have to learn DOMS are good. They are how you tell you really worked your muscles. They are really the only sure fire way. Just because you can’t finish a set doesn’t mean you worked you muscle to failure. Your body/mind will lie to you if it thinks it can get you to stop.

Perseverance is the key.

I’m still sore on Friday from my Monday workout, should I go ahead and workout the same muscle, or skip the workout? Work out. Believe it or not it will actually help with the soreness. Also you are training your body to recover faster. It needs to know it needs to get done healing in 48 hours.

Your going to pee a lot If you haven’t been drinking half a gallon of water a day, its going to seem like you need to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. But its ok, the water is good for you and if you’re carrying a lot of water weight, this will make you lose weight fast. I’ve heard of people losing 4 pounds in the first week because of this. Your body has been storing water because you don’t give it enough, now you do so it lets go of its stores.

How do I know I’m drinking enough? Here’s a Porter-ism I remember “This is one place you don’t go for the gold in BFL.” He’s referring to your urine color. It should be clear, not yellow. I usually achieve this by noon if I’m drinking to plan.

Caffeine makes you pee more often Caffeine and other stimulates make your body process the water faster and will make you pee more often. Caffeine is also used in a lot of diet pills, like BetaLean, so even though you’ve cut out the cokes, you may still be getting it.

It will take a couple of workouts to find your weights If you’ve never lifted weights before it will take you a couple workouts to figure what weights to use to get through the BFL lifting workouts. Don’t sweat it. Here’s what I do for planning weights. I guess for the first workout. Normally I go to heavy. If I do my first set and its a 8 and not a 5, I keep the same weight for the next set. Some times I get to my 6 rep set and have already hit a 10.(A ten for me means I can’t do another rep). It will lower the weight, or have someone help to get the total number of reps in.

Now I have some data to work with for the next workout. I look at the max weight I did and if it was near where I was doing my 6 set, I’ll make it my six. Then I fill in the rest of the sets with 5 lbs de-increments. So if my 6 set is 35, my 8 set 30, my 10 set is 25, my 12 set is 20. My first 12 is 30. In my last challenge I didn’t understand you were suppose to do a different exercise for the same muscle as you second 12, so I’d just drop 5 more pounds for that one too. This time I switch exercises and they requires a trial and error approach to picking a weight.

Planning is key to eating right, but don’t sweat variation too much. If you don’t have meals ready to eat, you will eat the wrong stuff. So you have to plan ahead to make good food available when you need it.

In my last challenge I did what I called Ron’s Bag-O-Food. I’d put the makings of a number of meals in a bag I kept at work. Then when I was time for a meal, I’d just go get one out of the fridge. I didn’t really plan what each meal was going to be and when. The bag contained things like cooked chicken and turkey breasts, cooked ground turnkey taco meat, torttias, cooked rice, spagetti, etc.

This challenge I’m writing down what I plan to eat for each meal and when. But I’m only hitting it about 1/2 the time. But I’m eating right for every meal. For instance, I don’t plan meal five, because Suanna normally cooks that one. And at lunch I may decide to get a regular Honey Burbon Chicken Sandwich at Quizno’s instead of a grilled chicken sandwich at Wendy’s.

Go easy on the meal replacements I have a protein meal replacement for meals 1 and 6 normally. In the BFL book half the meals are meal replacements. If you need the super convience of these things don’t feel bad using them, but in general real food is better.

I’m farting a lot since I started BFL, what’s the deal? It’s all the protein, especially meal replacements. Overtime you body will adjust and the gas will become less. If not, you many have to cut back on certain proteins and see if that makes a difference.

Can I really eat anything I want on free day? YES There are some sites out there that tell you its isn’t a great idea. You could lose all you worked on in the week binging on free day. I personally doubt you could eat that much and the further you get into the week, the less you will want to eat. And it is vital to the mind game. You have to know you can eat anything you want, you just have to wait for free day.

Hope those help any newbies out there. If you have questions or want support a great place to go is the Body For Life Yahoo Group. I’m a member and my challenge 1 before and afters are in the files folder.

Day 6

It’s the weekend and I do a weird hybrid day off. I just got back from a bike ride and will wait an hour before I eat, but the rest of the day if free eating day. I’ve been saving up. I want Buffalo Wings, Dr. Pepper, and M&Ms.

I was reading in the success journal and wanted to share a couple of quotes I highlighted.

“And I learned to love the process of becoming fit:..”
“… success is in the everyday accomplishments needed to achieve extraordinary results over time.”
– Carolyn Pagnato Day 6

Process is where you build your success. Its one of the reasons my goals have to do with things I’m doing, not outcomes I want. I’m working out 72 times. That I can control. If I make a mistake in my workout plan and 5 of those workouts don’t use as many calories as I need to reach some fat loss goal, I can still accomplish my goal.

“For me, the key was changing my thinking habits.”
Carolyn Culverhouse Day 4

Do you think having the name Carolyn is an advantage in BFL? 🙂

I often find the women’s BFL pictures and stories more interesting and inspiring than the guys. Guess I expect guys to lose fat and gain muscle. But women’s transformations are amazing. And Culverhouse’s is one of the most. I wish I could find a link to the picture in the Success Journal, because it has 4 pictures instead of just the two where she won. She lost 80 lbs of fat in 36 weeks. 16 inches in her waist. Went from a size 20 to a 4. And she’s 51. Of course losing the weight made her go from looking like a fat 60 year old grandmother, to a fairly hot 30 something chick.

Her quote was something I pointed out to Suanna, because I thing the mind game is one of the hardest to win. And the one most likely to make you fail in the contest of losing weight. You have to change your self image/identity. You have to think of yourself as a person that works out and eats right. I could go on about the mind game, but this post is getting a little long.

Day 5

Got up this morning as goaled at 6:45 AM. Started working out at 6:55 and finished Upper Body at 8:16. Suanna worked out with me till 8 when she had to go. This work out is taking too long.

I know it is the switching between two people that is making it long. Guess I’ll just have to live with it. I really don’t want to move an exercise but I may have to. I think last challenge I moved back to lower body. That might work.

Also found I’m stronger in the morning. Remember on Monday I had to do bicepts in the evening. Will I did exactly the same wieght this morning and it was easier. Since I’m still sore from Monday, this indicates to me I haven’t gotten stronger in three days.

BTW: I’m very sore from lower body today. Getting up and sitting down are painful. I’m going to write some tips for people doing BFL for the first time on a weekly basis this weekend.