Film Update: Xmas time sucks…

Ran into my first major obstacle, other than getting the camera. That is making the cast’s schedules work together. So the shoot won’t happen until January sometime, probably not till the second half.

I’m out of town next weekend, then I’ve got a photo shoot New Years weekend and others in the cast are busy. Then I’m taking my CHL test on weekend of the 7th. Then I’m going to MacWorld and won’t be able to shoot on the weekend of the 14th – my Bday. So the soonest possibility is the weekend after that. And I know at least one of my cast members starts up school about that same time.

I’m sure something will work out.

Movie Progress

Last night I did a number of things related to the movie.

The big thing was I started story boarding. When I did my shot list I wasn’t going to storyboard. But when I ended up having till New Years to start shooting I decided I had time for a little more detail. I found a PDF online that has 6 panels and I now have five pages of storyboards. This is what I consider the middle of the movie. One things I didn’t do was storyboard each shot when two characters are talking to each other and it will be back and forth. Don’t know if I should do that or not.

I also watched the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode The Wish, where Cordilia wishes Buffy out of Sunnydale. Why is this related to the movie? Because one of my characters I think of as a lot like Willow when she was a vampire in this episode. Having watched it I still like the sadistic, creepy vibe, though she moved a lot slower in this episode than I think of Lovergirl moving. We’ll see.

Weekend Movie Progress

Made some progress this weekend on the movie. I sent out the new draft to cast, though I haven’t heard back from them. At lunch on Friday I went through the script and highlighted the props. Then Saturday I entered them all into VoodooPad, so I have a complete prop list.

Sunday I got back to working and wrote out my shot list. There are 84 shots listed, including optional ones. This isn’t the full number because a couple are repeated in the beginning and ending sequence, but not listed again. But under 100 shots.

A note/thought on shooting ratios. I always thought this was how many mistakes do you make. If you have to shoot a shot multiple times because actors flub the line, or someone walks across the background or the sound gets screwed up. But while writing my shot list I also noticed you sometimes plan to shoot more than one shot of a scene. Like I’m shooting a couple of scenes wide and then shooting medium shots and then close ups. So for somethings I’m planning a 3 to one ratio. It will be interesting to see what my ratio ends up being based on time.

I found a couple of places in Austin that rent the Sony HDV-FX1 and sent them email this morning about how shipping time effects rental time. My biggest expense will probably be the camera rental, but I really want to shoot this in HD.

To day I went to talk to a co-worker that I knew was a musician about scoring the film. He said he could probably do it and even offered to come out a record sound with his sound board. I’m not sure I need that, but it would be interesting.

I also looked at microphones this weekend and decided I’ll probably by 2 lavaliere mics from Radio Shack to record all the dialog. Not sure what I’ll use for the other sounds, but that will be recorded in post.

All in all good progress. Right now I’m thinking I’ll either shoot this weekend, or New Years weekend.

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Rewrite #1

In addition to going to the Apple Store and looking at software and cameras, I also went to the book store and bought “The Guerilla Film Makers Movie Blueprint” by Chris Jones, Jonathan Newman, Cara Williams. Then I came home and decided to go through the script and adding more shot and acting direction. I ended up doing a full rewrite. I added a lot more specific shots.

I took out a “hidden” scene to lower the locations. I had a scene where one of the character walks up to the front of a house, checks the mail, walks in the front door, goes into the kitchen, gets something out of the refrigerator, reads mail, gets jumped from behind. I changed it to person comes to front door, opens door, gets jumped from behind. No interior scene at all. No mail box. Tighter.

There are a number of other smaller changes that will make shooting simpler without messing with the story. I put some of the character’s motivation in the script for the actors. Described more in depth what the characters look like and dress like.

I also exported the script out of Final Draft demo into RTF, then into Word. Took quite a bit of formating fixing, but all the style information was there in the RTF. I just didn’t plan on spending $250 for Final Draft. I’m going to make a generic script stationary for Word at some point to user for future scripts.

Not what I had planned to do last night, but a lot of really good progress. I’ll do the break down tonight or tommorrow. I also plan on confirming two of my leads tommorrow and maybe recruiting another character. If I do that and hear back on CAR GUY, I’ll have my whole cast.

Hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll also have a shooting schedule made up and agreed on by the cast.

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I’m Going to Make a Movie

A new obsession.

Just when my photography was getting to the point I felt I was pretty good, I got Robert Rodriguez’s book “Rebel Without a Crew: Or How a 23-Year-Old Filmmaker With $7,000 Became a Hollywood Player”.

We were in Disney at the Virgin Megastore. They had a whole aisle of filmmaking books. I’d ordered Rodriquez’s movie “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” when I ordered the new “Office Space and the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer – The Chosen Collection”, just so I could get the 10 minute flick school extra feature. So I was already trending back to filmmaking. But after reading the book I was totally inspired.

I was looking around thinking in terms of movies all weekend. At one point I thought about remaking a very cheesy comic/action short I made in college called The Great Video Caper. It was shot on video and edited between two VCRs. For a high school reunion a couple of years ago I “remastered” it using iMovie. It was seriously cheesy. As I was thinking about it though I started coming up with a new darker slant on the story. I was planning each shot in my head. Sunday night I downloaded the demo of Final Cut and wrote the whole 18 page script in a day. I’ve cast the villainous woman and hopefully my friends will take on their pervious roles. I’m one cast member short.

I plan on shooting it over the Christmas holidays. I really want to shot it on hi-def and am in total lust over the Sony HDR-FX1. Renting a pro level camera would cost $100-$300 a day. New this camera cost $3000.

I’ve pretty much decided I’m going to shoot a feature film next year. I’m too late to submit my short to Houston’s WorldFest film contest and too late for SXSW. So it will be next year. And if I’ve got a year, I might as well do a couple of shorts and a feature.

Stay tuned for updates.

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