Software and Camera

Last night I planned to go through the script and make a list of all the props and locations I needed. But I ended up going to the Apple Store in the Woodlands after work. I looked at Final Cut and Final Cut Express, and they had a Sony HDR-FX1.

There isn’t much to say about the camera because it was on a tripod in an awkward location and, though I messed with it, I couldn’t get anything to change on the display. I probably needed to get it out of automatic mode, but couldn’t figure out how. I know where the manual is online, so I should read it before I go back.

One of the things I know about this production is I’m going to want more than 2 tracks off sound. Last time I used iMovie there were only 2 tracks. So I figure I’m going to have to go up a level for editing. I don’t know anything about either Final Cut product, but I was able to add tracks to Express. Pro was very confusing, just too much to take in at once. So I’ll probably go with Final Cut Express for editing the movie. I have Apple’s ProCare and they say I can get free one on one training in their products, so maybe I should ask for a session on doing HD production.

I need to do some research on sound equipment for the shoot. I’m going to need to record some sound separate from the camera sound. Folley and ambient stuff. I don’t even have a cassette deck.

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I’m Going to Make a Movie

A new obsession.

Just when my photography was getting to the point I felt I was pretty good, I got Robert Rodriguez’s book “Rebel Without a Crew: Or How a 23-Year-Old Filmmaker With $7,000 Became a Hollywood Player”.

We were in Disney at the Virgin Megastore. They had a whole aisle of filmmaking books. I’d ordered Rodriquez’s movie “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” when I ordered the new “Office Space and the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer – The Chosen Collection”, just so I could get the 10 minute flick school extra feature. So I was already trending back to filmmaking. But after reading the book I was totally inspired.

I was looking around thinking in terms of movies all weekend. At one point I thought about remaking a very cheesy comic/action short I made in college called The Great Video Caper. It was shot on video and edited between two VCRs. For a high school reunion a couple of years ago I “remastered” it using iMovie. It was seriously cheesy. As I was thinking about it though I started coming up with a new darker slant on the story. I was planning each shot in my head. Sunday night I downloaded the demo of Final Cut and wrote the whole 18 page script in a day. I’ve cast the villainous woman and hopefully my friends will take on their pervious roles. I’m one cast member short.

I plan on shooting it over the Christmas holidays. I really want to shot it on hi-def and am in total lust over the Sony HDR-FX1. Renting a pro level camera would cost $100-$300 a day. New this camera cost $3000.

I’ve pretty much decided I’m going to shoot a feature film next year. I’m too late to submit my short to Houston’s WorldFest film contest and too late for SXSW. So it will be next year. And if I’ve got a year, I might as well do a couple of shorts and a feature.

Stay tuned for updates.

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