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Was at an ACU Summit panel with student filmmakers. Stayed after with Adrian Patenaude, an ACU filmmaker, and just talked about film, story, creating etc.

It was great. We promised to have a get together just to talk film in the future.

I mentioned a number of things/resources to her and promised I’d send her links, which I did, but I’ve caught myself lately having lots of resource links other’s might like, so I think I’ll makes posts for them.

The Treatment with Elvis Mitchell I always said if I made it as a filmmaker, I’d go on Elvis’ show to find out what my work was really about.

The Business Film industry insider’s guide.

FreddieW Quantity has a quality all its own. Freddie and Brandon are great examples of how good you can get if you make films every week.
The Guild on youtube Season 1 Felicia Day started the concept of Web Series for me.

Inside the Actor’s Studio on Hulu, sadly it seems there are only clips and you can only watch it on the web, but it is free.

Story by Robert McKee

Re: Best cameras for video marketing

I’ve been getting the question “What video camera do you use?” So often I decided I’d better just write a post about it. Well I’ve already written a forum post on the Internet Business Mastery Academy site, so I’ll just repost the good parts here.

I use the Canon HV70 for Distinctions For Life. Not sure you can even buy it anymore, which is too bad because it is a great little HD camera.

When you say you are going to do marketing videos what do you mean? If the content is good, or just interesting, the camera doesn’t matter. If you want to look professional, then here are a few things you really need to get in a camera.

1. An audio in jack. You need to use a real microphone, and you can’t if there is no audio in.
2. An audio out jack. You need to monitor that audio to make sure it sounds right. If I get my wireless mic too far from the receiver it gets all staticy. But I wouldn’t know that if someone wasn’t listening on head phones.
3. HD. Probably could argue this isn’t really needed, but is does put you at another level. Plus I like the wide screen aspect ratio and doing SD in that ratio, loses too much quality.

Lastly I’d recommend getting a camera that uses tape for a number of reasons. The biggest is backup. Once you shoot video you will import it into a computer where it will take up gigabytes of storage. If you use a hard drive based camera then your only copy of your original video is on the computer. Now you have to back it up. The only practical way to do that is to use another hard drive. If you have a tape, just keep it around. Your editing system can reimport the original footage at any time, and all you have to back up is the project file.

Second reason for tape is visual quality. HDV, the most common HD format at the consumer level, compresses the video to make it fit on tape, hard drive or SD card. But it compresses more depending on the storage medium. In the order I listed them. So stuff going to an SD card is very compressed. This means a lower quality of video. People have a tendency to think of compression only in terms of pixels, but the bigger issues are color range and audio quality, which degrade the more compressed a video source has to get.

Good Mics For Video Work

Since I’ve started doing my video podcast, Distinctions For Life, I get lots of questions about what equipment I use. Mostly these questions come from people who are wanting to do video themselves for business. Here are three things I tell them they must have in a camera.
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Beauty & Brains: Ruth Clay

Second episode of the Beauty and Brains series with marketing manager and dancer Ruth Clay. We talk about art, philosophy, science and culture. Learn her thoughts on God, children today, art, and razor blade belly rings.

Beauty and Brains Trailer

One advantage to DFL is that there is now no home for Beauty & Brains, the interview show I shot a few months back. So I’m moving it here to Reactuate. Here’s the trailer.

Beauty And Brains Trailer from Ron Davis on Vimeo.

Beauty and Brains interviews women asking them questions about herself, Art & Culture and Science and Philosophy. In each section they are wearing a different outfit, casual, dressed up and a swimsuit.

Trailer for upcoming series of interviews.