Advertising: Frequency Vs Reach

Part my focus on money is learning how to make my shareware company grow. While I’m working on a new product, I’ve also come to the conclusion marketing is a big part of the problem. I’ve also decided you have invest in order to make money. I need to spend money to get my product out there and better represented.

Part of that learning process was buying a book at half price books call Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads. Its a very interesting and info packed book.

Here’s one thing I just learned while sitting on the pot. Frequency is more important than reach. It is better to reach 10% of your market 100 times than 100% of your market 10 times. He was specifically talking about radio advertising, but it is applicable to other advertising as well.

Lesson for the day. Now I’m off to look at graphic designers. I want a make over for my web site and product and I’ve realized I’m an engineer and I need an artist to make it all look good.

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Rich Dad Wisdom

I mentioned yesterday that I’m starting to focus on learning more about money. Part of that learning is getting some books and reading them. I’ve got three so far, all from the Rich Dad Poor Dad series. Here’s some insights from the books I’ve gotten so far.

Rich Dad’s Guide to Becoming Rich… without cutting up your credit cards. This was the first of the books I bought and frankly wasn’t worth the money. There was too much reference to other books in the series and not enough practical advice. I wish I’d spent the money on other books in the series.

BTW I checked out from the library and read the original Rich Dad Poor Dad book a while back.

Rich Dad’s Success Stories I’ve only begun this book but found it interesting because these aren’t the typical “I saw the infomercial and in six months with none of my own money I’m worth $10 million dollars and now I live on the beach in Hawaii.” Instead these are real people talking specifics about the properties they bought and how much it cost and how much it makes. Sometimes it is negative cash flow, but for a reason.

Retire Young, Retire Rich I got the audio book via the iTunes Music store and put it on my iPod. I’m just into this one and it is interesting. Here are a couple of tidbits I learned.

The odds don’t change. Only 1 out of 10 businesses succeed. So everytime you start a new business you have a 1 in 10 chance of failing. So you need to keep doing it until it works. Making mistakes is how you learn.

Earned income is 50% money because you spend 50% of it on taxes in one form or another. Gain on investments is 20% money because that is the capital gains cost of getting the gain out of an investment. Real estate is 0% money because you don’t pay any taxes on gains in real estate if you reinvest it in real estate.

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