A Bible Book A Day A Week

I have a daily goal of reading one chapter of the bible each day. It’s a habit I’ve done pretty consistently for awhile now. Recently I decided I wanted to read the through bible without repeating, so I created a list of all the books of the bible so I could check off and track which ones I had read. I also added the number of chapters so I could see which ones were short.

There are a few that are very short – Philemon being the one I remembered. Alexa informs me the shortest book is “3 John with only 219 words in the bible’s original language.” So I decided to make a list and schedule a week where I got my books read count up by reading a book a day.

Here it is for your edification:

Read a Book of the Bible a Day For A Week

Sunday3 John
Monday2 John
ThursdayHaggi 1,2
FridayTitus 1, 2, 3
Saturday2 Peter 1, 2, 3

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash