Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-30

  • Breakfast of champions. And students. (@ Lone Star College – North Harris w/ 2 others) [pic]: #
  • [EMSNewbie] 66 More Pediatrics – #EMS #
  • I'm at Davis Homestead (Humble, TX) #
  • Don't park the wrong direction on Ash Meadow or you could get a ticket. (@ CCEMS M51, 501) [pic]: #
  • I just uploaded "Ep 115 Review of Mike Robert's Portfolio" on Vimeo: #
  • Anyone know how to switch between full screen apps under Lion with a mouse? #
  • @joshzytkiewicz I don't have a Magic Mouse. It seems swipe dependent. in reply to joshzytkiewicz #
  • Wow this is just sad. Few Android phones supported or are running the latest version of the OS. #
  • Waiting…..again. #
  • [Reactuate] Energy Drink Review: Rock Star Sugar Free #
  • Beautiful house for sale on quite street. (@ Davis Homestead) [pic]: #
  • 16 GB of memory installed in my iMac. Now off to Basic extraction day. #
  • Ramen Noodels in 2 Minutes: I made it as an exercise. via #
  • @rescue_monkey Showing Basics how much harder it is when the patient is screaming and up against a wall and under a table. 🙂 in reply to rescue_monkey #
  • I just uploaded "Ramen Noodles in 2 Minutes" on Vimeo: #
  • Finally leaving the house. #
  • And today only you can adopt a cat when you see a movie. (@ Starplex Cinemas Kingwood Movies 14 w/ 2 others) [pic]: #
  • Appearantly large parts of Connecticut are without power. This means EMS Newbie will be delayed because our audio editor lives in CT. #
  • I may have a new glistening spay for my photo shoots thanks to Origins. (@ Macys Department Store) [pic]: #
  • Amazingly they aren't busy today. (@ Cindie's) [pic]: #
  • Christmas stuff is out in force. And florescent colored trees. (@ Garden Ridge) [pic]: #
  • Looks like Garden Ridge is where the ugly scrubs come from. #
  • They don't carry paracord. They actually didn't even know what it was. (@ Academy) [pic]: #
  • Cheapest gas between Kingwood and the Woodlands (@ Shell Gas Station) [pic]: #

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Energy Drink Review: Rock Star Sugar Free

I’m a Red Bull man. (Boy that sounds strange to say). When I want caffeine and energy I normally drink Red Bull Sugar Free. I’ll drink the sugar full if I have to, but prefer to not have an insulin response paired with my stimulants.

Now I’ve decided to branch out and since I haven’t written a post here in a long time, I decided to write a quick review of the drinks I’m trying.

The first one was Rockstar Energy Drink. And the first thing I noticed was the can size.

I know when we American’s got into the energy drink business – following Red Bull – we did the typical bigger is better thing. But I’m used to drinking the small Red Bull cans, so any of the American drinks look huge. Do I need that much? Not really. And do I need that much caffeine? I doubt it.

Second thing I noticed was color. I like to drink out of glass, not a can. So when I’m home, like today, I’ll poor my drink in a glass. RockStar Sugar Free looks just like Red Bull, with the iconic bright yellow color.

The taste is also very similar to Red Bull, this is very much a knock off in my opinion. Probably not quite as tart, but it still makes you pucker on the first drink.

My final conclusion is it would be an OK substitute for my normal SF Red Bull. Taste is similar and everything else is the same. But if it isn’t cheaper, I doubt I’d pick it over Red Bull.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-23

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-16

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-02

  • Amazingly my clinical paperwork is finished. One less thing to do while I'm in Abilene. #
  • OB test is over and was much less traumatic that Monday's Med Emergencies test. Now some lecture and off to Abilene. #
  • She's finally here. Mary Kate, the winner of the EMS Newbie essay contest, has her own blog. Go check it out…. #
  • I just uploaded "Veinlite LED Review" on Vimeo: #
  • [EMSNewbie] Veinlite LED Review – #EMS #

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