Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-25

  • [EMSNewbie] 63 More Birth'n Babies – #EMS #
  • The one that most makes me want to do it. If I could figure out what I want to do for 30 days. #
  • [Reactuate] Something new for 30 days #
  • We're Back. Just recorded the next two episodes of the Podcast! Woot. #
  • Looking for an old image, I pulled out the archive from 2004. OMG, did I suck, but it was a fun time. Found picks I didn't even know I had. #
  • Enough CSS for the day. I'm taking a break. What day of the week is it? #
  • When gerber pairs with a survival celebrity the knife isn't tacticool black. It has easy to see orange built in. #
  • When you quickview a GarageBand file you get a screen shot of the GarageBand window. Huh? Maybe I should be able to like hear the recording? #

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Something new for 30 days

I decided I’d try and watch something intellectual before going to bed tonight. I watched a number of TED Talk clips, some of which I’ll post later. But it was this one that I most wanted to put into action.

Now if I could just decided what I wanted to do for 30 days.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-18

  • Recorded this week's EMSNewbie. I have paperwork to do from my clinical and lots of other stuff to do. So I think I'll go catch up on Dr Who #
  • Having lots of trouble getting focused today…I'm going to go get an early lunch and see if I can get my head in the game. #
  • Our cleaning lady just showed up, but said the house was too clean for her to do it today. She's going to start coming every three weeks. #
  • I'm developing really bad habits of leaving it spotless everytime I leave. I'm going to have to get over that when I finally move. #
  • Just got to use the term purpura in a report. Had to look it up in old notes. #
  • [EMSNewbie] 62 EMSWorld Expo Recap – #EMS #
  • I would complain that everything in EMS starts too early, but this morning is photography. #
  • Off for another fun shift in the ER. #
  • [EMSNewbie] 61 Live from Las Vegas (Audio) – #EMS #
  • Just found out one of my older blogs is running version 2.6 of WordPress. Have to do a manual update. #
  • [DFL Post] Life Planning: Personal Retreat: To make some changes in your life you are going to have to make dail… #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-11

  • For Labor Day I decided to do some. Blew driveway clean. Washed Velma for being a good girl. Read 1/2 gyno chapter. Now shower & shopping. #
  • This having to leave the house spotless every time you walk out makes leaving a lot slower #
  • On the ground in Vegas. Plan was 20 min early. Southwest is the bomb. #
  • Irony of the day. CPI star converts your change to bills. Then gives you change. Why not calc so the total is always even? #
  • Just went on a bibliophile bender at Borders. 60-70% off #
  • The Mac App store won't let me authenticate on this machine. Which means I can't buy an app I want. Grrrrr. #
  • Arrg! I can't find my disks for CD 5.5. And I have reinstall because I installed Lion. They made me get disks. I've got my CS5 images #
  • [Reactuate] Memorizing Makes Your Brain Bigger. #
  • Woo hoo! Found my CS5.5 disks. I was looking for then envelopes to mail @penguinEMT a Goth Swimsuit calendar and found them. No envelope tho #
  • The sun isn't up at 0600? Lazy ass. #
  • Wow, Enterprise actually only charged me $6.65 for the toll I went through in Dallas in the rental car. I expected about 5x that. #
  • @PenguinEMT Sounds like fun. And if you get down to the land of heat and humidity I'll shoot you here. in reply to PenguinEMT #
  • Know what's fun? When you have to reinstall a program before you get started creating a presentation. #
  • Going Frankel's costume to get another Kilt. Then HCEC bike medic shoot. #kiltedtokickcancer #EMS #
  • #kiltedtokickcancer again today. New kilt in red courtesy of Frankle's Costume. #
  • #kiltedtokickcancer Anyone know where I can get a large version of the K2KC logo? #
  • Now have a offical page for donating to my kiltedness. #
  • Almost forgot to print out my clincial paperwork for tomorrow and the rest of the semester. #
  • @motorcop1 Yes the shield. The biggest I could find was 200×200 on the PFC page. in reply to motorcop1 #
  • [EMSNewbie] 61 Live from Las Vegas – #EMS #
  • I don't know how they gauge it, but Confessions of an EMS Newbie is the #22 ranked Best Selling podcast in the… #

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The Plan Was….Part II

Part 1 ended when I finished my classes, put my house on the market and left Houston. I’d planned my leaving Houston so that I could spend some quality time with the Mrs in Abilene. Then I had EMSWorld Expo in Las Vegas for a week.

The Plan was travel to Abilene on Saturday, hang out for the week. Spend time reading my stuff for the first week of school since I was going to be in Vegas. Also take a moment and do some deep thinking and planning for what I was going to do with myself now that I was unemployed.

Things looked good. Trip was uneventful on Saturday. The Mrs took me to a really cool high cuisine restaurant in of all places Clyde Texas Saturday night. Much wild monkey was done.

Sunday we moved the youngest into his dorm. Sunday afternoon we took the oldest back to Austin. Good quality time.

Monday I started getting some stuff done around the house in Abilene and started thinking about what I needed to get ready for Las Vegas. Really took it pretty easy that day, which was what I needed. I think I slept 24 hours in the first 48 I was in Abilene.

Tuesday my grandmother died. I wasn’t particularly sad, she’d been ready to go since my grandfather died a couple of years earlier and had had to move out of her home almost a year ago, which she’d hated.

What it did mean was my plans were out the window. Now I had to be in Arkansas on Thursday and still fly to Vegas on Saturday.

Thank goodness I was flying Southwest. Now how to get to Arkansas. One option was to drive to Dallas and fly to Tulsa. But looking at schedules, that would be complicated. Especially because the Mrs was in new employee orientation and pre-semester planning. They would let her leave, but that still might not be best.

So the plan changed.

I used Southwest’s website to change my flight from leaving from Lubbock – I not longer trust American out of Abilene to get me anywhere – to fly out of Tulsa. Then we drove to Dallas and I rented a car one way to Tulsa. Only one rental place will do a one way rental, Enterprise. And they will only do it if you are going one way to somewhere else in their region. Dallas to Tulsa was OK, but Abilene to Tulsa wouldn’t be.

The plan had been to get my new website How To Become A Paramedic HQ, ready before going to Vegas. Did I have time now?

Yes, and it even worked out well. I rented the car in Dallas on Wednesday evening, then drove till 9PM and just stopped at the first hotel and asked “Do you have Internet and a room?” They did. I was then able to focus on working on that site from 9PM to 1:30 AM in the hotel room. Actually got about everything done, and was able to finish it up in the morning. Drove into Arkansas the next morning and had plenty of time for the viewing. Funeral the next day. Up early Saturday, drive to Tulsa, fly to Vegas.

The plan was party with my best friend in Vegas for 2 days before the conference started.

By 3 PM on Saturday I was nauseous. Problem was I’d already agreed to pay $170 for a massage at 7PM (hey its Vegas, everything’s expensive). At 6:30 I puke for the first time. But I’ve already shelled out the money. So I go down to spa, get shown around, take a shower. But I’m getting sicker I can feel it. Finally my masseur comes to take me to the room and asks how I’m doing. Long story short she gets the manager to refund my money and I go back to my room.

Where I start puking every 45 minutes for the next 24 hours.

What a way to spend a weekend in Vegas. I felt really bad for my friend who had to hang out in the room and listen to me puke for all that time.

One good thing about travelling with a doctor is they can prescribe medicine. The next day he prescribes and then picks up some Zofran. I’d stopped puking by then, but it kept if from coming back.

The plan was to party, but I didn’t have that much energy, so it was a pretty tame weekend.

The plan was to go to some conference panels, since they let me in free and all. And to look as some exhibits and meet some people that I might partner with. Also live podcasts on Wednesday and Thursday. With kilts on Thursday.

I never made it to a single conference panel. Too much time spent in the social media/podcasting booth. It was fun though. The ProMed guru of podcasting and streaming, Jamie Davis, did some cool stuff and I learned a lot helping with that.

If you’ve read my Kilted To Kick Cancer post, you know we ended up with only one live podcast and it was a day before the kilting was to start. But I adapted and ended up kilted for 2 days instead of one.

And actually the rest of the trip went to plan. Flew back to Lubbock on Friday – wish I’d planned it better and could have stayed Friday. There was a party Friday night in Lubbock for the two of us coming back from Vegas. The Mrs came and got me, and we returned to Abilene.

Hung out and relaxed with the Mrs, spending quality time doing what ever, and wild monkey time Saturday.

Sunday I drove back to Houston. Found the lawn guys had messed up the watering stuff and the front yard was dead. Backyard they had done nothing to, so it was 5 inches tall. Realtor had no sheets on the sign in the front yard.

Mostly relaxed on Monday, and am now back in the groove. Still don’t know what I’m going to do with my life exactly for the near future. Maybe on Friday I can figure that out. Class on Wednesday, EMS photoshoot on Thursday.

Memorizing Makes Your Brain Bigger.

I’m reading Moonwalking with Einstein, a book about memory and how the author made it better. Facinating stuff so far, but this little tidbit deserves a blog post. I’ll never think about cabbies – at least London cabbies – the same way again.

“These studious cyclists are training to become cabdrivers. Before they can receive accreditation from London’s Public Carriage Office, cabbies-in-training must spend two to four years memorizing the locations and traffic patterns of all 25,000 streets in the vast and vastly confusing city, as well as the locations of 1,400 landmarks. Their training culminates in the infamously daunting exam called “the Knowledge,” in which they not only have to plot the shortest route between any two points in the metropolitan area, but also name important places of interest along the way. Only about three out of ten people who train for the Knowledge obtain certification.

That is a high bar to set for mere cabdrivers. Amazing.

The author then follows up with something my neuro-radiologist best friend and I were talking about the other day in Vegas. I’d asked if the often sited “we only use 10% of our brain” was true. He wasn’t sure exactly, but said it is more likely we only use 10% at a time. Then we talked a little about memory. I mentioned the 60 Minutes piece with the actor from Taxi who remembered every day of her life in detail, and how there were more people like her interviewed on the show.

Then we talked about the interesting thing they found out about those people. They did an MRI of their brains and found hypertrophy in the part of the brain associated with memory. But in the story they didn’t know which came first. Did they have extraordinary memories because they were born with the hypertrophy, or did remembering all that cause them to have the hypertrophy?

Well they did the same thing with London’s cabbies.

…she brought in 16 taxi drivers into her lab and examined their brains with an MRI…The right posterior hippocampus, a part of the brain know to be involved in spatial navigation, was 7% larger than normal in the cabbies – a small by very significant difference….The more years a cabbie had been on the road, the more pronounced the effect

So it looks like memorizing changes your brain. More to come as I keep reading.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-04

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A Comfort Zone Expander: Kilted to Kick Cancer

Three years ago (has it really been that long?) I studied Pick Up. One of the things many pickup gurus – and especially Neil Strauss would do is come up with exercises that pushed you out of your comfort zone.

For the last 36 hours I’ve been living one of those.

I’ve gone Kilted.

Kilted to Kick Cancer and EMSWorld Expo Las Vegas

For my EMS podcast I went to Las Vegas for a huge conference and we live podcasted our show. A fellow EMS Blogger, the Happy Medic aka Justin Schorr and a cop blogger MotorCop came up with this idea to wear kilts for the month of September to raise awareness for male specific cancers, namely prostate and testicular cancers. Thus Kilted to Kick Cancer was born.

My co-host Kelly Greyson isn’t just about raising awareness, he wanted to raise money too. He agreed to go kilted for the whole month, including the days we podcast at the conference. Then he came up with a contest with a sweet prize package.

I told him I’d go kilted the first day of the month as well. Looking at the prizes I thought maybe all month wouldn’t be that bad.

Then some things changed at the show and we didn’t have a show on the first, but we still did for middle of the last day of August. So we decided to wear kilts for the show and I ran back to the hotel and changed in to my blackwatch kilt. Then the next morning – the big kick off day – I couldn’t not wear a kilt. So I’ve been going around Las Vegas in a kilt for two days.

Interesting Experiences

Like the pickup comfort expanding exercises, most of your problems are in your head. I went back to the hotel after the conference on Wednesday and battled going out again in my kilt – just staying in so I didn’t have to. And I was alone, so no one would know. And it really wasn’t the day anyway.

Excuses. Not very manly.

Next day new excuses run in your head. Well I did it yesterday, I only said I’d do it once. Etc. But I overcame these obstacles.

Raising Awareness

Everyone looks. You can see it in their side long glances. In the heads just starting to move as you pass them. In the pointed not asking.

But a few will do it. They ask. And when they do….

“I’m wearing a kilt because September is Prostate and Testicular Cancer awareness month. Some EMS people are doing this to raise awareness of these cancers. There is a month every year where every thing on the planet turns pink to save the boobies. This is our month for the cancers that kill guys. Just as many guys die of these cancers as women die of breast cancer, but it gets a zillion times more attention and money.”

Or something like that. Varies a little every time. Sometimes I encourage guys to go get tested. If you are over 40 your should be tested – yes that test – every year (You get tested via a blood test as well.)

Donate to Kilt Ron

I’m not going to wear it everyday. Mainly because I only have one kilt. But if you want me to wear it on a specific day – except on duty or at a clinical – make a donation and I will. You can donate either to the Livestrong Foundation for Testicular Cancer, or the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Or Both.

Use the links below so I get credit in the contest.