• "The prehospital care provider can assume a belligerent, combative or uncooperative patient is hypoxic until proven otherwise." – PHTLS #
  • [EMSNewbie] Ep 35 Shock, Air Medical And NIMMS – http://bit.ly/hfnNFE #EMS #
  • Which will kill you faster, open pneumothorax or a lacerated femoral artery? Which should you treat first? #
  • You people have obviously not read the book. You should always fix airway problems first. That way they can groan as they bleed to death. 😉 #
  • [Reactuate] What Is A Hero http://bit.ly/eOKX6X #
  • Think my boss would let me repaint my office? – Dry Erase White Board Paint for Offices | IdeaPaint http://bit.ly/hzO0v8 #

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