Color Coded Magazines

In our house we have a XD 45, XD 9mm subcompact, and a XDm 9mm. It was the XDm that made me have to figure something out. Going to the range and pulling out the right magazine for the right gun was nigh impossible. The XDm and XD mags look and feel almost identical, and even though they don’t are incompatible, you can insert them in either gun. You could generally tell when you picked up a 45 mag because they were so much heavier, but just visually it wasn’t easy, especially in a black range bag.

Color coded XD magazines
Color coded XD magazines

So I took some colored electrical tape, picked a color for each gun, then cut tiny squares of it and stuck it to the bottom of each magazine. Most of the time, when in the bag, the bottom of the mag is pointed up, so you can glance in the bag and grab the right one. Since my 45 is a bedside gun most of the time, I just wrapped a piece of yellow electrical tape around the grip to know it is yellow. For the other guns I just remember the XDm is red and the XD is blue.

This post started as a comment on a blog post about numbering your magazines. I don’t number mine but it wouldn’t take anything to write a number of the tape as well.

10+ Years Deserves Some Recognition

JADD Admon Backpack
Here’s a picture of my backpack. The other day I realized I bought it while in Austin to hold a new Powerbook, back when Powerbooks were black, made of plastic, and over an inch thick. That had to be over a decade and frankly it doesn’t even seem to be showing signs of wear.

I remember the salesman in some Austin mall telling me you could put a hose up against the material and hardly any water would get through. And the story of how a friend had it on his back when he fell of his motorcycle, skidding on it and his computer still working. Haven’t tried either of those.

I haven’t taken it out into the backcountry, but it’s been thrown in the back seat of a number of cars, stuffed under the seats in front of me on many an airplane, and laid on tables and floors of a lot of offices and classrooms.

I’ve carried it to and from work most weekdays since then. I’ve stretched the inside computer pack made to protect the 14″ PowerBook with first the 15″ Tibook, and then the 17″ ‘Al’book for years. My tiny 13″ kind of swims around in it now, so much so I normally stick a Paramedic Care volume in to fill up the space.

I can’t really think of any other possession that I use on a daily basis I’ve had for that long. My wedding ring has been with me 20+ years, but it does have the advantage of being made of metal. I wouldn’t believe any thing made of any cloth would look this good after 10 years of use.

I think Jadd deserves some credit and some kudos. I searched out their website today. Looks like its design hasn’t been updated in a decade either, but they still sell my backpack. I remember it seeming a lot of money back then, but I’d just bought a multi-thousand dollar laptop that needed protection. Now the price looks cheap.

All those years of service, with no end in sight, deserves some credit. So Kudo’s to JADD for making a great product.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-20

  • "The prehospital care provider can assume a belligerent, combative or uncooperative patient is hypoxic until proven otherwise." – PHTLS #
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  • Which will kill you faster, open pneumothorax or a lacerated femoral artery? Which should you treat first? #
  • You people have obviously not read the book. You should always fix airway problems first. That way they can groan as they bleed to death. 😉 #
  • [Reactuate] What Is A Hero #
  • Think my boss would let me repaint my office? – Dry Erase White Board Paint for Offices | IdeaPaint #

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What Is A Hero

My paramedic guru, Kelly Greyson, just posted a post and as part of it he said

1. The firefighters and paramedics who responded to that scene were not heroic.

It made me think and I left a comment asking for a definition of hero.

On point #1, what is your definition of hero? If you are going to say it isn’t someone who chooses to put their life in danger to help others, then you need to define what it is. Using the logic I read in your post, soldiers wouldn’t be heros because it is their job to fight wars and die.

I wouldn’t say the people who responded to the Rep Gifford’s shoot were heros because frankly they didn’t do anything particularly dangerous. The scene was declared safe, with the shooter down, before they got there.

Now you’ve got me thinking Kelly. Dang it, I see a post coming…

So now, what is my definition of a hero.

A hero does something. You don’t become an hero sitting on your ass. You have to do something and that something has to be something most people would not want to have to do.

What a hero does is noble. Nobility. Honor. Goodness. Words we only use these days for exceptional acts that make, or attempt to make, the world a better place. You aren’t a hero to do something evil, whether you succeed or fail. You can be a hero for trying to do something good, even if you fail. When a cop gets in their patrol car it is noble. A fireman on the truck is noble. A solider in the field is noble and honorable. Though any of those could be dishonorable by doing their job poorly or unethically.

A hero makes a sacrifice. If the thing you do doesn’t cost you anything, then it can’t be heroic. So when an EMS provider goes to work and transports people to the hospital everyday, that isn’t heroic. It’s their job and the cost – of time and effort – while noble, isn’t a sacrifice because they are compensated inline with the work.

Sometimes though, when doing your job you “pay the ultimate price” and that makes your action sacrificial and heroic. So the EMS person who gets hit by a car while working a traffic accident, goes from noble to heroic because that sacrifice was more than anyone would expect of them.

You can also become heroic when you take a risk “above and beyond the call of duty” even if you don’t have to pay the ultimate price. If you go into a burning building, which could collapse at any minute, so you can get someone out, that is a heroic act, even if it is your job, because you’ve shown a willingness to sacrifice.

We do throw around the word hero too much. It used to be worse. Remember those “Real American Hero” radio ads from 2000? Then September 11th happen and those ads disappeared. Why? Because suddenly we remembered what it was to be a hero.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-13

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-06

  • Just heard that TSA is confiscating certain brands of tactical flashlights. Mainly the expensive ones like Surfire. Anyone else heard this? #
  • All I'm seeing online makes it related to the sharp front ends and falls under the "sharp objects" prohibition. #
  • I bet the IRS loves the TSA. Now the tax man is no longer the most hated government official. #
  • Do any of my EMS friend's services give Versed IN (intranasal)? Does it act faster than IM? #
  • "Multi-tasking is so 20th century." New Davis family saying. #
  • Well that was over 2 hours of study…on chapter down, another to go. #
  • OK, depositing a check via your cell phone is very 21st century and pretty cool. We live in the future. #
  • My Paramedic book had one of the best discussions of bullet ballistics I've read. Discussion of "assault" rifles, not so much. #
  • @AmboDriver Paramedic Care Vol 4 Chap 3 on penetrating trauma. in reply to AmboDriver #
  • @danbaker30 I think we should just call them rifles, and not name them based on how they look. in reply to danbaker30 #
  • @AmboDriver 3rd. AR15 & M16 are ass rifles cuz they shoot full auto. Seem to be more deadly than "domestic" rifles used for hunting. Or less in reply to AmboDriver #
  • @AmboDriver It was a little confused there. Hunting rifles has more power ballisticly, but ass rifles were deadly because of rate of fire. in reply to AmboDriver #
  • Rebooting for the sake of science. #
  • [EMSNewbie] Ep 33 Trauma Centers – #EMS #
  • Ron is a bad patient. Having a tooth extracted today and didn't get my prescriptions filled or taken the day before. #
  • Watched Bigger, Stronger, Faster today. Good cutting thru the hype around steroids. #
  • [EMSNewbie] SP 04 Bob Page – #EMS #

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