Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-31

  • [EMSNewbie] Teaser: Coming Very Soon MVC not MVA – #EMS #
  • New portfolio video. Updated with more recent images and some NSFW stuff. #
  • So in the UK do they have Left-of-way? #
  • I just learned it is a violation of the law to follow withing 500 feet of an emergency vehicle. Now if everyone else would learn it. #
  • [EMSNewbie] Ep 21 A Stable Rhythm – #EMS #
  • 2 in boxes empty. Whoot. #
  • Wish me luck. I'm off to a pharamacology exam. #
  • [EMSNewbie] SP 02 The Mark Glencorse Interview – #EMS #
  • Other than a private 911 ambo service, know of another private business that has to provide service wether the customer can pay or not? #
  • Off to the photography meetup. #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Awake Endotracheal Intubation #
  • Preparing for recoding EMS Newbie, guess what we're talking about? Awake Endotracheal Intubation via @youtube #
  • It's a good day when you need to load 300 rounds in your range bag. #
  • Ron has cool video to upload. Shot a machine gun and an AR without hearing protection. #
  • @ssgjbroyles I had ears on for the MG – that was loud. But my friends AR has a suppressor on it and you could shoot it w/o hearing. in reply to ssgjbroyles #
  • Wooo Hooo Minecraft update. Or oh crap minecraft update, I'm gonna fail school. #
  • Tonight for the first time I get to wear my patch on my uniform. Spending Halloween night in the hood on an ambulance. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-24

  • Its a good day when you are loading up the range bag in the morning so you can go shoot'n at lunch. #
  • Great Article about doing the work for #photog — Proof of a Portfolio Vs. Promise of a Resume | Chase Jarvis Blog #
  • At the range. #
  • Pulling to the left consistently. Down a little. I think I have my finger in the right place, seems adding more finger makes it better. #
  • The problem with tonight's test memorization is the list are too similar. Does stay calm go in Facilitating Behaviors or Mental Checklist? #
  • A must listen real life story of an EMT charged with murder of a patient w/ excited delirium #EMSEducast #EMS #
  • [EMSNewbie] Ep 20 Maintaining Control – #EMS #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Anatomy & Physiology Introduction & Survival Tips #
  • The highest budget A&P videos ever. Complete with autopsy and nude models with organs projected on them. Really cool. #
  • All kinds of awesome and reminded me to go vote Tough Like Chuck Norris via @youtube #
  • Ahh drs offices. Been waiting half an hour already. #
  • 5 Mins in the dr office, 45 min in the waiting room. Yeah. Did learn there are no refills for Schedule II drugs. #
  • @jonathantullos If you can add, subtract, multiply and divide you can do drug dose calculations. Not sure you need to add or subtract. in reply to jonathantullos #
  • On himself with a fiberoptic camera. Awake Endotracheal Intubation via @youtube #
  • Voted #
  • Why is the EMS star of life on the pro red light camera campaign sign? #
  • Ep 72 of the P&M – Model @cordial_lee #
  • How can it seem like a long day and it just started? #
  • Heading to the studio for a meetup. Then to the Hobby center for dance. Sadly alone. #
  • I'm such a dope. Meetup is next Friday. Guess I get to eat. #
  • 3rd row on the right. Walk half of downtown Houston and am sweating. #
  • That was inspiring. The raw athleticism of the dancers and the fluidity of the movement, fills my well of creativity. #
  • Hospital pajamas on. Clinical paperwork printed out. Ready for another exciting evening in the ED. #
  • Can't sleep. Can't think/study. Guess I'll run. #
  • Watching Emergency and they are dealing with the same issues we do now. Amazingly similar. #
  • Ok "I want to see you move your neck" is not a good determination for C-spine to someone with in a MVA with already a broken pelivis. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-17

  • [Reactuate] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-11 #
  • Bringing it. #
  • Brought it. Now I want to puke. But I'm not which is a improvement over the first time. #
  • [#EMS] New blog posting, You Get Better – #
  • Collection of breath sounds. The R.A.L.E. Repository #EMS #Medicine #Medical #
  • The Expendables: Call To Arms Trailer Protect your manhood. #
  • Finding affiliate programs to promote on e-junkie is impossible. Even when I know the name of the product. And not stats for tracking. #
  • @gfriese It is already on the newbie blog. I was trying to find a couple of photography products for my other podcast and it was a pain. in reply to gfriese #
  • @gfriese I'm think they are, but they aren't what my audience is interested in. Greg are you the one on EMSGarage that heard me on IBM? #
  • After acing my quiz on eye injuries, I'm off to bed. #
  • [#EMS] New blog posting, Ep 6 The Beginnings of Trauma – #
  • Was listening to an Irish director being interviewed and now I have an Irish accent in my head. Do Irish really say "Top of the mornin" ? #
  • @gfriese Internet Business Mastery? Someone said they had heard me on a business podcast. in reply to gfriese #
  • @pauljpratt Short answer: Something I always wanted to do. Long answer: in reply to pauljpratt #
  • @UKMedic999 Josephus mentions his crucifixion. But there is very little proof of anyone existence from that time period. in reply to UKMedic999 #
  • You know in my head anterior and posterior both sound like back or behind. Anterior is front BTW. #
  • UK Home Secretary: Photography Rights are a Priority in Reviewing Anti-Terror Laws #
  • Paragods Video #
  • Cool, you find a pulse just anterior (in front of) to your ear hole. #
  • @gfriese I was translating. It was technically anterior to the tragus. in reply to gfriese #
  • @gfriese Reading the chapter on facial injuries. Which started with a discussion of the parts of the face and skull. in reply to gfriese #
  • I want to see this movie! RT @simonpegg: This just in from Boy Wonder. #
  • "Bleb" is a medical term. It is a noun and you don't want to have one. #
  • Ep 58 – Model Sarah Heary #
  • @jasonvo $2 free shipping in reply to jasonvo #
  • Test 3 done better than last time. Worse than the first. I think I'm starting understand how the questions work. #
  • Wonder if this had any thing to do with shady Ambulance services. Feds sweep 5 cities in takedown for Medicare fraud #
  • Here's a calendar my friend Michael can do better than I. X-Ray Pin-up Calendar #
  • This GEICO commercial with Abe Lincoln is awesome. #
  • Just got an email from apple my iPhone 4. Another thing to do tomorrow. Getting ready for extracation scenarios. Feels like 103 outside. #
  • Another great episode of EMSNewbie is on the drive. Now off to the Apple store to get my iPhone 4. #
  • I haz iPhone 4 #
  • Waiting at the hospital to start stamping out disease and pestilence. #
  • I got two young girls to play with me in the closet. #
  • Clearing off an iPhone for someone else's use is a bit of a pain. #
  • When did life guards start wearing bikinis? I got to get back to the pool. #
  • [#EMS] New blog posting, Auscultation in High Noise Environments – #
  • Sitting in Hinton Hall at HBU reading my EMT B book while the Mrs teaches. #
  • HBU has a nice campus. #
  • Ladies if your low rise pants make you look like a plumber when you bend over they are too small. #
  • [#EMS] New blog posting, Ep 7 Shock & Scenarios – #
  • This is a very cool image. The color contrast and composition really work. #
  • EMT Chris Wuebben Delivers CPR and Pizza to Man in Need #
  • @UKMedic999 What blogging software are you using for your blog? WordPress? in reply to UKMedic999 #
  • @Ckemtp Yes. He's wondering how to export all his posts and comments. in reply to Ckemtp #
  • @UKMedic999 One option would be to find a really simple theme and then save the HTML and open it in word. Prob is you wouldn't see comments. in reply to UKMedic999 #
  • I tried to sleep late in prep for my 6PM-7AM tonight. Too excited to do that. #myemsday #
  • Downloaded RT @Dr_Touch: (via @iMArCo84) #
  • Did I mention I'm wearing my action adventure pants to work today? #
  • I love this idea for helping students: #
  • Cool, but no time. RT @UKMedic999: I'm arranging opportunities for paramedics to work in my service in the UK for 6/12 months. Interested??? #
  • This combination of near panic rampant excitement is making sitting at my desk hard. I'm so ready to got get on the ambulance. #
  • All the women at work think I'm hot in my uniform. #EMS #
  • Just pulled into the street when my clinical is and the ambulance was leaving lights and sirens. Of course I'm half an hour early. #
  • I'm on an ambulance. #
  • Now I'm doing the most common EMS thing. Waiting. #
  • I'm a little afraid I'm at the wrong station. But it is what is on the map and they were expecting me. #
  • Finally a call. Medical again #
  • Travelling back from med center. In service will advise. #
  • Staging. While PD finds out what is going on. #
  • Still staging. #
  • Still staging. #myemsday #
  • Still staging. Have they forgotten us? #
  • After sitting in a parking lot for over an hour……disregard. #
  • On my way home then podcast recording. #
  • The sleep debt is getting paid. Now thinking about going to Inception with the boy. #
  • Sitting in the theater getting ready for inception #
  • Flight for next Vegas trip booked. #
  • Vegas trip now booked. Woot my break between EMT-B end and EMT-I start. #
  • Photog flaked for interview but the model was good. #
  • Salt was good. Interesting twists in it. #
  • Starcraft II comes out tomorrow. No Ron, you don't have time to get into a video game. #
  • @Sterling7777 I did it and got good results. I was stronger and had better balance. And you can do as much as you can and get results. in reply to Sterling7777 #
  • I need to get behind the camera again. Been too long. #
  • @andreasoverland Since May. Over two months. Been in EMT school and it takes all my time. in reply to andreasoverland #
  • Pei Wei 10th anniversary lunch today. 2 entries for $10. I'm stuffed.!/photo.php?pid=4541713&id=43385214123 #
  • Deaths due to allergic reactions to insect stings far outnumber deaths due to snake bites. #
  • Shhh don't tell anyone but I'm going to go buy Starcraft II at lunch. Keep it between us, I don't want the Mrs find out. #
  • This box is so cool. #
  • Installing Starcraft II. #
  • My video card isn't compatible with Starcraft II. Argggghhhh! #
  • @mbowman7 Lonestar North Harris. in reply to mbowman7 #
  • @EMTGoose Comes out every Wednesday at 1 AM. in reply to EMTGoose #
  • @mbowman7 If you want to go in the spring you need to apply before the 31st. in reply to mbowman7 #
  • [EMSNewbie] Ep 8 Boring Ambulance and Stupid Skills – #EMS #
  • @mbowman7 You also can't start the program in the middle of the year. 🙁 But it is a really good program, so check it out. in reply to mbowman7 #
  • After indepth discussion with my tech team, it has been decided the cheapest solution to my SC2 problem is Bootcamp. Run it in Windozes. #
  • A sad day. #
  • @EMTGoose Less the more I deal with it. in reply to EMTGoose #
  • @cawowin_nose That may be gate gate #
  • @EMTGoose Mac. in reply to EMTGoose #
  • Still fighting the fight to get windows installed so I can play SC2. Got it installed and then couldn't install SP3. #
  • Ep 60 Model Daniela Kenzie #
  • [EMSNewbie] Paramedic School Scholarship – #EMS #
  • I'm tired. But I now know where Medic 91 is. Even if they tried to hide it from me. #
  • State of Texas Comptroller I have to fill out form out with Acrobat, but then can only submit it via a web browser. Guess what doesn't work! #
  • 3 episodes of P&M podcast in the can. One may rate an explicit tag. But good stuff. #
  • Up and Adam. Off to my ambulance shift #myemsday #
  • Got moved to M91 so my preceptor is my teacher. We just inventoried the truck. #
  • @Road82 Photographer and model. in reply to Road82 #
  • Truck and station are clean. No calls yet. Though we tried to make some work by causing an allergic reaction in one of the medics. #
  • Well we got called for an MVA with entrapment but another truck took it. #
  • My third call 15 minutes before I get off. #
  • Leaving hospital. Heading back to station. #
  • It is wing time then home. #
  • Just started my 2 hr blood glucose test. That stuff tastes nasty. #
  • Back at work after my test. Won't know results until next week. But I did get a lot of studying done for tonight's test. #
  • Sept 11 I'm teaching a workshop in Houston on Portraits and Headshots. #
  • Test over and I tied my low. #
  • RT @MattjDrake: "Go to hell real life I’ll punch you in the face!" > Bollywood + World Of Warcraft = LOL: #GAMEON #
  • Shakespeare and your iPhone #
  • [EMSNewbie] Ep 9 I Am A White Cloud – #EMS #
  • Just discovered a lot of normal mail was in my spam folder for Photographer and Model. So if I haven't responded to you let me know. #
  • Interesting facts. Humans don't develope the ability to shiver until 12-18 months of age. #
  • Your wedding band could cost you your finger in the ER if it made of the wrong material. #
  • "Obesogenic" America: Nine States Now Over 30 Per Cent Obese, CDC #
  • @UKMedic999 I wonder what the sack race world record is. That guy looked pretty fast. in reply to UKMedic999 #
  • Thank God for Red Bull #
  • Passed my first skill. Patient assessment trauma. #
  • #EMS people what does BLTS stand for when a EMT job wants it? #
  • @Olmedic I copied it off a job page. The do have it at BTLS on another page now that I'm looking for it. in reply to Olmedic #
  • @Olmedic in reply to Olmedic #
  • On YouTube watching videos of people inserting NPAs into them selves and their co-students. #
  • Oregon Shuts Down 7-Year-Old's Lemonade Stand #
  • Ultimate DJ Rig. RT @shwood: Freaking awesome: RT @burke: Coming to a Daft Punk pyramid near you… #music #dj #
  • Ahh Chuy's I love you but you are ruining me. #
  • Time to go home. I think I'm also going to stay there. #
  • Got my iPhone cover. #
  • Gennie Kocourek: A New MD at Age 53, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health #
  • Just got my official acceptance letter to the Lone Star paramedic program. #
  • Listening to #emsgarage and Chris. I'm not a kid and I did respond to your email. #
  • My white cloudness is intact so far. #
  • Still a white cloud reaching out to all of north east Houston. #
  • Finally got a call. Psych. Staging now. #
  • And I came on scene and the PD said we can go home. #
  • My EMS super power is strong. 12 hours and zero transports. #
  • Registering for classes. Glad I didn't wait any longer in the day. #
  • @ice66 they did invite me to ride with them every Sunday. But I'm still new enough to want to actually do something. in reply to ice66 #
  • Wow my bp was 118/70. Can't remember the last time it was that low. Guess this stuff works. #
  • I am not a Diabetic. Thank you Jesus. #
  • [EMSNewbie] Ep 10 I Don't Know Nothing Bout Birth'n No Babies – #EMS #
  • Failed my patient assessment medical because I have nitro when the BP systolic was 98. I thought over 80 was OK. #
  • @sh0rtc1rcu1t @JustMyBlog @jonathantullos I have at least one more chance to take it and probably two. I'll never forget that number again. #
  • @johnburke Should be there now. in reply to johnburke #
  • @DeborahTekkbuzz I'm still a member, just haven't been there in awhile. I'll drop buy today. in reply to DeborahTekkbuzz #
  • @GnosticTemplar I didn't ask about ED drugs which is also a bad thing when giving nitro. in reply to GnosticTemplar #
  • Interesting case. RT @Ckemtp: Did y'all see this yet? – anybody for a #boycott ? #
  • You know sometimes on twitter you can't pull off a humorous response that works. Especially if you are going for sarcasm. #
  • When assessing don't forget to ask if they swallowed any pea seeds. Man Has Pea Plant Growing In His Lung #
  • Off to take an exam. OB, Pedi, Enviromental, and Behavioral. #
  • Passed my patient assessment medical and my spine immobil supine. And made the best grade in the class on the test. Yes I'm happy tonight. #
  • Men, Don't forget this weekend. #
  • @shawnarencher and I are looking for a discussion topic for the podcast. Suggestions? #
  • Found out last night it might be possible for me to take my National Reg test before the end of the month. Less time to forget. #
  • [EMSNewbie] My Paramedic School Essay – #EMS #
  • Just bought my Expendables tickets. #
  • Expendables just got another cool point. The hot chick part is played by Buffy alum Charisma Carpenter. #
  • At Expendables. Woot. #
  • Trailer mismatch all horror movies. Not the same thing. #
  • It was good. #
  • Failed my patient assessment medical because I have nitro when the BP systolic was 98. I thought over 80 was OK. #
  • I is now certified as a CPR for healthcare providers. #
  • Scott Pilgrim is the most awesome ever! #
  • On of the few movies I would turn around and watch again right now. And the sound track is great too. #scottpilgrim #
  • Just planned out the shooting for my Sept portrait lighting workshop. Going to be cool. #
  • @masonworld It was exactly what you expect from the trailer. A good movie and fun. #
  • Check this video out — Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover via @youtube #
  • A different kind of Spork RT @MadMedic1: Spork… #
  • @MrSINched Stolen kidney. in reply to MrSINched #
  • Does it say bad things about my academic career that I'm not sure what a study group is or why'd you have one? #
  • [EMSNewbie] Ep 11 – Patient Assessment Failure – #EMS #
  • Really need to slow down on the humble feeder. #
  • Is it bad I refuse to tell a cop thank you when getting a ticket? It was totally my fault. #
  • Finally got sucked into Words with Friends. #
  • @GnosticTemplar I don't like Angry Birds. To hard 🙂 in reply to GnosticTemplar #
  • One freaking test left. Traction splint. Waiting for the test to open up. #
  • Failed again. #
  • Finally. #
  • [EMSNewbie] Tales of the Traction Splint – #EMS #
  • Time to go to EMT-B class for the last time. Actually a little sad to see it go. Won't be sad to see the final gone though. #
  • I passed. Didn't do as well as I'd like to have but I think I still have a B. #
  • Let's play Words With Friends on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad! My username is 'Mycroft007'. #
  • @neoeinstein yes. I plan to volunteer but I'm waiting till I find out my P school schedule. in reply to neoeinstein #
  • Why isn't Friday and acceptable word in Words with Friends? This is starting to piss me off. #
  • @bwebster What's your username? in reply to bwebster #
  • Confessions Updated with a new Theme and now Disqus Comments. #
  • @bwebster bring it. in reply to bwebster #
  • Did EMS Newbie get mentioned on JEMS? If so can someone give me a link to where? People keep mentioning it. #
  • If you enjoyed the US in color, here's Russia in color, a century ago #
  • Ahh insomnia #
  • Scanning photos for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary video. Man my Dad had a weird shaped head as a young man. #
  • "If you wake up at a different time in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?" – Name that movie. #
  • Giving blood and it is take forever to get started. Wonder if my new lower BP will make it slower. #
  • Was going clothes shopping until we saw the mall traffic. Tax free weekend isn't worth it. Now going to the Mrs new office. #
  • @ayn yep. It is the first time we see Tyler that isn't a flash. in reply to ayn #
  • Two Headshots from today's shoot. For my workshop next month. #
  • M41A real Aliens Pulse Rifle- #
  • 2 days till Vegas. #
  • Sometimes you need some technical know how in Internet Business so you know when your VA is a complete idiot. #
  • Just ordered flower and cake for my parents 50th anniversary party labor day weekend. #
  • Pay Up Got a blog that makes no money? The city wants $300, thank you very much. #
  • Just got my Online Pinup Workshop moved to inside my Academy Site. #
  • Isn't it amazing how you can put something off for weeks or months and then just do it all in an afternoon? #
  • Vegas prep. Ocean's 11. #
  • [EMSNewbie] Ep 12 Finally – #EMS #
  • Failed my patient assessment medical because I have nitro when the BP systolic was 98. I thought over 80 was OK. #
  • At @metroparkusa Las Vegas #
  • Strange that I've mostly felt cold here in Vegas. And I'm suffering from a dryness headache now. #
  • Probably the most expensive steak I've ever eaten tonight and I'm not getting the $85 American Wagyu #
  • Girls at a club can do whatever they want. #
  • [EMSNewbie] Rules of EMS, Part One – #EMS #
  • Today I'm going to jump off a building. #
  • They closed the skyjump because it is too windy. I'm amazingly sad about that. #
  • Nowhere in Houston do women dress up to go out like they do here in Vegas. And that is a bad thing. #
  • Typical Vegas. Coming from the airport everyone is"woo hoo". Going to the airport everyone "ugh". #
  • OH: "I am going to f**k you up right her if you don't stop" woman to her toddler daughter in the LV airport. #
  • On the plane. Going into airport mode and hopefully sleep mode. #
  • [EMSNewbie] Rules of EMS, Part Two – #EMS #
  • Watched Date Night on the plane. Great movie. #
  • Starting to feel human again after a nap and dinner. How do I use my new humanity? At walmart. #
  • I need a vacation for asses. #
  • Vegas Roundup: Best cocktail: Pomegranate Lemonade (Rum) at Lavo restaurant. #
  • Vegas Roundup: Best night at a club: XS in Encore on Friday night. Beautiful weather, interesting people. #
  • Vegas Roundup: Best meal: Little Buddha in the Palms, better service and lower prices than all the nice places we ate. We go to every time. #
  • Confessions Theme just ate all my widgets. Argh! I think I have some backed up code at work, but it is broken for now. #
  • Just finished my first run in months. #
  • "Dance like the photo's not being tagged, Love like you've never been unfriended, Tweet like nobody's following." #
  • The man page for that tool should say "You do not know what you are doing. Don't use this tool" #
  • Scheduled my national registry exam. Sept 15 at 1 PM. Now to start studying. #
  • EMS peeps, after ace my Nat Reg test, how long does it take Texas to send me my patch? #
  • I named my new computer Triage. #
  • I just finalized the CD duplication for the EMS Newbie CDs Kelly will have at EMS Expo. #
  • I am now officially tired of dealing with crap. #
  • Cramming sucks. I so should have had the slide for tomorrow made before now. But they are ready. #
  • Some spectacular headshots being created at the workshop. #
  • I am taking tonight off. NREMT studying can be done tomorrow. #
  • Waiting for @AmboDriver so we can record this week's EMS Newbie #
  • Another episode of Confessions of and EMS Newbie is on the drive. And @geekymedic I called you out in it. #
  • Sadly it appears 2 of the 3 USB port on the back of my Mac Pro don't work. Which probably means the other USB hub it bought does work. #
  • @EMTGoose Like Windoze machines don't break down? First time I've ever had a problem with the machine after 5 years. in reply to EMTGoose #
  • My NREMTB study guide now has the CPR review part done. Two pages of notes and half a page of questions. #
  • Am I the only one that thinks these signs show you aren't at a hood place? #
  • Step two of my Study guide is now done. Patient Assessment outline.Time for another break. #
  • The new EMT-B book is better. Better organized. Though they still have those horrible blue pictures of the birth in the OB chapter. #
  • My study guide is finished. I didn't do too many questions because I've got to practice test with. #
  • From my test prep questions, "Contrary to popular belief, lightning can (and often does) strike twice in the same place." Get safe 1st. #
  • So Texas Colleges have to publicly post all course syllabuses online by this law. But I've yet to see any publicly avail #
  • #
  • Ron eats crow. Here's all my schools syllabuses in an easy to search page. #
  • Why do the Capital On Vikings have British accents? Didn't think Vikings were British. #
  • Finished Emergency Pharm test and got a A on the Multiple Choice part and think I did well on the written math art. #
  • [EMSNewbie] SP01 Interview Dr Bryan Bledsoe – #EMS #
  • Getting ready for "Dr. A Show 186 EMS Newbie" hosted by Doctor Anonymous on #BlogTalkRadio #
  • 45 min till we're on the Dr Anonymous Show. Get registered on BlogTalkRadio so you can chat during the show…. #
  • We're live on the Dr Anonymous Show. #
  • On the Dr Anonymous Show #
  • On the Dr Anonymous Show #
  • Back from first run in months. #
  • SP01 Interview Dr Bryan Bledsoe – #EMS #
  • Ladies concealment methods. She shows how she hides her gun in a number of outfit. #
  • My son is currently at a hospital doing a Basic clinical. That just seems a little strange to me. #
  • Why do cars only have the model name on the left/driver's side and not both? #
  • I created a physical assement ques sheet and just practiced on the Mrs. Took over 30 minutes and I know i didn't do all we learned. #
  • Off to save lives and stamp out disease. Or ask ER patients a lot of questions. #
  • Taking my last test of the week. All online. #
  • Finished the test and I had to go look back at my Basic book to answer some of the questions. I don't know where this stuff comes from. #
  • New 10 most popular Episodes up for The Photographer & Model Podcast #
  • Just compared the D90 vs the D3100 for a friend and have to say the D3100 looks better. #
  • If you want to sign up for this weekend's open shoot with Daniela Kenzie better do it NOW. Almost sold out. #
  • I waited too long trying to find my B&N member number and missed pre-ordering @tferriss new book signed. So I just preordered at amazon #
  • One slot left to shoot Daniela Kenzie this weekend at HSS. #
  • [EMSNewbie] Ep 18 Busy Busy – #EMS #
  • [Reactuate] I Am An EMT Now #
  • [EMSNewbie] Questions for Mark Glencorse – #EMS #
  • I feel wonky….been dizzy…have a bit of a headache. I better not pass out during IV lab tonight, no one will believe I was sick. #
  • Damn missed my first stick. #
  • Got my second one. AC I love you. #
  • Houston Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med Options #
  • Going to Gander Mtn at lunch. Replacing my boots and look at gun stuff. #
  • One of the great things about where I work is goin gun shopping at lunch & boss just bringn his new pistol to the office. & its no big deal. #
  • Web pet peeve: Telling users not to put spaces or dashes in a phone # or CC # That's just lazy cuz removing non-numeric characters is easy. #
  • How to Buy a Round-the-World Plane Ticket #
  • @seraphemera I got some really weird celebrity suggestions when I last followed someone. I can understand me and AK – equally good looking. in reply to seraphemera #
  • Just finished an interview with @cordial_Lee for Photographer and Model podcast. #
  • Ahhhh morning…. #
  • Mmmmmm pig lab. I think I expected more of the pig. #
  • Dude inside of a heart. #
  • Man all this dissecting is making me hungry. #
  • Good day. Up to my elbows in pig blood. #
  • Shooting to Kill #
  • [Reactuate] Shooting to Kill #
  • ESSA meet and greet with free food. #
  • Listening to the P&M interview of Daniela Kenzie before recording EMS Newbie. Shooting with Daniela this afternoon. #
  • Getting ready to start recording Ep 19 – Thanks God for Pigs of Confessions of and EMS Newbie. #
  • Awesome shoot with Daniela. Now on my way home with a surprise for the Mrs. #
  • It is Saturday why is traffic so bad? #
  • @catalyst_echo you are right which makes it even worse. in reply to catalyst_echo #
  • I am no longer blonde. Today has been 20% less fun. #
  • Cool concept in the UK. RT @UKMedic999 A Police Ambulance????? #
  • Apparently "being in a car wreck" is the new "my grandmother died" for no show models. #
  • Insomnia you may make me rise to early but I shall use it to run. #
  • Listening to the Educast episode on paramedic training in the UK. It's like research for our interview with Mark Glencourse this weekend. #
  • Just reviewed and marked up my son's basic clinical report per his teachers request. Lots of red. It is weird looking someone else's reports #
  • I am now going to use RescueTime's focus feature to spend 30 minutes reading the chapter "Introduction to Critical Thinking". #
  • In EMS, what does the acronym MS-ABC stand for? #
  • [EMSNewbie] Ep 19 Thank God For Pigs – #EMS #
  • @JeriLRyan Here's a similar commitment to Sponge Bob #
  • Can you can record the video? Seems it would be a great teaching tool if you could. LMA Video Laryngoscope #
  • 19 years of parenting and I still don't seem to know what I'm doing. #
  • There was a 4th guy who would have won the Nobel Prize in Chem, but he died. They don't give it post-hum. Via #
  • Did you know your catalytic convert contains platnium? #
  • Editing images and listenting to First Few Minutes #
  • I've studied some and the son doesn't want my help, so I think I'm going to go over the LSC Kingwood and visit my Basic teacher. #
  • Sadly no one in the classroom on her syllabus. #
  • Hey the basics get to learn CPAP now! #
  • Well I didn't learn pharm but I got a good review of Basic airway stuff and the 9 kinds of shock. #
  • Dang it LSC NS first day of class in 2011 is Aug 29. The same day as the first day of EMS Expo. #
  • If you think Confessions sounds good and that Kelly and I are always articulate and to the point, then you can… #
  • Found an old port on a site and updated it. Which meant removing 12 images. Quality over quantity people. #
  • "Soldier could not leave fallen Fort Hood comrade". He was shot 3 times last Nov and testified from Afghanistan. #
  • If you are a EMT/paramedic and aren't listening to MedicCast you must be too dumb to learn. Or you just haven't heard of it. Great education #
  • Filled out my CHL renewal online. #
  • Just won a 6 hour home defense class for up to 5 people. Taught by the head of HCC's public safety Dept. #
  • Set up and ready for my interview with @UKMedic999 #
  • Great interview with @UKMedic999 in the can. Or on the hard drive. #
  • Watched a cath. Awesome. #
  • At the end of a long day. I need some food. #

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Making iTunes Subscription Easy

I’ve got two podcasts, one for model photography and the other for EMTs. They are both in iTunes, but it can be something of a pain to find them. Sure a user can search for them by name and they show up, but you’d really like them to be able to just type something into a browser and be taken straight to the iTunes subscribe page.

Plus in a podcast you need to say the URL and iTunes URLs are complicated. Too complicated to say and expect people to type it. Plus they often aren’t in front of a computer when they listen, so they need to be able to remember the URL to subscribe.

So what I do is tell them to “Enter into any browser”. Which is easy to remember, easy to type, and gives me the power to change things in the future if I have to.

To do this I use an Redirect command in a .htaccess file. Most Unix based webservers allow these files and you can do a lot with one. But we’ll focus on just doing the iTunes redirect.

At the root of the directory on your web server you need to have a file named .htaccess. It may already exsist, especially if you are using blogging software like WordPress.

Since the file name begins with a period, it is normally invisible in Unix and may not be displayed in your FTP client. Tell your client to show invisible files to look for it.

Once you find the file, open it. Or create a new empty text file and name it .htaccess.

You will need to enter the following in the file.

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
Redirect 301 /itunes
Redirect 301 /iTunes

The key lines are the Redirect 301 lines. These tell the server to tell the browser to go somewhere else when a URL ending with iTunes comes in. Also notice that I have two lines because I found ModRewrite was case sensitive. There may be a way to do it so it isn’t but I don’t know it, so I just made two lines. Sometimes people remember the capital T and sometimes they don’t.

Remember I said the file may already exists because you are using WordPress? Well just follow the directions in the .htaccess WP created and don’t put your lines in the middle of theirs.

Should iTunes change the way they do their links in the future, I can change the URL here and nothing has to change anywhere else. Heck I use the /iTunes URL for links on the page, like the Subscribe in iTunes buttons.

This makes it much easier to tell people where to go to subscribe with iTunes. You could adapt this to a lot of different uses, but this will get you started.

Houston Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med Options

The other day I was reading and someone was asking where they could talk leveling course in Houston for pre-medschool application. In general med schools seem to want all your biology, chemistry, statistics, and physics to come from a four year college, so community colleges are out. The list posted on OldPremeds was incomplete so I did a little research and found these places.

Post-Baccalaureate means a person already has a bachelor’s degree and just wants to take course without getting another degree.

St Thomas

Offers a Pre-Med program and Post-Bacc admissions.


Offers Post Bacc program and a Pre-Med program.


Offers a Pre-Health Degree plan in the Biology department. Has Post Bacc programs, and the application does ask if it is pre-medicine.


Pre-med post bacc advising and courses. You also might be able to go to some of the satellite campuses, like UH-Clear Lake or UH-Pearland.


Rice Class III Continuing Studies which requires at 3.0 GPA to get in and costs like $1300-$1500/hr depending on if they consider you a graduate student or an undergrad.

I Am An EMT Now

My EMT-B patch
Realizing that I hadn’t looked at Reactuate in a long time, I came over and found the last post was when I started EMT school. Well I’m done with EMT-Basic class, passed my National Registry test and got Certified by the state of Texas.

I also totally got hooked on EMS. As you can probably tell from my other blog/podcasts Confessions of an EMS Newbie. The next logical thing for me to do was to become a paramedic. So I signed up for the Lone Star North Harris Paramedic program.

For the next two years I’ll be doing classes at least two nights a week, and normally more. Doing shifts in the hospital and ambulance. If you want to know about this part of my life, subscribe to the EMS Newbie podcast.