Doing Yoga X was like doing Ab Ripper in that you get through an exercise or two and then go “Yeah, right, now way can I do that.” I spent a lot of time watching them do stuff I couldn’t possibly do.

I will say there is a point about 40 minutes in where you realize they are beyond you and think they are never coming back. Fast Forward till there is 42 minutes left, that’s when they change to balance postures. Balance postures are hard, but in a different way that might be more possible for you.

I now have a favorite Yoga posture – corpse posture, which should tell you something. 🙂

While I felt I got a workout, I’m feeling better than I have after any P90x workout yet.

4 thoughts on “P90x Day4: Yoga X

  1. I have done the yoga section of p90x a few times and although I thought it was one of the easier sessions, I am completely wrong. It is really intense and tough and I ache for at least a couple of days after. I guess, maybe I should be working out more.

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