• [Reactuate] Twitter Updates for 2009-11-10 http://bit.ly/20SuVW #
  • Tiffany In Golden Hour http://su.pr/1tKudU #
  • A VA firm I'd never heard of. Anyone use them? http://icio.us/ni0pul #
  • Twitter Is Ephemeral, Blogs Are Forever http://su.pr/2dO5ku #
  • Writing endings/conclusions is the hardest part for me. #
  • Arrrgh. Now have to make decisions about shopping carts, affiliate tracking software and payment methods. #
  • @JonWarren Thanks for the suggest Jon, but I'm not selling photos but site memberships and digital products. in reply to JonWarren #
  • I am very excited about now completed sales funnel. 🙂 #

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