Carrying At My New Bank

Last week I finally had it with Compass Bank and decided to change to Chase. So on Saturday morning I went to the local branch and spent two hours creating accounts and filling out paperwork.
Killer School Girl Denise Williamson
When I walked into the bank a young man – God I sound old – greeted me and sent me to talk to a banker about opening new accounts.

At one point I was asked for two forms of picture ID, so I naturally pulled out my Driver’s License and my Texas Concealed Handgun License. Two forms of government issued ID.

But alas, my new banker told me they can’t take a CHL as a form of ID. A credit card would be fine. WTF? She said when they get audited by the main office that isn’t one of the things on the list.


I was carrying. I had on jeans and a long shirt. My Springfield XD in a inside the waistband holster.

My wife wasn’t around on Saturday morning to sign paperwork, so we had to go in on Monday morning and handle it. When we did we got an interesting story from our new banker. She said the young man who greeted me at some point realized I was wearing a gun. I don’t know if I flashed while stretching or moving around, or if I printed while sitting down, but some how he saw it.

Well it freaked him out and he went and found the manager and said “There’s a guy here with a gun!”

The manager said to calm down, but they did let the banker know later that I was carrying. She said she knew because I’d tried to use my CHL.

I know I screwed up letting them see it, but here are a couple of thoughts I had.

First, I always assumed if someone saw it, they would assume I was a cop. Guess not.

Second, this is Texas, a gun shouldn’t freak you out. Remember that scene in Miss Congeniality where Sandra Bullock sees someone with a gun in San Antonio and jumps them from the stage? Her beauty pageant coach says, “This is Texas. My florist carries a gun”.

Third, even before there we shall issue CHLs, on way show need for a license was if you had to carry large amounts of money to the bank. So banks should have the most experience with people with guns. But I can understand they also have a big fear of being robbed. I’m pretty sure that was why the guy was standing there to start with. Someone told me it was a security measure they instituted to catch people acting strange before they get to a teller.

Reading a recent post about Open Carry by Hsoi made me remember and decide to post this story.

5 Things I Learned About Twitter, Blogs & Traffic

I have a podcast called “The Photographer & Model Podcast” and yesterday I got to wondering who were the most popular interviewees. So I pulled out Google Anayltics and looked to see which show pages got the most traffic.

Last night I had a ranking 1 to 10, but I realized this morning that I hadn’t included earlier episodes in the analytics search, so the rankings changed this morning.

Looking over the list I learned some interesting things about the power of Twitter vs a Blog post. Here’s the 10 highest ranked.

  1. Episode 11: Model Carly Erin O’Neil
  2. Episode 08: Model Ellen Marisa
  3. Episode 04: Model Sallie Lou
  4. Episode 18: Photographer Jimmy D
  5. Episode 12: Photographer Robert Alvarado
  6. Episode 06: Model Zoya Pepel
  7. Episode 13: Model Cassandra Bryant
  8. Episode 02: Model Tierra
  9. Episode 16: Photog Frederick Van Johnson
  10. Episode 07: Photographer Vegas Alien

Here are a couple of things I learned.

1. Obviously its an advantage the longer the interview has been up, but it is my no means the biggest advantage. JimmyD was #4 and his podcast was less than a week old. Lots of the very old ones aren’t even in the top 10 even though they were great interviews.

2. Twitter gives you a short term boost. Both JimmyD (@pgshooter) and Frederick Van Johnson (@frederickvan) are on twitter and have pretty large followings. At the time of this ranking Frederick had only promoted the interview via twitter. I think only once and at 1 AM, but 6500+ followers was still enough to get him in the top 10.

3. Blog posts are forever. Carly has a blog, as does her boyfriend. So does Zoya. So does Vegas Alien. I don’t think Zoya posted about her interview, but the others did. So there has been a trickle of traffic coming in for them. Where as Twitter traffic goes away after 2 weeks. I expect Jimmy to be #1 within a week and stay there because he’s going to blog about it and he has a very popular blog.

4. Don’t forget the forums. JimmyD hasn’t blogged about the interview yet, but he did post it to three forums. That’s traffic that will stay around as well.

5. Google is still powerful. Zoya is in the top 10 because of google. The interview has the fourth spot on the first page for her name. Cassandra’s interview is also on the first page of google for her name.

All that being said, the podcast is new and it wouldn’t be that hard to get ranked by anyone. For instance not many of the people put a link to the interview on their model site profiles. That would lead to some more traffic.

I’d also love to interview someone who had an email list. My bet is that would send a ton of traffic.

After watching this video by Kevin Rose about taking your site from 1 to 1 Million I decided to add a “leader board” or my most popular episodes to the podcast page. We’ll see what effect that has, and it will serve my users because new people can more easily find popular episodes.