Guess Placement Does Matter More Than Caliber

I was reading a Houston Chronicle story about a homeowner defending his property and person from a criminal with a tire iron and had a couple of interesting thoughts.

First, the most fun I’ve had reading a news story comments in a long time. I love Texas. Normally threads on news paper websites are some of the worst on the net.

Second, was the paragraphs at the end about other homeowners defending themselves. Compare the main story and the last other shooting.

In the main story the homeowner had a 45 pistol, and fired 4 or 5 times and still doesn’t stop the guy. Eventually the guy does bleed out, after struggling for the gun, and dies trying to drive away.

In the last paragraph is says:

On June 17, a north Harris County man shot and killed a teenager who refused to leave his property in the 5500 block of Susanna. Sheriff’s investigators said Dwayne Austgen, 69, feared for his life when he fired a .22 caliber rifle at 17-year-old Vidal Herrera.

Here the guy uses a 22 and kills the assailant, apparently only shooting him once in the abdomen.

I guess the lesson here is that just because you shoot someone – maybe even leading to their death – they probably won’t stop.

Guess that’s why at Frontsight they teach, two shots to the chest, and if they don’t stop, one to the head.