My One Thing

I got the Four Hour Work Week audio book and have been going back through it. As a result I’m really focused in a number of ways. One means I’m not reading much in the way of blogs, but that had been going on for awhile now. So if I haven’t read your blog I’m sorry.

I don’t remember which came first, this post on Tim Ferris’ blog about The Power of Less, or the audio book. But I know I wasn’t very far into the audio book when I decided I could actually accomplish a mini-retirement.

A mini-retirement is where you go and live somewhere on an extended basis, like a month to a year, and it is taught in 4HWW. Since I’ve read the book I’ve always known what I wanted my first mini-retirement to be. I want to go to Nevada for a month and go to FrontSight every weekend to train.

I just realized I could actually make that happen. All it takes is getting permission from my wife and my boss. My wife has said yes, already. She is the bestest wife ever, in case I haven’t said that lots of times.

Haven’t talked to the boss yet, but I do think it is doable. Probably can’t get him to pay me for it, but maybe for some of it. I also have to figure out exactly how I’m going to approach it my persuasively.

But what about the one thing Ron?

After reading that post by Ferris, I knew I had to think of the one thing I needed to work on for the next month or so. But I honestly could find one. I knew I need to lose weight. My waist has expanded enough it is too uncomfortable to wear my gun in my IWB holster. So being fat is lowering my ability to defend myself.

But I don’t have the drive to diet and exercise.

Then my decision to do the mini-retirement required me to look at my finances and I realized what my one thing should be. I’m going to stay on a budget. Actually it is less about a budget that it is cutting back my spending. I decided that and can now tell I’ve got a reluctance to spend I’ve never had before.

It has also helped me get my butt in gear about a couple of business projects. I’ve set up 2 test sites as an affiliate marketer. I did them based on the Infomillionaire system, but it is funny to see how much that is like Ferris’ system in 4HWW. They are about the market, and not about my interests. One is about World of Warcraft Gold, and the other is about stopping a break up or getting your love back. If they don’t test out in the next week, I’ll look for something else.

I’m also putting the finishing touches on my own product teaching Pinup Photography. That should be in something like a final form by next week and I’m going to invite some beta testers this weekend. Hopefully it will be on the market by the end of the month.

And I’m going to be releasing a new version of Suck It Down, my MacOS program. I have done nothing on it for over 3 years and it doesn’t even work on the Intel chip. All I’m doing is making it work and updating my registration code. The crazy thing is it still sells about one copy a month. So I figure I do an update and that should cause a spike in sales and then double the monthly sales for a few months.

I am in serious motion and it will lead to big things. Now I’m off to edit.

Books For My Kindle

For my birthday my wife has ordered me a Kindle, but alas, it won’t be here till March. 🙁 But I’ve been thinking about what books I want to put on it when I get it.

If you are coming to this post first, make sure you check out my Reasons To Buy A Kindle post as well.

I can get some books via Bean, even some of my favorites free. So here is a list.

Part of Baen’s Free library
Freehold by Micheal Williamson.
There Will Be Dragons by John Ringo.
Wizard’s Bane by Rick Cook
Earthweb by Marc Stieger
March Upcountry by Weber and Ringo. (Book one and two in the series are free)

Bane Library
The Korval’s Legacy Collection series by Miller and Lee.
The Looking Glass Series by John Ringo and Travis Taylor
The March To The Sea series by John Ringo and David Weber.
The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon
The Elfhome books by Wen Spenser

The Stookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris.
The Diamond Age by Neil Stevenson
The Dragonriders of Pern

The Game by Neil Strauss (Not available on the Kindle) 🙁
Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferrris, Probably wait for the next edition since he’s updating it right now.

I think that would be a good start.

I’ve taken to sending the samples from amazon of the books I want to my Kindle. Then when I want to read them I can decide to buy or not.