Vote Andre Rene Again

I spent a couple of hours last night shooting and editing a comment for the Andre Rene voting. When I went to bed last night she was way ahead, but right now she is behind by 1 vote. Someone may be stuffing the ballot box.

Go Vote Andre Rene

Here is my video comment from Seesemic. I used CamTwist and SoundFlower to get the shot video into the comment.

Seesemic is interesting. It isn’t so much a video sharing site, as a video forum if you will. The whole idea is to start threads of comments and follow-up video comments.

Vote Andrea Rene

Andrea Rene

I’ve been following the search for a new Mahalo Daily host for awhile now and already had a favorite before today’s episode. Lucky for me the gun toting babe was the cute redhead Andrea Rene I was already rooting for.

She chose as her audition episode topic “How to shoot a gun”. While we didn’t learn much about how to shoot, it was fun watching a totally new shooter doing it for the first time. Her “Mahalo” in the final credits is worth watching the whole video.

The guy from the LA Gun club was a little too street for me, but he did teach her the four rules. Well he taught her rule 1. I assume they just didn’t show the rest.

But he didn’t teach her a proper grip, that was painful to watch.

A 9mm Berretta is the easiest gun to shoot? Huh? What about a 22? Then he recommends a revolver for the 70 year old grandma. What a young woman like Andrea would find that harder to shoot?

Ok, the point of this post isn’t to critique the gun guy, but to get you to vote for Andrea Rene.

They had various challenges for 20+ contestants and narrowed it down to 6. Those six each get to produce one show. The contestants get to pick what topic they cover. Then they write and produce the sample show.

Andrea chose how to shoot a gun, which seems a brave choice to me. My take is Mahalo Daily’s audience is very much high tech, silicon valley, northern California people. I.E. very liberal. Talking about shooting wouldn’t be very politically correct for that crowd.

Andrea Rene has the skills for to be the new host. She’s a red head which would get me to vote for her on its own. Then she chose shooting a gun for her topic. Which made me so happy I wrote a whole post to get people to vote for her.

Her fate isn’t completely in the voters hands, but it will be influenced by it. So go to Mahalo Daily and comment on how great she is.

UPDATE: For my pro-gun readers, if this comment doesn’t make you comment for her nothing will. “Sorry, absolutely nothing against Andrea, but I wouldn’t continue to watch Mahalo if this was the kind of featured subject matter.”

Natural Is Not Optimal

Gun firing

A few days ago I went down the hall to a coworkers office for some conversation. We got to talking about holsters and drawing from them. I was explaining how when you draw from the hip, you draw the gun straight up from the holster, and then pivot it forward right next to your body. Then you push the gun out toward the target.

My non-gunner friend commented “That just doesn’t seem natural.”

Which is isn’t.

I explained the reasons for doing it this way, but the comment stuck in my head for later contemplation.

You know what? Natural is almost never optimal.

Did you throw a baseball well the first time you tried? How about a football? Is there any athletic endeavor that the way you naturally do it the way you should?

The exception that proves the rule is what we say when a person does something well the first time.

“He’s a natural.”

This means he naturally does something optimally, which is different from everyone else. Even then we know we can train him to do it even better.

So if something feels natural the first time, it is probably wrong. But the goal of training is to make something optimal feel natural.

I could also apply this to philosophy, morality, and theology, but I’ll leave that as an exercise for the reader.