Navy Firearms Training

Got one of my weekly emails from FrontSight offering their current deal. The thing that made it blogworthy was the included letter from a Navy Petty Officer about their firearms training.

Speaking only for myself, my firearms training is limited to what I received in boot camp, which was two hours of classroom instruction, two hours of simulator practice, firing 48 rounds on the M9 service pistol and only 3 rounds(!) on the M870 shotgun.

He says that if they are going to be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan they are sent to school that is “basically Army boot camp” so they can get the training they need.

His email to Dr. Piazza was in response to the offer they are running right now. Basically you pay for a Challenge Membership and you get 5 for free. He words it another way, where you are paying for 4 and getting 2 free, but it seems like the other way around. The only caveat is that at least one of the memberships has to be given to a member of the military or reserve.

We have a friend, used to babysit my boys, who is now at the Air Force Academy and this would be a cool gift for him. If we had $5000 for it.

Cutting Good Things Too

Probably aren’t going to see anymore eve online posts because I’m not going to join when I finish the trial. Is it because the game is bad? No, I actually enjoy it.

Its because there are other things I could spend time on that are more important. Sometimes you have to cut good things out of your life for better things.

My church is doing a 6 week study starting next week on the pastor’s new book One Month to Live: Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life. The premise of the book is the question “What would you do if you only had one month to live?”. We’ve been dealing with the question for a while now and the more you think about it the more you find interesting consequences. I found was there are somethings I need to do that are more important than a video game. If I had 30 days to live I’d want to create some stuff that would continue on after I was gone.

So I’m not going to spend hours a night building a career in a virtual universe. I’m going to create something that exists in the real world. Probably a feature screenplay specifically.

We’ll be hosting a small group during the 6 weeks going through the book. So there will probably be some posting related to that.

Eve Online Mineral Profit Experiment

So I’ve been trying to figure out which mineral were the best to mine and if I made more by refining what I mined. Well I had sometime tonight to try different things and this is a table of my experiment.

My conclusion was it was always better to sell the raw mineral. Also I’ve read that the lower the letter in the alphabet, the better the mineral. Don’t think that is true here. Scordite is better than Plag.

Mined Mineral Load Units Refined Mineral Refined Units Sell price Related to Regional Avg

Vespar 3265 22917

Tritium 7481 18071 -6%

Vespar 268 1881 -2% Left over after refinement


Rich Plag 932 25835 -7%

Tritium 469 1132 -7%

Py 936 4095

Mex 469 12118 -14%

Plag 266 7373 -7%


Massive Scordite 2176 28005 6%

Tritium 4569 11036 -7%

Pyerite 2284 9994

Scordite 178 2290 6%


Villard Wheel

This is something you need to make a Perpetual Motion machine in Eve-Online. It is part of a mission that is 10 of 10 from your first agent in the Gellente part of space.

Problem is you can’t find a Villard Wheel.

After a little Googleing I found this post which answers the question.

The Villard Wheels do not and never will exist in the game. They are listed as the materials needed to BUILD the Tech I Perpetual motion device. You DO NOT NEED to build it. You need to use invention to upgrade the Blueprint to Tech II. Use the 2 civilian datacores and the Civilian Data Interface by dropping them into a station that supports invention.

You can find local stations by trying to invent the blueprint in any station and setting the range inside the process to ‘Current Region’ from the default setting ‘Current Blueprint’. The screen will then bring up a list of stations nearby and you can even look to see if they currently have slots free. Whatever you do, do not go to quote the job as it will make you have to re-log…unless of course the current station has invention facilities and you choose it.

Once you have researched the blueprint (100% success rate now with the new patch) the material to build will become 100 tritanium and the need for Villard Wheels disapears.

You may have to travel to find a place to do the invention.

Eve Online

I’m back and have a new time wasting addiction – Eve Online.

I saw it at MacWorld and it looked cool. There is an online game bouncing around in my head and this looked a lot like it. It is more of a strategy game like Civilization than an RPG like WOW. So I downloaded the software and started the 15 day trial.

It is very complicated which means you can do a lot, but takes a while to figure everything out. And a lot of it happens in real time, like skill building. If it take 4 hours to learn something, that’s 4 hours or real time. But you don’t have to be logged on to learn. So I find myself planning when I need to get back online so I can start a new skill.

It also does a good job of not making you do simple things other games make you walk through each time. For instance you can tell the game to dock at a station and it will warp you there and do you unsupervised.

There are a couple of things I’ve learned that would be good for other noobs so I’m going to make a couple of posts.

Tabitha Closest

I’ve never shot a model with a flat belly that said she got it by working out. Tabitha was no exception. I wanted to capture those muscle lines and I could see them while talking to her and shooting. But it was kind of hard to get them to show up on demand. I asked her what happen if she sucked them in and she said “My ribs stick out.” And then showed me.

So how do you get her to flex just right?

Make her laugh. She’s laughing here.

Tabitha abs laughing.