Why is Satan Always Angry?

I’m rereading Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Shadow and there was a little exchange between the nun character Sister Carlotta and another command that had an interesting bit of theology in it.

“Do you know why Satan is so angry all the time? Because whenever he works a particularly clever bit of mischief, God uses it to serve his purposes.”
“So God uses wicked people as his tools”
“God gives us the freedom to do great evil, if we choose. Then he uses his own freedom to create goodness out of that evil, that is what he chooses.”
“So in the long run God always wins.”

Children’s Minister

Shannon Rains is the children’s minister at my church. I’ve decided to do environmental portraits of all the ministers. She was the first one I thought of and the one I know the best. So we shot for a few minutes on a Wednesday evening before church with some children.

I don’t like working with children. 🙂 The boys wouldn’t hug her or even act like they would. But the image is pretty close to what i had in my head.

Children's Minister

Follow the link to a flick set with more images from the shoot.

I also shot my church’s special 9/11 service honoring fire fighters.


Sometimes inspiration comes in strange ways. I’ve always wanted my photography to pay for itself, but haven’t wanted to shoot the things that pay. For instance I don’t want to shoot weddings, the bread and butter of most photographers.

But I have lately seen some really great wedding photographers online. Ever since the trash the dress video I posted about, I’ve thought, “If I shot weddings and they looked like that, I’d shoot weddings.”

I’ve also considered shooting seniors. Well portraits in general, but specifically seniors. But it wasn’t until someone linked to this image that I got excited about it.

Stellar does great work, and he’s one of those designer guys who makes us simple photographers feel inferior. But why should his workflow make me want to shoot seniors?

Because the packaging is so cool. It makes me want to shoot seniors so I can deliver something like this. I want to hand someone a box and watch them open it like a Christmas present.

So my photography is going to go in a different direction soon.