Pepper Spray is Not Magic

Video of a cop getting shot after pepper spraying someone.

A crazy and disturbing video. The cop finally stops a car after a chase, gets out and casually walks up the driver’s window and sprays a can a pepper spray. And then as if that had rendered the guy unconscious or something, turns and walks away. Of course the spray didn’t stop the driver from pulling out a gun and shooting 7 times. Then he ran over the officer.

Some how someone else got the officer’s gun and shot the driver.

I don’t know what to say.

Holster Placement

Awhile back when the Mrs and I were driving with a friend to go shoot we were discussing gun selection and her getting a CHL. She commented that she planned to carry in her purse, so she didn’t need a holster. My response is something worthy of a blog post.

Where is the absolute best place for your gun to be when a gun fight comes upon you? In your hand. OK, well you can walk around carrying a gun in your hand all the time, so it will end up in a holster. So where is the best place for this holster to be? Right next to your hand.

Everything else is a compromise.

So my wife will probably mostly carry her weapon in her purse because women’s clothing doesn’t offer much chance to wear a concealable holster on her upper leg, or hip. But when she’s wearing a jacket and jeans, she should have a holster on her hip. Just like I would.

There are lots of different ways to wear and conceal a gun, but you should always remember you have to get it out and on target in 1.5 seconds. So where is the best place to have it? Everything else is a compromise.

I found that the normal way I wear my gun – on the hip, under an untucked, buttoned shirt – was not the fastest way. I tried to pass the draw from concealment test at Front Sight, where you have to get on target in 1.5 seconds, with my weapon under a sweater. I couldn’t do it. They train you how to draw from there, but it is simply about half a second slower than with an open front cover garment. But I still carry under a shirt because it is most convenient, but I know it is a compromise.

And you need to dry practice you draw from anywhere you conceal from on a regular basis. That will make you faster and help you avoid problems navigating the gun out from under clothes.

Apologetics Class

Want to see what has been taking up most of my free time lately? I’m teaching a apologetics class on Sunday morning to the high schoolers at my church. I’ve create a podcast of the class with its own website. So go here for the Kingwood Church of Christ Apologetics class. I just got the domain this morning, so it may not have propagated to you yet, but it has to my work.

If you don’t know what apologetics are, they are a reasoned defense of the Christian faith. This class is actually more than just that. The first three classes are on being a Christian thinker. Next weeks class is actually just a logic class. For more info on the class listen to the introduction.

So if you’ve ever wondered what I sound like. This is your chance to hear me.

New Gun

Well I finally got off my butt and got around to trading some guns to get a new one. I sold my P99 and P22 and Shotgun at Gander Mountain and bought a Springfield Armory XD 45 Compact in black.

I’d have preferred to get it in dual tone – the slide is silver – but they only had the black version. That’s OK. One cool thing is my hand fits fully on the short grip. They have two magazines, one 10 round and short and one 13 rounds, long with an extension. When you add the extension you’ve turned the gun into a full sized service pistol.

Now I have to find a holster. It comes with one that is a joke for concealed carry. I have a Fobus paddle holster for my P99 and I wanted the same for the XD. But they don’t have one specifically for the 45 Compact, though they said the one for the service model may work. I tried one at the store and the gun didn’t seem to fit, though you could unscrew it and loosen it. Turns out there is a SP11 and SP11b. The SP11b is intended for the compact version of the 9mm/40/357. The SP11 is intended for the full sized gun. I don’t know which one I was trying.

I’d go to the range tonight to get some trigger time, but I have a prior commitment and did I mention the nearby range burned down? Happen sometime last month. So I’d have to find a new range and that will be a challenge.