Playboy Model Terrie

A little over a week ago I shot with Terrie. A week before that she shot with Playboy. We were shooting fitness and I think the images are pretty good. I don’t like my lighting or the stage, but they are very fitness. We also shot some low key stuff that looks pretty good. Does seem with such a great model I should have produced more wow.

Terrie is the new header image.

Stupid Customs Stuff

Via a comment on Tom Kyte’s blog. He has a post about them trying to search his laptop for porn at the border and not being able to figure out the computer. In the comments one poster talks about the stupidest thing he’s seen at customs.

…the strangest thing I have seen was during the UK’s binary liquid explosive scare a security guard confiscating bottles of liquid and pouring the contents into a large container, then handing the empty bottles back.

How Long Have I Been A Photographer

So I joined Linked In a few weeks ago. It is a professional networking site where you enter all the places you’ve worked and connect with old colleagues. Today I noticed I’d forgot to put Apple in my list of places I’ve worked. So I went to add it and realized I didn’t remember the dates. Then I noticed I don’t have dates for any of my jobs. Including when I started Reactuate Photography.

So I started going back and trying to figure out how long its been. I’m going to say the company started when I went to Rolando’s Gomez’s Glamour workshop. Turns out that was in August of 2004. I remember going for a walk with the Mrs after coming back and telling her “I think this is an art I could do.”

Guess it is.

I get asked by models and such how long I’ve been doing this. I usually say a couple of years this time. I was a full time portrait photographer for about a year right out of school. That was years ago though.

Can’t Ask For Higher Praise

Woke up this morning to a trackback from Say Uncle, which lead me to Kim du Toit’s blog entry about my post on What Happens After a Gun Fight. While he has some critique, he makes this comment:

The link above is worth remembering. Study it, commit it to memory, and do a lot of role-playing in your mind.

It may make a huge difference in your life.

Don’t think I can ask for a blog post to do more than make a difference in people’s lives. Its the reason I write these long articles and it is the reason Front Sight does what they do.

Just a Quick One To Let You Know I’m Still Alive

Haven’t posted in awhile because I haven’t had much to say and I’ve been busy. I had a web project/idea take over my psyche and put a lot of time into that. Learned lots about CSS and Web 2.0 design in the process.

I shot over the weekend, but haven’t got the images processed for the same reason.

Brazell and New Image Display

Had two shoots this weekend. The one on Sunday was with a new model I discovered via myspace. She was great and I like the images I got.

I’m also trying out a new WP Plugin to handle display of images. It’s WP Lightbox, and uses the Lightbox javascript library to display images in the window after you click on the image. Don’t know what it will do if you are reading this from the RSS feed.

Model: Brazell
Makeup: Kimberly

Been Sick

If you’ve been wondering why no posts, it is because I’ve been sick since the middle of last week. I think I’m finally over it after sleeping for 13 hours Sunday night. The Mrs has it now, which isn’t good.

My sleep cycles are screwed up, as you can tell by the time of this post. And I’ve already been to Wal-mart this morning.:)

I’ve got a shoot tonight with a beautiful model and we’re going to be shooting fitness, which should be interesting. So when I couldn’t sleep this morning I got up and went to look at women’s fitness magazines.