I was searching around for a list of gun bloggers – which I found at Truth Laid Baer – and run across Contertop’s post about the 2006 Gunnies or Gun Weblog Awards.

Since I know Countertop is one of the 10 people who read this blog, I’ll ask the logical question:

Where’s the 2007 Gunnies?

I mean heck, January is almost over and we aren’t even taking nominations yet.

3 thoughts on “Gunnies 2007

  1. Surely there are more than 10 people reading this blog (or, at least if they aren’t reading it they are stopping by to view the excellent photography).

    As to the gunnies . . . between the new job (which keeps me oh so busy) and the iminently arriving baby (as in . . . due any minute) I just haven’t had much time for blogging – let alone organizing the gunnies.

    Plus, even with only 10 readers you still probably have more than I do.

    I’ll try to relaunch the effort though – probably sometime in March though.

  2. we’ll have to play it by year. Not looking forward to diaper changing and late nights with baby feeding.

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