16 Boxes of 9 MM With Your Name On It

Just called the Pahrump Wal-Mart to confirm they have my ammo. 16 boxes of 100 rds. Whoot!

Working down my list of final things to get done before tomorrow. I’d actually planned on working tomorrow since we don’t leave till 9 PM, but I’ve got stuff to do and decided to take it off.

Went to the range last night with the Mrs’ Springfield XD and put around 300 rds through it. That is a lot of shooting. And a lot of magazine loading. It also taught me a few other things I need in the range bag.

Surgical Tape and Band-Aids My thumb was getting tender and seemed to have little flecks of metal ground into it from loading magazines. My index finger was also developing a blister from all that firing. Thought some tape could be wrapped around them. Band-aids need to be there in case of pinched in the slide injuries.

Pen and Paper Of course we’ll need this for note taking during training, but I wanted to log how much I’d shot and didn’t have anything to write on or with in the bag. Need to put a little note pad and a pen in there.

Marking Tape I used bullseye targets last night because I wanted multiple places to shoot on a single target. Noticed one of the people next to me had tape and could tape holes over to tell which holes were new and which old.

Cleaning and lubing supplies My friend from Talon Arms told me to make sure I keep the guns oiled. I hadn’t even thought to bring that stuff. He said a dirty gun that is oiled will still fire.

My range bag is pretty cool and there is a lot of stuff in it. I’ve been thinking I may actually try and carry it on and put the guns in their hard case in my regular bag. Just seems to strange to go through security with a bunch of gun accessories, like empty mags, holsters, and flashlights. None of that stuff is on the list, and I’d feel safer not checking that soft bag.

My shoulder also gave me pain last night after a couple of hundred rounds. Part of that is it must be out of alignment, so I’ll go see the chiropractor tomorrow about it. But it also looks like we’ll be sore, using muscles we aren’t used to.

Sport Utility Rife

Snowflakes in Hell wrote a post condemning inaccurate names for rifles, specifically Assualt Rifles. In it he said:

So what’s the best thing to call an AR-15? Homeland defense rifle? Self-defense rifle? Sport utility rifle?

I wrote the follow in comment:

I like Sport Utility Rifle. That’s kind of cool.

Its all marketing anyway. The gun haters started using Assault Rifle because it conveyed something people would be afraid of. What are you going to assault?

But Sport Utility Rifle. That’s something you get for fun or to compensate for organ size. We’d have every middle class person in America look for the Eddie Bauer edition AR-15.

How To Add Text Highlighting To Your Blog

You may have noticed in a few of my posts I’ve started using a yellow highlighter to point out the important things. I got the idea from the 37 Signals guys.

At first I just used a span tag with a style:color:yellow. I knew from the beginning this wasn’t the best way to do it. I needed a CSS style that could be used and changed everywhere. Here’s how you do it.

We are going to use a span tag to mark the text to by highlighted.For those of you that don’t know CSS at all, the two special tags you can use to mark text at div and span. Div is good for paragraphs and puts space after it. Span is good for in line text, and since we are going to be highlighting just individual sentences and phrases it is what we need.

The span tag is going to have a class attribute, which I called “highlight”. A class is a defined style that can be used more than once in a page, as opposed to an id, which can only be used once. You can set the name of the class to anything you want.

Go find your theme’s CSS file. I’m using Cutline, so my CSS file is at wp-content/themes/Cutline/style.css. Add this definition to the CSS file.


Obviously you can make the highlight style anything you want. If you want the cool highlighter look, all you have to do is change the background color to yellow. But you could choose to use some text style like bold or small caps. The beauty of defining this as a span subclass instead of just redefining bold is you can change it any time you want.

Now to use it. Put a span tag around any text you want highlighted like this:

<span class="highlight"> your text to be highlighted </span>

That’s all there is to it. I need to do some research and see add a button to WordPress’s tool bar in the editor, just to make it easier to use.

TSA Actually Helpful

I don’t mean in terms of keeping me safe, but I called them and they give me quick precise answers to my questions.

Since I’m going to be traveling with a gun this week, I’ve done the research to find out how it needs to be packed. Here’s Continental’s firearms guidelines and here’s the TSA’s firearms guidelines.

What wasn’t clear to me was if it had to be a TSA Lock.

I called Continental and asked them my questions and the lady actually asked “Are you carrying that on?” I laugh at her and said “You can’t carry a gun on the plane.” She gave me the same information that is on the website and she gave me the TSA 1800 number.

I was a little worried when the TSA’s first question was “Have you called before? What is your name? What is a number I can call you at if we get disconnected?” Little big brother there, but the guy answered my questions quickly.

For the record, you can use a regular lock to lock your firearms in a hard case. You don’t have to wait for them to be screened, just lock it at the check in counter and that’s it.

The Difference Between Love and Sex

I was watching last Friday’s episode of Battlestar Galactica last night and was struck by something.

In case you haven’t been watching there in an ongoing affair between Starbuck and Apollo, both of whom are married to other people. They are struggling because Apollo wants them to divorce and get married, but Starbuck thinks divorce is a sin. But Starbuck is OK with them cheating on their spoused for sex, but Apollo wants it to stop because its a sin.

In the scenes from next week we see Starbuck and her husband, who loves her, asking her if she loves Apollo and then saying “If you love him you should go to him”.

This is STUPID. OK the whole thing is the kind of stupid people get into, but that line is extra dumb.

To me though the problem is that both Starbuck and Apollo are confusing sex and love. Not in the normal way people confuse it, meaning having sex with someone means you love them, or that it is completely separate. The idea you can have “recreational” sex with out emotional involvement is a myth.

That’s not where these two are having a problem. Their problem is they think you have to have sex with someone because you love them.

Starbuck and Apollo love each other. They should, they’ve known each other for years. They’ve been through hell together. They have close connections through Apollo’s family. They love each other.

That doesn’t mean they have to have sex.

That’s the problem. They can love each other in a deep sense like what they are – comrades in arms and life long friends. They may even love each other deeper than they love their spouses because they’ve loved each other longer.

This belief that love has to be consummated with sex is the under current of a lot of problems we have. Homosexuality is another example. I don’t know if it is the chicken or the egg. Does our acceptance of homosexuality cause us to think we have to treat all people as possible sex partners regardless of gender? Or does our belief we have to have sex with anyone we love make us accept homosexuality?

Today men can’t have a deep love relationship with other men. We don’t have any concept of that kind of relationship that the members of WWII units had. Where they continued to love, in both the emotional and action based sense, for their whole lives. Taking care of each other and each other’s family their whole lives.

Today if you have strong caring feelings about a member of the same sex you start to wonder if you are gay, because we can’t understand how you could love someone and not need to have sex with them.

This is one of those things that we are culturally blind to. We don’t even understand what the underlying belief causing these things to happen. We accept that Starbuck and Apollo have to have sex if they love each other.

We need to step back and try and determine our beliefs. As do Starbuck and Apollo.

FrontSight Reporting

It is my plan to blog my experiences as the 4 Day Defensive Handgun course the Mrs and I are going to be taking February 2-5 on the blog. Therefore I’ve created a new category on the blog for FrontSight related posts.

A week or so ago I added FrontSight to my auto link plugin so it will always become a link when I use the term. Hopefully this won’t be to annoying, but it is sure easier for me to not have to put the HTML around the name every time I use it.

Here some catch up posting to get us up to date of preparing for the trip.

FrontSight has a pretty cheap offer on your first class if you read all of the Free Gun Reports they have on their website. It is 50% to 70% off of your first course. And the reports actually contain good information, not just sales hype. I’m a better shooter because I read them. The Mrs started reading them and said the author sounded to arrogant and stopped reading.

They also give their life members certificates to that allow a non-member to a course for just the cost of the background check, $50. Some of the members decided to offset the cost of member ship by selling the certificates on EBay. I bought two of these for about the price I would have paid FS with their discount.

I got the certificates the first week of January. Which happened to also be the week the FrontSight Challenge TV program premiered. This made me worry a little the course would fill up and we wouldn’t be able to get in. So I overnighted the certs and applications to them that weekend.

The guy who sold me the certificates was great too. He included four pages of information to make the trip easier. Including how to get ammo cheaper than the FS pro shop. (Call Wal-Mart in Pahrump and have them order it for you), and which hotel was the best to stay in (Best Western, they have a fridge in the room and let you keep your firearms in the room, which some hotels won’t).

I called FS the middle of the week after I knew they’d gotten the certificates to make sure we were in. While they hadn’t processed the application, they said not to worry, as long as they got it two weeks before the course I was guaranteed to get in. I took this on faith and made flight reservations, because those need to be made three weeks in advance.

My low grade worry continued when I still hadn’t gotten the email confirmation a week later. I called again and Jon told me they’d be going out last weekend. I sighed a sigh of relief yesterday when I got the email. We were confirmed and I didn’t need to worry about it anymore.

They also have a list of gear you need for the class. Basically, shooting eye and ear protection, holster on primary side and magazine holder on secondary, and a flashlight. I was able to work a trade deal with Talon Arms to get me all the gear in return for doing some design work for them. This included prescription glasses for the Mrs.

So we have all our gear.

I do need to get something to hold the guns and comply with Continental Airlines and the TSA’s requirements for a locked hard case for the guns.

So that brings us up to date. I plan to make detailed posts on each step in the future. This will include traveling with two pistols on an airline, which should be interesting. I also hope to take pictures of everything.

Gunnies 2007

I was searching around for a list of gun bloggers – which I found at Truth Laid Baer – and run across Contertop’s post about the 2006 Gunnies or Gun Weblog Awards.

Since I know Countertop is one of the 10 people who read this blog, I’ll ask the logical question:

Where’s the 2007 Gunnies?

I mean heck, January is almost over and we aren’t even taking nominations yet.

A New Wii and the Dark Side of Working With Models

This weekend was super busy. Saturday started at the gun show buying magazines and holsters. Then all afternoon working the Glamour Workshop at my studio.

Sunday started early where I, feeling a little dirty, lined up outside the local Circuit City as it opened at 10 AM for a Nintendo Wii. I’d read online that Circuit City and Best Buy were going to have a stock of Wiis in Sunday. My son paid half the cost for his Christmas present, but we’d been unable to find one since Thanksgiving. So I skipped church and waited for Circuit City to open. I was #12 of 15 through the door. They passed out little vouchers as we crowded in. I felt dirty because this seemed too much trouble to go to to get a toy for my kid.

E, my eldest came home from church and I think has been playing Zelda ever since. 🙂

After that I ate a late breakfast and went back to the studio to shoot with two models. One was a new model I’d never shot with and the other was my friend Scarlett. The new model was supposed to be there at 1 so the MUA could do her makeup. At 1:15 I called her cell. Straight to voice mail. At 1:20 I called again because there was a home number in the voice mail message. I called that number and it was answered. I asked for Michelle and they asked who was calling. I told her and she said Michelle had been in a car accident the night before and was in the hospital. But she expected she’d get out that day.

Maybe I’ve gotten too cynical. This is only my second stand up/no show. But I don’t buy it. She just chickened out. Photographer s have a joke that being an amateur model is a very dangerous thing. Especially to your grandmothers. They have a tendency to die with you have a shoot.

But Scarlett showed up and I spent a few hour shooting with her. I’ll be posting later in the week after I’ve gotten a chance to work on them.