597 Messages

Since we are at sea today I decided to go ahead and wade through my email. I have 597 unread email messages. I’m sure the vast majority are spam. Since I turned off my home machine, I’ll have not spam filtering through my webmail interface.

Spam SUCKS!.

Testing the cruise ship internet’s speed. I’m connecting via wireless, so that’s as fast as it could be. But it doesn’t feel real fast. 110.1 kilobits. Pretty slow.

The cruise also blocked my access to Model Mayhem because of nudity.

Cruise Day 6: At Sea

So we are at sea for the first of two days on the way back. Not much really happen today. We slept late, getting a panicked called from the sister-in-law at 10:30 waking us up. She couldn’t find her two year old daughter and thought we might have her. Someone found her wondering around and took her to the kids area, and they went looking for her parents. She doesn’t talk to strangers and she wouldn’t tell them her name.

This reminded me of Schneier’s discussion of bad things we teach our kids. One was that they shouldn’t talk to strangers. When a kid is lost or in trouble they are much better off finding an adult – any adult – and telling them they need help. This is because despite our perception about child molesters they are very few and most people are not bad actors. They will help a lost child.
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Cruise Day 5: Belize

Today we arrived in Belize and our excursion was Discover Scuba Diving. My eldest and I went together. This wasn’t really what I was expecting. I’d done a thing in Hawaii 15 years ago where they just put the tank on you and swim around with you.

This one was an official PADI thing. You watched a video, and then you go out to shallows and do some tests. The tests covered replacing your regulator and clearing it. Then you drop your regulator, recover and clear it. Then you had to clear your mask. You got a little water in it, then you tilt your head up and blow through your nose to fill your mask with air. Lastly you had to practice sharing air with another diver. You have a second regulator what is bright yellow, which you give to someone and they clear it and breath through.
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Cruise Day 4: Cozumel

After a night at sea and a short stop in Playa Del Carmen – which we slept through – we arrived in Cozumel. In case you don’t know Cozumel is an island off the coast of Mexico. I was signed up to do Discover Scuba Diving, but it was canceled due to weather. When we arrived the wind was so strong we couldn’t bring the ship in to port. Instead they had to tender, which means a little boat comes out and takes people to the shore.
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Cruise Day 3:Progresso

Today we went to Chichen Itza, a large Maya ruin. Our tour guide was a Mexican of Maya decent and was very interesting he told us lots of interesting facts about both peoples.

For instance he says that all people with maya blood are born with a spot at the bottom of their back. It normally fades as they grow older. The Maya are short and stocky.

He showed us around the ruins and I took pictures. I’ve uploaded them to my Flickr account. Cruise Images
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Cruise Day 1: Getting aboard

Well its the first day of the cruise and we spent a lot of time getting from my in-laws house the port of Houston to board. It was strange going down a little two lane road in a stretch limo, among hugh container ships to board our curise ship. Galveston has a cruise port, but our ship was leaving out of the port of Houston.

The boat is packed. It has a capacity of 1700 and there are 2000 passengers on board. 500 of them are children.
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