I Have Calendars

Our crappy printer, after being almost a full week late, wasn’t getting the calendar’s delivered. So I called the people who had them, the bindery, and told them I’d come get them.

So I have calendars. They look good, a little darker than they proofed or we were expecting, but good none the less. I’ll ship preorders and out of town models calendars this weekend. In town models will have to come get them.

More to come.

Surviving Tech

Haven’t posted in the survival post in a long time. Did you know there was a major natural disaster this week that took out power for an entire US state? Well here’s an article grading tech after Hawaii’s earthquake.

We did a major clean out of the garage a couple of weekends ago and ran across our survival chest. Included a propane stove and canisters and some stick on lights. There was other stuff, but it was interesting to see what stuff the article mentioned. I need to check my survial/disaster supplies. Probably should get some of those light sticks. And I know all the flashlights should have their batteries checked.

New Gun: Walther P22

Went to the gun show this weekend as planned and spent almost 3 hours walking around. I was looking for two guns, a 22 and something small to carry. I almost bought two guns, but couldn’t justify the cost. And I found the the smaller a handgun gets the more it costs.

I could find a good 22 for under $300. But finding a small handgun under $300 was tough. I found I wasn’t comfortable with a 5 or 6 round revolver. All the pocket sized 9mm I mentioned in my previous post were close to $400 or over $600. I might have gotten something smaller than my P99, but I couldn’t get both.

I felt I was getting a good gun in the P22 with a 5″ barrel. I didn’t feel I would get a high quality 9mm for that same price range.

So I bought the 22 and put off the carry gun for later when I can afford something good.

I also kept having to tell myself, “I’m not here to buy a rifle.” Cuz I was tempted a number of times.

I found I’m attracted to guns because they look good. Probably not the best way to pick them, but interesting. I now have rifles I want to research.

If the monsoons here in Houston stop, I may go to the range tonight. I plan on taking one of the boys to the range tomorrow to shoot the 22.

It came with two 10 rd magazines. There don’t seem to be any higher capacity magazines available and that seems strange to me, give the 22 bullet is so small.