New Photography Blog

The Strobist is a new blog I discovered today. They give shooting assignments and use Flikr to post and get comments. I like how the first one had these quotes.

In yet another example of a slick photographer using a camera to coax a young, naive model out of their clothes, Rob soon had Owen buck nekkid on the black cloth.


Any time you can get all the way through a studio shoot without your model peeing all over the set, well, that’s a good day in my book.

Quick Updates

The Mrs is home and out of the hospital. Her mother is there along with our youngest son. She’s as well as can be expected and is getting better every day.

The Sopranos have been a total waste of time this “season”. Dr Who wasn’t. Chumscrubber was weird.

The Goth Swimsuit Calendar is picking up steam and this is a really weird time for that to happen for me.

Surgery Blogging

OK, more waiting room blogging. I’m sending this from the surgery waiting room at Texas Women’s Hospital. I just got done talking to my wife’s OB/Gyn who just finished her hysterectomy. She’s in recovery now and they say it will be an hour before I can see her.

The Dr said her insides were a mess, but things seem to go well and she should be better than new after she recovers from the surgery.

I’m sure she’d say I’ve said too little, but that’s the basics. I’ll know more when I’ve talked to her.