First Shoot Review of my S3

Well I’ve now shot two or three hundred images with my new camera and here are some impressions.

Things I Don’t Like

There were a number of exclamations of “stupid camera” during the shoots.

Occasionally it just wouldn’t let me take a picture. I think this had to do with an unwillingness to focus in a low light situation, but it seemed in focus. There was one time I was trying to take a picture of just Aleksandra’s legs and the thing wouldn’t fire. Could focus on her face and it would, but not her legs. Go figure.

The screen is more contrasty and less saturated than the D70. So the images don’t look as good on the back of the camera. It is higher resolution and bigger. With every digital SLR you have to calibrate yourself to the difference between the LCD and the final product. So I was learning. But the contrast means I’m not as eager to show images to the model.

The vertical shutter doesn’t wake the camera up. In order to save power the camera puts itself to sleep after a few seconds. In order to wake it up you press the shutter release in half way. The same way you focus, so normally you don’t even think about it. Put the camera to your eye, compose, focus, fire. It just works. The S3 has a vertical grip which is way cool since I shoot a lot of verticals, and there is a shutter release on the vertical grip. But this release doesn’t wake the camera up. So if it went to sleep, you have to press the other shutter first before the vertical one works.

Review is a little slow. When you take the picture the camera shows it to you immediately for a couple of seconds. But if you want to bring the picture back up to look at it again, or scroll through previous pictures, it has to read from the card. And that is slow. Takes a good 3 or 4 seconds to read an image back in. And I was shooting in 6 MP mode and not 12.

Things I Like

I shot all three sessions with JPEG instead of RAW. And for the most part I don’t regret it. The in camera software works great. And the F1 mode, which is color intended for skin and portaits, produces the most creamy skin tones ever. I love the way the pictures look. And in the end even if everything else sucked, I’d still use the camera because it is the results that count.

I’ve got 100 ASA now. The D70’s lowest was 200.

The S3 has a PC cord slot, so no more hot shoe adapter.

And I can shoot in B&W. Which I did. I’m not positive it is better than doing it yourself in post, but it’s nice to have the option in the camera.

Still haven’t tried the Fuji software, so I don’t know if it is worth going to RAW yet. Stay tuned for that. And I haven’t shot anything in 12MP which will be interesting. Nor have a I used my Nikon flash with it, another interesting test.

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What Kind Of Photographer Am I?

One of the models I shot this weekend is an art director with a cosmetics company. During the shoot she and the makeup artist were talking about all the people they’d shot with and I knew none of them. Then we were all talking about models and modeling agencies. In the course of this discussion I started seeing there was a whole other photography community than the one I’m part of.

After the shoot she and I were talking about shooting stock and it came home to me even more. Do I want to be a portrait and wedding photographer? Or do I want to do the other kind of photography?

There is the world of commercial photography. Which has much fewer photographers in it. But these guys are good and they compete for the big money shoots. So if I want to do that I need to take my photography to the next level. And can you break into that world part time?

Stock might be a way to do that. Randi was telling me how they use stock all the time. Even the covers of their monthly magazine are stock. So here’s away to go commercial without having to sell to the companies.

One of the things I also learned was I need to learn all kinds of photography. Not just shooting pretty girls. I need environmental portraits. I need architecture and I need still life.

iPhoto Print Consent

I’m developing a photography service for by budding photography business which will ultimately deliver to the client on of iPhoto’s really cool books. So today I did a little research to see how long it would take to get the book. Pretty quickly. The book takes 5 days to print and you can have it overnighted to you after that. So under a week.

I have heard that if the pictures look professional, Apple will stop processing your order and contact you and make you fill out a form stating you are the copyright holder. This would be a pain and delay the order. So I wondered if you could just fill the form out in advance and not have it held. After much searching and a little Googling of Apple’s site, I found page stating you’d need to fill out the iPhoto Print Consent form, but not giving it to you. Gave Apple feedback on that. Then I used Google to search for this form, now that I had the official name. And here is the URL

Interestingly I did a Google link search to see who is pointing to that form, and found no one is. Mmmm…

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Posing rules

Posing rules from “Posing for Portrait Photography: A Head-to-Toe Guide” by Jeff Smith

1. Make sure the face is never turned away from the main light.
2. Make sure the shoulders, waist, and hips are never squared off to the camera.
3. Make sure the arms are never posed in contact with the side of the body.
4. Make sure the chin is never lowered to the point where it diminishes the catch lights in the eyes from the main light.
5. Make sure the spine never forms a vertical line and the shoulders never form a horizontal line in the frame.
6. Make sure to never have an expression on your face you don’t want to see on the client’s face.

Busy weekend

I’ve got three shoots this weekend. All of them will be shooting from the 10 Things theme.

One on Friday night with Amanda Chism.

Saturday morning I have a shoot with Aleksandra, who doesn’t have an online portfolio. For this shoot we’ll have Stacey as MUA.

In the afternoon I’m shooting with Randi, with Amanda as MUA. Randi has volunteered to shoot the promo image to my boudoir promo piece, which will be interesting.

And the Mrs has tickets to the opera Saturday night. We’ll probably have to rush to make it given the shoot timing.

So a full full weekend.