Reactuate Got Hacked

In case you didn’t notice Reactuate was hacked last night. I got a call from another admin at The Houston Image that there seemed to be a hacker message on the site. I was out at Wal-Mart buying t-shirts for models to wear at today’s shoot, and thought it was probably nothing. Got home checked the site and sure enough it said.

Owned By nEt^DeViL !! *nO wAR* *aB0 m0h4mM3d rlz!* Contact me [email protected]

Then I looked at some other sites served from the same host. Reactuate was down. My photography site Reactuate Photography was down. My wife’s blog. My son’s blog. My software company, R.A.D Productions. All down.

I ftped in to see if they had totally destroyed everything, maybe changed my passwords. At this point I figured they have my main password and complete access to my Dreamhost account.

Got in and found all the files for the sites were there.

Maybe they changed the .htaccess to point every domain to the same file, but no changes to that file.

I sent a support request to Dreamhost and started looking for where the message was coming from. To make a long story short, the hacker had changed every file with the name index.* to his little hacker html. It was a pain, but I was able to go through and restore most of the files.

If this has happen to you here’s a useful command I used. You ssh into your account and at the top of any directory you think is hacked enter this:

find . -exec grep “Owned By” ‘{}’ \; -print

This will list all the files that have that string in them. You don’t want to put nEt^DeViL in it because that ^ character will cause the search not to work.

After I got most of the sites back, Dreahost sends me a message telling me I had an old version of WordPress running with had a vulnerability in it that would let a hacker change any file on your webserver. I looked through the sites today and found that my cooking site was running 1.2, which is a very old version.

In the process of cleaning up the server I got rid of a few dead sites I had, and my cooking site was one of them.

Hopefully that will help others. And remember always keep a back up of everything. Plugins, Themes, Gallery software. Everything.

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Blogroll Cleaning

NetNewsWire is the RSS feed reader I use to read all the blogs I read. It is great and everyone should buy it.

I wrote a custom Ruby script to generate the html blogroll you see at the left of the page from NNW subscription list. So what you see is what I read.

One of the cool features is a window called Dinosaurs. This lists all the feeds that haven’t been updated in awhile. I went and removed quite a few of them from my blog list.

One of the dead feeds was the technocrati feed for links to Reactuate. Which was surprising. So I went to check it out and found a new blog Lost Thoughts which lists me in their blogroll. I’ve subscribe and look forward to reading it. Guy loves Firefly so he can’t be all bad.

Also added Violet Blue’s(NWS) blog, to see how the other half lives.

3 Wishes for Yourself

My wife asked me an interesting question a few weeks ago and it just screams blog entry and meme.

What three wishes would you make for yourself?

You can’t do things for others or the world in general, but only selfish you only wishes. Here’s mine.

  1. Weigh 200 lbs with 10% body fat.
  2. Be independently wealth.
  3. Be a world famous filmmaker.

What are yours?

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What I Got For Christmas

My wife gave me the two wireless microphones, so now I really have to shoot this movie.

I also got the special edition Sin City DVD. It has a whole disk of special features, including a 15 minute flick school, and the whole movie in green screen sped up.

I also got the two disk package of “Desperado / El Mariachi”. Two more flic schools and behind the scenes stuff. Can you tell I’m more interested in the behind the scenes, than the actual movie? I like the movies, but love the behind the scene’s stuff.

I also got a three Japanese blade set. They are full tang, but the handles are a little ugly. To me they look like steak knives, with square simple wooden handles. I’m going to look up how the Japanese wrap the handles. These weren’t a Christmas present, even though they were on the list. There is a place about 10 miles north of Kingwood on 59 that sells swords on the side of the road. We stopped there on our way out of town and the Mrs didn’t want me to have another birthday present. I didn’t want to wait to get them till my birthday, January 14th, so I just bought the set.

No Gun Podcasts?

We’re getting ready to be on the road for 10 hours and so I was loading up the iPod with podcasts. I’ve got about 10 hours now and hopefully they don’t suck. But I started looking for a gun or firearm podcast and couldn’t find one. What’s up with that.

Gun and firearm don’t return any results on iTunes. To make sure Steve Jobs isn’t just blocking them, I googled Gun Podcast and found none. Wow. There is an opportunity.

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Jared Lost a Sale

This post should have gone up on December 22, but since my wife reads my blog, I’m writing it then, but won’t post it till next week after Christmas.

No not Subway. Jared, the Galleria of Jewelry.

I’m getting the Mrs jewelry this year and went to the Mall last night – which I know is the worst place to buy jewelry. I looked around and decided on the pieces I wanted, but they were so busy that I couldn’t get any service. So I decided to take a little time from work this morning and go back to get what I wanted.

I’m driving up to Deerbrook mall and realize there is a jewelry story outside the Mall, Jared. So I pull in hoping to maybe get a slightly better price and not have to brave the mall. Get out of the car and walk up to the front door. There in big letters is the Texas no carry message on the front door.

So I turned around and left. Went somewhere else and spent hundreds of dollars.

I’m thinking about sending them a letter telling them they lost my business.

Film Update: Xmas time sucks…

Ran into my first major obstacle, other than getting the camera. That is making the cast’s schedules work together. So the shoot won’t happen until January sometime, probably not till the second half.

I’m out of town next weekend, then I’ve got a photo shoot New Years weekend and others in the cast are busy. Then I’m taking my CHL test on weekend of the 7th. Then I’m going to MacWorld and won’t be able to shoot on the weekend of the 14th – my Bday. So the soonest possibility is the weekend after that. And I know at least one of my cast members starts up school about that same time.

I’m sure something will work out.