Given all the web work I’m doing I thought I might go to a dedicated server. So I contact my host Dreamhost about it and they said they were full right now and wouldn’t be able to get me a server until after the new year when their datacenter has been expanded.

I had listened to the DiggNation podcast this morning and one of their sponsors is GoDaddy. I use GoDaddy for all my domains without problem and thought I’d look at their host. Wow is it cheap.

Now comes the object lesson. I went to Google’s Blog Search and searched for GoDaddy hosting. Comments not so good. A few people liked them, but many had serious problems with them. People had their domains locked. Hosting was considered slow and the config interface bad.

The power of blogs. I trust bloggers opinions better than any other source. GoDaddy got a bad rap from them, so it is out.

So I’m not willing to trust them right now. Especially for a year, which is what I was thinking I’d buy.

If anyone wants to make a suggestion I’m all ears. I love Dreamhost, but if I need it now, I may have to go somewhere else.

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2 thoughts on “Webhosting Research

  1. I did some hosting research a few months ago, before I had relly grasped blogging, and read through a couple of forums. Forums are also a great source of real world experiences and opinions. Several people recommended Micfo and a couple of others. I sent enquiries to 3. Micfo came back the quickest with answers, early in the morning US time – they have 24/7 support. When they offered a special deal (email me for deets) I took it.

    Then just the other day, I read about the GoDaddy cheap hosting prices on a blog. My sister had just asked me about hosting, so I punched “godaddy hosting” into and also got mixed results, so we are going with for her site too.

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