Be Cool

I watched “Be Cool” last night and have to say it is now one of my favorite movies. It is so freaking funny.

The Rock steals the show. I’m impressed that a guy who made his name as a pro wrestler and an action star would take a role as a gay, afroed, body guard and want to me actor. Even makes fun of his eyebrow move.

But like “Get Shorty”, this movie is all about making fun of celebrity.

I’m planning on rewatching it this evening with the Mrs. If I like it as much the second time, I’ll go on my top five list.

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Having Trouble Focusing

And I’m not talking about my camera. I’m just not getting anything done. Some work at work, but I still have 43 pictures to post from the SuperShoot and I have some from Shelli and my last shoot together. I need to work on two websites. But when I get home all I want to do is watch TV.

We’re going to the Texas Renaissance Festival this weekend and I’m not even psyched about that.

Hopefully this funk will life soon.

Wikipedia from the Experts

So the BBC asked a bunch of experts to comment on the accuracy of the Wikipedia entries of their fields.

They often complained of the writing style of the entries, while admitting to few inaccuracies. They also said the entries were incomplete, but allowed you don’t expect an encyclopedia to be exhaustive. And guess what the guy from the Encyclopedia Britanica didn’t like the entry on encyclopedias. That’s like asking Micheal Moore to review Tom Delay’s indictment.

Any proponent of Wikipedia will tell “If you don’t like it, change it.” Any of these experts could turn the entries into exhaustive treatises. The guy who pointed out errors in spelling really should have just fixed them. I’m sure they are fixed by now.

I like the Wikipedia. It’s easy to search and use, and it gives you a quick overview of a subject, just like an encyclopedia is suppose to. And the article does basically say it is accurate.

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PGM: Names

This entry is from my series: A Photographer’s Guide To Models.

I realize some models feel safer if they don’t give their real name out on the internet. That’s OK, but pick a name that isn’t stupid, or that sounds like a stripper/porn name.

Really the more normal the better.

Here are a few I’ve been collecting from new models in Texas on OMP that fall under the stupid category.

Jazey, Egypt, soda, Pink Pantha, Nookie, Brunette Barbii, WikkedMix, Modelingbabe4ever, EthnicEyecandy

Please give me a break.

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Super Shoot Las Vegas

Got back from Vegas this morning at 4 AM. My flight was canceled yesterday and I had to wait 5 hours for the next one that got me in at 4 AM Houston time. But that was the worst thing that happen on the trip.

Got lots of great images, which are in their own Super Shoots Las Vegas folder in my portfolio.

I’ll talk more about it tomorrow. I’ve got sleep to catch up on.

Christian Bites

Is It Time Yet?

3 hours 38 minutes till work is over and I go to the airport.

1.5 hours after that my plane takes off.

3+ hours later I arrive in Las Vegas!!!!

Whoo, hoo. Is it time yet?

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