Just got back a few minutes ago. It was as expected great. My wife didn’t know the series but seemed to get through it OK.

Quick thoughts. I’m actually a little dejected right now. My son said that is because it was so good everything else will suck.

Body count was way high. River is Buffy. Josh is the master of dialog. The ship looked less real in the movie than TV. Kaylee looked prettier too. Sound was off and it was hard to understand some people, probably the theater.

I’ll leave it there or I’ll start on the spoilers.

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Spam Walls are Rude

Amen Instapundit.

I got one of these once from a person who I was buying something from. Its a pain in the ass and you have to wonder how much it is worth to you. I mean as in instapundit’s case, it meant they didn’t get a response from him. In my case I still went through the whole process because I was making flight reservations and needed to do it right then. There was a significant amount of time wasted sending multiple emails.

Look I get spam, you get spam, we all get spam together. I get junk mail in my mail box at home too. Probably about 40% of it is junk. But I don’t refuse all mail, or even all 3rd class mail, to get away from it. I just throw it away.

It is rude because it says that my need to communicate with you is less important than your need to avoid spam. If you think that way, maybe I don’t want to talk to you so much.

UPDATE: After talking to my oh so bright office mate we found even more ways this sucks. What if two people with this system email each other.

A mails B. B’s super-duper-spaminator sends a confirm email to A. A’s super-duper-spaminator send’s a confirm email to B. If the filters are smart they just swallow email from address they are already waiting on. Otherwise they send another email in response to the confirm and you have a loop.

Either way, neither person gets a response from the person they want to communicate with.

How do these people sign up for mailing lists? They send a request to join the spamfighter’s email list. spamfighter sends a confirm email, which gets bounced by super-duper-spaminator, with out the person getting the chance to see it, therefore not getting added to the list.

This applies to all kinds of responses. My office mate said he gets bounce messages like this in response to people signing up for his shareware program via eSellerate. Now the person doesn’t get their serial number and has to email the author to get it. But the author is going to annoyed and maybe not even take the time to jump through the hoops of the super-duper-spaminator.

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Got My Serenity Tickets

Our theater is only how it 5 times today and the first one after I get off work is at 7:50. But we’re going. The boys have both watched the series, but the Mrs hasn’t. I can’t wait.

Did you know you can buy movie tickets on Amazon? I didn’t until I decided to put the link to FireFly in this post, and Serenity came up in etco’s Amazon helper.

If you haven’t been reading my blog for the past couple of months you might not know why I’m so excited about this movie. FireFly was a very short lived TV series created by Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. It was a space western and very cool and unique. But the TV executives cancelled it. He has now made a movie version called Serenity. It is suppose to be completely understandable to those who haven’t seen the show, and is getting great reviews.

The Trailer.

They provided opportunities for bloggers to go see the movie early and they too like it.

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Shelli’s Car

My friend and model Shelli evacuated from Houston like I did, but she went from the frying pan to the fire. Ended up in the part of East Texas that got hit and had lots of tree fall, including one on her car. If you’d like to see some pictures of the destruction go to her blog.

Totally unrelated but when ever I hear someone say “Holy Crap” I think “lions and tigers

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The Internet Would Cost $250 Million A Year

Interesting post over at the Dreamhost blog about getting more IPs for a host. This paragraph in particular caught my eye:

…the Internet would be in big trouble if say Microsoft decded to buy up all the remaining IPs in the world! IPs aren’t nearly as expensive as domains (you can get a “/14″ (262,144 IPs) for $18,000/year .. just 7 cents each!)… so in theory, Microsoft could buy ALL existing IPs for about $250M/year. For a $40B company, I think that might be worth it to basically OWN THE INTERNET!

This doesn’t include IPv6 which is an exponentially larger group of addresses.

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