This series was inspired by ProBlogger’s series 31 Days to Building A Better Blog day 15. People had submitted questions they wanted to see answered and one of those was “How do I start a blog?”

On day 15 there were a couple of people who tried to answer this and they didn’t give, at least to me, the nitty-gritty step by step method of doing it. So I decided to write a step by step guide on setting up a WordPress blog using Dreamhost, my web host.

Why WordPress and why Dreamhost?

I decided on Dreamhost for two reasons. First they are the best web host out there. I’ve had a number and Dreamhost is the greatest. And second, Dreamhost has one click install for WordPress blog software.

Which brings us to WordPress. I personally I like it a lot, the only thing that would make it better would be if it were written in Ruby. It is easy enough the non-technical person can use it, and powerful enough the geek will love it.

And yes, if you click on Dreamhost anywhere on my blog and sign up, I’ll get a kick back. This is one of the reasons I like them. But their customer service and low-cost high-value are still there.

Series Structure

I was just going to go through the steps to technically set up a blog, but ran into the same things a new blogger will. The questions we have to ask before we start to set up the blog. If we don’t answer those, we’ll have to fix it later and that will be a bigger pain.

The second section will be the actual set up and install of WordPress on Dreamhost.

After we have it set up, well talk about tweaking and sprucing it up. Including themes and plugins.

These pre-install lessons I call Mise en place. Go on to the first one “Mise en place: Picking a Name” and find out why.

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7 thoughts on “Starting A Blog Using WordPress and Dreamhost.

  1. Ron,

    Do you really get $97 for every referral you make? How do they make money. Their customer payback thing seems like a pyramid operation to me.

    Also, the security code deal is awfully hard to read. I tried commenting last night and just couldn’t get it right. Is it possible to add an option to change the code if a certain combination of letters and colors are just impossible to distinguish?

  2. You can get $97. I just take my cut to help offset the hosting bill, instead of a one time pay out. Of course that won’t help if you quit before I make $97.:)

    I’ll look at the comment image. It has 100% stopped comment spam for me, though.

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