Darren Rowse Podcast

I’ve been reading Darren Rowse’s blog ProBlogger and he mentioned he had done an interview on the G’Day World podcast.

It is a fascinating verbal walkabout – sorry couldn’t resist – talking about everything from the bible, to making money blogging, to church, to Paris Hilton. I kind of wish I’d live blogged it as I was listening, because there were a lot of times it made me think in a deeper way than I normally do. But I was working and they actually expect me to write code.

On discussing the Emergent Church. I’m currently attending a mainline denominational church, but long to be going to a more real church. One who asks questions like, what should the church be, do and look like. And then changes to be that way. But mostly they only see it through their traditional paradigms. I used to go to a church like that and I trained and planned for starting a church like that. But now I try not to think about it much.

I also enjoyed the interaction between the interviewer, Cameron Reilly, who said “I don’t consider myself and athiest, but a scientist”, and Darren’s authentic Christianity. And Mike gets to ask anything – as seekers are wont to do – and Darren has to deal with direct questions. It is interesting to me how people react when a Christian gives an honest, non-black and white answer. Reminds me of Larry King’s interview of Joel Olsten a few weeks ago.

On making money blogging. Darren already has some really good stuff on this on his blog. But one thing that struck me from the podcast was how many blogs he has. And how he’ll create transitory ones to capitalize on a moment.

Made me wonder if I could do a passing interest blog?

Did Guns Get Him Fired?

My wife pointed to a page describing Joe Huffman’s firing. It is a detailed look at how he used log files to determine who was reading his blog and what they were reading.

First it is fascinating to see how much you can learn from your logs. I knew you could because I did some of this kind of stuff when I wrote my book on Tango. I often wish I could write code to track users now, to see where they go and how.

After reading the whole thing I found one glaring problem. Joe says that he could determine what computer was used to access his site and could tell that someone was coming to his site from inside PNNL. He could tell when a specific person (Una Carriera) involved in his investigation came, presumably because he knew her computer address/name. Another person started looking at his site at the same time that he codenamed PUCK.

He assumes this person was one of the investigators. He may be right, but he might not. Might just be another employee with an interest in guns, or him. Matter of fact it might be another pro-gun employee who got caught up in the case.

Might be just who he says though. The fact they searched specifically for him via Google could be damming. Of course could just be another interested person.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Boomershoot sounds interesting as well.

Now That’s a Catchy Title!

I stole that title from Fifty Four Eleven’s interesting article of the same name. Its about picking interesting titles for blog entries.

I try to think about link names being about what you are going to rather than esoteric things like blog names, or the worst, the dreaded “this”. But I hadn’t given much thought to titles of entries.

Another interesting thing I learned from the article was you can see the click through rates of RSS items if you are using Feedburner for your feed, which I am. The click through that was the highest since I change to Feedburner was Ruby on Rails. I’m kind of wondering who is subscribed just from Ruby? Or is that a result of an aggregator somewhere getting all the Feedburner feeds with Ruby in them?

Shelli Picture As Promised

Shelli is the first model I’ve ever shot with twice. If she’s reading this she’ll probably be hoping I have new pictures to show, because I am woefully behind in getting her her pictures.

This shoot was also a little different because I shot her fiance Bear as well. He’s the first guy I’ve ever shot.

I’m happy with the images. The one at the right, was a result of Shelli wanting to look mean, so we got Walt out and we shot a few pictures with the gun. I like this one the best even if she doesn’t look mean. I love the expression. Seems to say, “I may have to shoot you, and that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.”

Why So Many Words

Blog’s becoming somewhat internet money making focused lately. Tell you what, I promise to post some new pictures of Shelli this evening. 🙂

But first I have a mini-rant. I’ve gone to a lot of pages about Internet Marketing and one of the things almost all of them have is a affiliate link to an ebook on some aspect of internet marketing. That’s fine because its relevant to the site.

The problem is when you click them.

They always lead to a page with thousands of words. Examples:

Making Money With Google AdSense. 4685 words. I read about 100.

Jay Abraham’s Affliate program. 7491 words. I read about 200.

Learn From Mike 4373 words. I do think his free course is a great introduction. I’ve been reading it for a few days now.

Both of these guys also have audio programs. So not only can you wade through 100 pages of sales pitch, you can listen to a rambling recording of the same pitch in different words.

I’m picking on these two because I ran into them the most recently. But this style of writing is common. Someone should turn it on its head and do something short, or hierarchically linked.

And pretty. Pretty would be nice.

Big hat tip to the JavaScript word count page. Made doing this real easy.

I Don’t Think I’m in Google Any More

I signed up for AdSense and put some add on the individual article pages to see how relevant the ads really were.

They were all PSAs.

No matter what you search for in the Google powers search box at the left, you get no results.

I’m thinking I’m not in Google anymore. I even have a Google SiteMap now.

I’m hoping they removed me before re-crawling me and I’ll be back soon.

AdSense Experiement

After reading ProBlogger’s post about making $14,000 in one month with AdSense I decided to sign up. I was going to sign up anyway for my photographer and model website, but went ahead and did it now.

I thought they have to approve every website you are putting ads on, but it turns out it is only you they have to approve. So I sent them Reactuate and they approved me. I’m not sure where I’d put ads here, or if it would piss off both of my readers, so I haven’t added the ads yet.

I did add a Goggle search field, hoping it might be better for searching Reactuate that WordPress, but so far it isn’t. We’ll see if it gets better.

Now about my experiment. I added ads to my dead cooking blog. I haven’t posted there since January. Mostly because I rarely cook these days and haven’t had anything to say. But there is some decent content there. And given it’s very focused, I thought it might have some chance of getting clicks. Plus the template has a place for ads. So let’s see what happens.

Endurance Radio

I’m not the worlds biggest Podcast guy, but I do subscribe to a few, mainly through Odeo, via iTunes. One I really like is Endurance Radio, which I discovered when training for the triathlon. Really interesting interviews, just finished one with a woman who trail ran the Grand Canyon. Twenty miles one way, go one way the first day and come back the second.