I frequent a web site for photographers called Garage Glamour. There’s a guy on there name James Digiorgio, who’s day job is producing/directing/shooting porn movies. He’s a very interesting guy and has interesting things happen to him all the time.

This post about a JCsGirls, a group of Christian women planning to use their beauty to convert guys is really priceless.

3 thoughts on “JCsGirls

  1. To be fair, just because someone is a stripper, or visits such establishments, that does not necessarily mean that the individual is not a Christian.

    That being said… wow… that is certainly a unique, and probably remarkably effective, idea. I wish them the best of luck.

  2. Hi its heather from jcsgirls.com . Please check out our web site to find out more about us. Our web site is still new and there will be more to come soon – thanks heather

  3. i just wanted to say that you women mest be very humble. it’s good to see people with meek hearts showing lost people the light.
    triple 7’s suga,

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