I frequent a web site for photographers called Garage Glamour. There’s a guy on there name James Digiorgio, who’s day job is producing/directing/shooting porn movies. He’s a very interesting guy and has interesting things happen to him all the time.

This post about a JCsGirls, a group of Christian women planning to use their beauty to convert guys is really priceless.

Shelli Shoot

Gothic American
I shot with Goth model and law student Shelli this Sunday. We shot at Bob Warren’s studio in the Houston Foundry and it was great. Shelli has beautiful skin and looked great.

When I shoot I like to get images that seem thematic. Sometimes I have an idea going in and sometimes not. One thing I wanted was to do “Gothic American”. The image at the right is that for me (click to see a bigger version). It isn’t even that dramatic. But it says something. I’m not sure what. I could kind of see it on a liberal or conservative site.

Also got some great pinup stuff I’ll post later. Shelli’s pictures will definitely go into my image rotation at the left when I replace it with my stuff.

One hour and forty six minutes…

…of continuous cardiovascular exercise. That’s what I just got back from.

When training for a triathlon a “brick” is when you do two events in a row. In my current training regime I do a bike/run brick every Saturday. Today was the first time I did the entire distance for bike (12 miles) and run (3 miles). The bike took 42 minutes and there was about 5 minutes of transition. Actually more like 3 minutes, I just walked the beginning of the run while drinking some Gatorade.

I was running very slow, and I’d come up on other walkers and runners and I’m sure I looked like I was about to fall over. I kept wanting to say, “I rode my bike for a hour first”. Ahhh pride.

iTunes Affliate program

After visiting way too many Make Money On the Web sites, I decided I should join Apple’s iTunes Affiliate program. Its actually run by LinkShare and you have to fill out a very long and somewhat confusing questionnaire to get signed up.

Then you have to wait to be approved.

But I’ve done it now and will once again start adding the songs I’m listening to to posts. I’ll need to up the theme’s css to include formating for the songs.

Written while listening to Satisfaction by Britney Spears from album Ooops! I Did It Again
Written while listening to Can’t Get This Stuff No More by Van Halen from album Van Halen Best Of Vol. 1

Book Finder

This one is for the Mrs.

Found this cool book searching site via a link on The Instant Guru blog. Its called Book Finder and it does multiple site searches for new and used books. Can find some real cheap prices.

An interesting aside is it doesn’t use affiliate links, that means they don’t get a cut if you buy. Seems like lost revenue. But the creators are Berkley grads and probably don’t care about that capitalist stuff.

Business Experiement

I’m reading the book Multiple Streams of Internet Income by Robert G. Allen. In it he talks about how to start a business and start making money in 72 hours. To do this he suggests you go to VStore.com and set up a store, then do some marketing to drive traffic there.

So I did it. At least I filled out the forms. I’m waiting for a email, but it is for a new address and may not be active yet.

OK it wasn’t active, which means the mail bounced. Now I have to wait till it becomes active and then resign up or contact them for help.