First Brick

In triathlon training whenever you do two events back to back it is called a brick. Today was my first. It was an hour of biking and 30 minutes of running. All of it was done in Zone I, so I wasn’t really ever tired.

Everyone told me the transition would be weird, and it was. Matter of fact when I took my first running step I had what felt like electrical shocks going through my arms and legs.

Friday Five Late

My friend Stephanie came up with her own Friday Five last week and I need to take a shot at it.

Your life is going to be made into a movie! What genre (horror, sci-fi, farce, comedy, drama, etc.) do you want it to be?

While I’d love for it to be sci-fi, it would probably be a romantic comedy.

Who would you want to write the screenplay? Who would you pick as the director?John Hughes would do both. He’s great at capturing the everyday man’s experience. Of course if I wanted it to get really interesting I’d pick Charlie Kaufman.

And the really important question – who do you want playing you? How about your spouse/significant other/best friend? Any other obvious casting choices for people in your life?

Bruce Willis. We have the same amount of hair and coolness. Julianne Moore for the Mrs. Beautiful redhead.

What song do you want playing during your first appearance onscreen?

How about Coming Back by The Crystal Method.

What’s the tag line, blurb, or whatever on the movie poster?

Better than he deserved.

Crazy shoot idea of the day

I was browsing models and decided I wanted to look at models interested in shooting swim suit. I’m going to be competing in Cancun shooting swim suit and thought it might be good to get some practice.

One of the models that came up was kind of goth. Pale skin, back hair, tattoos. And that’s when the idea hit me.

Cemetery swimsuit. Golden hour, bikini, tomb stones.

Hey I don’t know where this stuff comes from, but it would original. At least I’ve never seen anyone else do it.

UPDATE: So I put cemetery in to Yahoo yellow pages and got a list of cemetery related things and got a great variation on this. But I need a place that carves tombstones. How about a calendar for tombstone carvers. You’d have a monthly picture of a scantily clad female, carving a tombstone.

You could get a sponsorship deal from a tombstone manufacturer and I’d bet there is a big secondary market in the goth-o-sphere.

My Photographic Journey, Chapter 1

Now that I’ve been doing this for a few weeks, here’s some of the mental stages I’ve gone through.

1. “I suck.” Everything I took sucked. I have crappy equipment. If I had better gear I’d shoot better.

2. “I got some gear.” And I still mostly suck. Guess it wasn’t the gear.

Here I started shooting the Mrs. She starts to hate it because the images makes her look fat, or old, or bad, or whatever.

But I posted a few on Garage Glamour and all the other newbies told me it was great. Most of the people who post really great pictures, run workshops, etc. just ignored me. A few people point out some obvious flaws.

3. “I still suck, but I suck less than some people.” I’m starting to learn stuff. I get the exposure right consistently.

4. “You know some of the models on [censored] have really crappy portfolios. I’ll ask them if they want to shoot with me.” I ask 4 or 5 models and hear nothing back from them.

Then I caught a break. One model said she’d shoot with me, and an aspiring MUA wanted to shoot with me. She brings in two other models.

Now’s the time to build that florescent light box like the one from the workshop.

5. First TFP shoot. Mine was a baptism by fire. But you know what? I did it. I shot 200 images and not all of them were bad. One model loved the pictures. And I learned I could shoot on my own.

At this point I realize I need to really push it. So I decided I’m sending out 10 requests for TFP a week. Do that for two weeks and I get my second and third positive response. Some don’t pan out, but now I know I’ve got something they like.

I’ve now got two scheduled shoots in the next month, and I learn something every time. One thing I’ve learned is I need more confidence.


While surfing Lithium Picnic’s Live Journal I found a link to an interview with the photographer. It is one of those interviews that is made up totally of off the wall questions.

With delusions of grandeur, I thought I’d answer them myself.

Please describe your most recent brush with danger.

Lunch at Gunspoint while not carrying.

When was the last time you felt like you were very close to understanding something intangible?

Last weekend when I thought I knew what I wanted to know.

What is the closest thing you know of to dreaming awake?

Hypnotism, NLP.

When was the last time you felt a sense of mysterious urgency?

Every day around 5:30 PM.

Please enliven our day with an anecdote.

Last night I outed a potential model to her boyfriend by accident. She and my wife had to run off and attempt to hide the evidence so she could deny it.

If your eyes came down with amnesia, how would you jog their memory so as to be able to see again?

Listen to some metal music?

How close is what we fear to what attracts us?

Close. It’s why opposites attract.

Which would you rather have in your mailbox each morning:
1.A new and different photograph of heaven
2.A photograph of the most important thing that will happen to you the following day.

A picture of Heaven. It would put things in perspective.

Please recommend something memorable to speak aloud moments before your wedding to a rival pirate’s beloved is disrupted by his appearance aboard your ship.

“Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father: prepare to die.”

Please describe an impressionable moment from your teenage years.

There was a time I threatened to kill my brother for embarrassing me in public. I learned to think before I spoke.

Lithium Picnic

Warning follow about any of these links from work is a bit on the dangerous side.

I was surfing RetroKitten and ran across yet another link to Houston-based Lithium Picnic. Lithium or Mr. Picnic, is a fetish/fine art/fashion photographer. The Lithium Picnic portfolio site is interesting. And the live journal Lithium Picnic site is also full of great photography in the weird kind of way.

His stuff is the kind of thing I look at and think, “I’ll never be able to do that.” So good it is almost discouraging. :>