Ran 5K

Did my run today and did 3.1 miles (5K) in 36:38. That’s 11.77 minute miles. I’m hoping to finish the 5K race this weekend in under 35, but I’ll be happy just to finish.

Running Log

On Wednesday I ran a little over 2.75 miles in 32:50. Today I ran the same length in 35:03.

I was sluggish having not slept enough and eaten late the night before, but I’m not sure why I was that much slower.

I’m contemplating a heart rate monitor and maybe getting one with distance and pace built into it. But not till I start training for the triathlon.

Excalibur Faire

Last weekend I went to Excalibur Faire in Smithville. I wanted to shoot fantasy garb and have friends who work the show. One of them is Cat, who is the costume designer for the cast. She’s also the queen, and her husband is the king. And her daughter is actually their daughter in the cast, Gwenevere.

I’m happy with the shots I added to my portfolio. It took me a while to get them edited, but that helped me develop a workflow for processing a bunch of prints.

There were a couple of cast members I think would have worked great in the studio. Particularly the wood elves, and some of the belly dancers.

I’m shooting a couple of very beautiful models this Sunday. Hopefully we’ll do something that fits into that genre.

Monday Run

Time: 32:04

Distance: 2.75 (approx)

Well that would be 11.6 minute miles, which would be a lot better than last week. I’m not totally sure the distance is 100% correct. I hope to ride it tonight and see. I actually rode the loop last night, but had to change it a little this morning. I think I actually did a little longer than 2.75.

What did I learn on today’s run? Greenbelts (running trials) are easier than the track. They aren’t even, there are slight hills, and that causes the muscles you use to change subtly over the course of the run. That gives different muscles a break, which is good.

Have I mentioned what I’m doing after the 5K on April 3rd? Well I’m going to take a week off, then I’m going to start training for a Triathlon. Specifically the Jeff & Brede’s Intergalactic Triathlon in Katy July 17th.

While in Austin this weekend I ended up talking to two women who ran the Danskin Triathlon in Austin. When I asked how they trained they both asked if I wanted to know how they train now or how they did it wrong then. So you can totally screw it up and still finish.

Right now my plan is to keep running 3 miles 3 times a week, but to add a bike ride before each run. Of course the problem with this is it may cause the work out to get really long in the morning. But we’ll see. What I’m thinking now is I will start with a 3 mile ride and a 3 mile run. Then I’ll add a mile a week to the ride. That will get me to race distance with weeks to spare and I’ll be doing 2/3 of the triathlon in training.

I’m also going to spend at least 1 day a week swimming. It has been suggested I go to the Masters Swim program at the YMCA. I probably will because while I swim well enough not to drown, I don’t do it well.

Text Wrangler

So I’ve been incorporating the Getting Things Done methodology into my life. As part of that you have to keep a lot of text lists. So if you keep them on the computer, which I do quite a bit, you have to use a text editor. Originally I used TextEdit which comes with MacOS, but there were too many windows. So I mentioned it to my office mate and he said the freeware little brother of BBEdit, TextWrangler, had a drawer allowing you to have multiple documents open in one window. Which is just what I needed.

I use and old version of BBEdit, like version 5, to do web stuff because it has decent html tools, and does this open from FTP server thing. Well TextWranger has the open from ftp as well. Matter of fact it seems to have everything I use BBEdit for except the html tools.

So if you need a Mac text editor, check out TextWrangler. Now to go remove the, “Blog about TextWrangler” item in my to do list.

Painful Run

Well mostly it was painful afterwards. So I ran 2.5 again last night. It was raining yesterday morning, so I skipped running. Normally skipping a day wouldn’t matter because I could go Thrusday/Saturday. But I’m going to be shooting at the Excaliber Faire this weekend and won’t be able to run. So I needed to run on Friday, which means if I didn’t run Wednesday I wasn’t going to be running.

So when it cleared up Wednesday afternoon I knew I’d run that night. I got home, rode to the track and started running.

It was harder from the beginning. I think mornings are better. I tried running the track in a different direction because one of the running books I read said you need to switch back and forth in direction. I did find after awhile the inside leg started to hurt. So I ended up changing directions three times.

But by the time I’d gone 2 miles my calves were killing me. But I kept on. And now I’m sore.

Did beat my Monday time. By nine seconds. 31:12.

I’ll be running again in the morning.

Running Log

Ran 2.5 miles this morning in 31:21.

I need to pick up my pace a little more. I’m in the home stretch to 5K. I think my Monday run is just about finishing the new distance. Wednesday and Friday are about increasing pace.

You Can Order Anything on Amazon

I’m reading 43 Folder’s article on getting started with Getting Things Done, which I’m also reading, and he links to a “big ass trash can“. The link goes to Amazon.com. A little amazing and I’m thinking you can buy anything on Amazon if you can get a trash can. What’s the shipping on a 50 gallon trash can? (Turns out its $14.99, which to me isn’t that bad for something that big).

But of course your mind immediately mismatches and asks “Anything? I bet you can’t but a X.” In my case – for what ever Freudian reasons – I thought a a vibrator. So I do a search on amazon for a vibrator. Well you can, sort of. You’ll have to do the search yourself, amazon doesn’t let me create a link for a search.

Search Now:

If you’ll notice there are some interesting related items on that search. Most interesting to me was the Wet Platinum Classic Personal Lubricant 10 ml Gel Pillow. Not because I need lube mind you – don’t like gelcerin based lubes anyway. But because of the price. Oh, and make sure if you are going to buy you follow the above link. I sure need my referral percentage of that 1 cent. Shipping is $5.45.

Holy crap. If you order 100 – ie $1 worth – the shipping goes up to 198.50!

So shipping is less for an 80 gallon trash can than 100 10 ml packets of sugar gel.