Fluffy the Eyeless Dog

Once upon a time there was an intrepid photographer who had a belief that if he just bought the next new piece of gear, his pictures would be a good as the guys on Garage Glamour. After a few piece of gear didn’t accomplish this he learned better.

But that’s not really the point of this story. Fluffy the eyeless dog is.

So our intrepid photographer reclaimed much of the room over his garage to be a studio (complete with two trips to Home Depot) and ordered an Alien Bee 800 with a large soft box. When he received this wonderful new light he set it up and looked for something to shoot. Unfortunately, the photographer’s lady was off teaching dumb ass college freshmen how to write a critical research paper on Frankenstein.

So he ended up recruiting his friend Fluffy the Eyeless dog. Below is his first picture with his new light.

(As an aside the photographer owns a wonderful beagle puppy named Serenity who loves stuffed animals. And the first thing she does is chew the eye off. Thus fluffy’s fate.)

Here’s a picture of the studio.

He did later make his son sit and get his picture taken, but we’ll leave that for later. And his lady will be a subject this weekend. Especially after another trip to Home Depot for bathroom flooring…


Did I mention that I ordered a studio light and a light meter. If UPS will get off their collective butts I will have it today.

Last night I freaked a little wondering if I had remember to order a light stand. I have.

Today I realized I need a hot shoe adapter. See studio lights normally connect to you camera via a cable with a little plug on the end. When you press the shutter it triggers the light. But my D70 doesn’t have a port for this cable. So I have to put a little thing on the hot shoe on top of the camera.

I want this hot shoe adapter. It is suppose to protect you camera from power coming back through the line to the camera and frying it.

Light Meter

In my on going obsession with photography I want some new gear. Specifically I want studio lighting. But alas the Mrs doesn’t feel we have the money. And she’s probably right.

If I got the lights I’d then need a light meter. My buddy Bob Warren suggested the Sekonic L308B II FlashMate as an inexpensive one. I may buy it to help with my current shooting even before I get the studio lights.

People Who Died

I’m feeling very strange today. It all started when I decided the name “Phil” was the funniest word in the English language. Then I had to hear the Jim Carroll class song People Who Died.

Oh and stay far far away from the Dumb Ass Truckers Drive By Truckers version. These guys suck in so many ways.

Don’t ask me…

And I thought I was obsessed

I’m currently re-listening to some Tony Robbins stuff and one of the things he says is that if you take massive action you will see massive change. If you do something a little better everyday, you get more than 365 time better over a year.

Anyway this guy took this to heart and decided to take a picture every day for a year of his beautiful wife Wanda.

He comments on what’s he’s learned in a year of photographing a single subject on Garage Glamour.

Photography Obsession

I haven’t posted in a long time because I’ve become totally obsessed with photography. Its pretty much all I think about lately. OK, I still go to work and deal well with my family and church, but I’m thinking a lot about what kind of pictures I can take.

What started it was a friend asking me if I would shoot some glamour pictures of her and her friends to give to their husbands for Valentines. This idea turned into a calendar, where we would have two pictures of each women. A portfolio bonanza for me.

But alas glamour doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone and to these women my ideas were too risqué. So the multiple shoots fell through. But my friend was still game and I shot some of her. The picture to the right is my favorite. Click on it to see a bigger version.

This also caused me to fix my portfolio to use Gallery, so you can check it in its updated glory at photo.reactuate.com.

I also contacted a local photographer I’d seen on Garage Glamour named Bob Warren and we met for lunch. It was fun to see his studio and talk to him. We’re probably going to shoot together in the future.

And I got a portfolio on One Model Place. I mostly did this so I’d be able to search for models by zip code to look for someone to do TFP with. I went through the 600 results for a 25 mile radius of 77339 and found 34 I was interested in.

Hopefully this means there will be more pictures in the near future. I scouted a location last night I think will be cool and I contacted a local model who wanted to shoot with me earlier. I’ll let you know how that ends up.


Update on my fitness goals and program. I’m now on week two of the 5K prep program. I’ve run twice this week, so I’ve only got one to go.

I did all my running, push-ups and sit-ups for last week’s goal and am now the proud owner of an iPod shuffle. I’m not continuing the push-up/sit-up regime. Instead I’m focusing on running and resting. A runner friend from church has given me a couple of 5Ks to run and will run with me to keep me motivated.


I’m also conditioned to getting up at 7 AM. This morning I did it even though I hadn’t set the alarm. And I went to be a little later than I should have.

I was reading an article on sleep problems in Prevention magazine and one thing they talked about was having a sleep debt. It turns out you need a specific amount of sleep each night. This value varies from person to person. If you don’t get you amount, you have to make it up. If you are an hour under your need every night during the week days, you have a 5 hour debt on the weekend.

The good news is you can make it up. I think I had a sleep debt of a number of hours. When I decided to get up at 7 AM I also decided I had to go to sleep earlier. So I started going to bed at 10 PM. That gave me 9 hours a night. Which is more than I need, but I had a debt so it still seemed hard to get up. But after about a week of this I made up my debt and now it is easier to get up.