Eating For Life: Green Chilie Enchiladas

Decided to cook out of the Eating For Life cookbook tonight. Main course was Green Chili Enchiladas. They turned out pretty good. Very messy to make.

Challenges included the messy part, dipping the tortillas in the green chili sauce before filling them. That was slimy, but also the corn tortillas I got broke at the slightest bending. And I think they may have been smaller than Bill was expecting. But they did make 9 to the recommended 8.

Taste was good. You boil the chicken – which is very bland at that point. Then you shred it. Then you saute 4 green onions, a seeded, minced jalapeno, and 2 table spoons of cilantro for two minutes. Then you add the chicken and some of the green chili sauce and let it cook for about 5 minutes.

Then you messily fill and roll the tortillas and put them in a bake pan. Pour the rest of the chili sauce on them and 1/2 a cup of low fat cheese. Then bake for 15 minutes.

The tortillas come out crisp. The filling is very flavorful. Actually a bit spicy, even though they had me seed the pepper. I did pick a fairly large one.

Eating For Life
Bill Phillips; Buy New: $22.05

First Fire and Burned Pan

Tip: Don’t leave a dry pan heating while you mes in place.

Last night I was making Chicken With Garlic and Shallots, which starts by sauteing the chicken in 2 table spoons of water. I wanted to add the chicken and oil to a hot pan so I put the pan on the stove, on high. Then I decided to peal the shallots. I dropped the small amount of oil in before putting in the chicken and it burst into flame.

Grabbed it and took it outside to let it burn out. Which it did, but permanently marked my stainless steel pan. It’s now black and nothing gets it off. I liked that pan. I wonder if I can still use it even though it is ugly.

Google Conspiracy

I was going back through my fitness entrees and found a really interesting link to a page about a guy who ate nothing but MacDonalds for 90 days and lost weight. I thought it would be interesting to see who was linking to the site. You can ask google this pretty easily via a link query.

Guess what. No one is linking to him. Not even me.

How can this be? Is Google filtering it out. There is a danger when you have one company becoming the arbiter of information like Google is. But I have trouble believing this is what they would filter out.

Comments Disabled

Comment spam has gotten really bad and I haven’t found an easy/good way to handling it in Nucleus. So until I do, comments are off.

So you can use the email on my about me page.

Fitness Test Results

The boys and I rode our bikes – with much fit throwing by my youngest – to the middle school and took the Presidential Fitness Challenge as promised.

Here’s the results for all of us:

Event Ron (40) Elijah (13) Micah (12)
Curl Ups (sit ups) 23 12 9
Shuttle Run 11 sec (approx) 14.1 sec 15.34 sec
Push ups 18 8 (knee) 10 (knee)
One Mile Run 15 min 49 secs 17 min 21 secs 20 min 5 secs

One of the boys was timing my shuttle run and messed up stopping so that is approximate.

Micah says he could have done full push-ups and well have him do them again at a later date. They are done 1 every 3 seconds which is a little weird.

I was pretty exhausted by the time we got to the run/walk. Shouldn’t have ridden out bikes the half mile or so to the test. And I was still recovering from being ill. Still I know I’m out of shape.

Book 2005: Paladins

My second book of 2005 – Paladins by Joel Rosenberg – was finished while I was sick. It has an interesting premise with King Authur being a tyrant and having been overthrown by Morgred.

While that premise is interesting, it basically has nothing to do with the story. As a matter of fact I felt confused through most of the book by it. I kept expecting it to matter, but it never did. If I’d just gone in thinking, the Paladins are British knights, I would have been better off.

The main plot revolves around a group of Paladins, knights sworn into religious service to the King. Some Paladins are given with the soul of a person fused into them. If the person was a good person and a willing participant the sword is White. If they were evil or an unwilling participant, the sword is Red. Both are carried by the good knights, because they can be controlled by those that wield them, and they have incredible power. But using them is draining and not easy, so the Paladins carry a mundane sword as well.

The plot is driven by the appearance of a new Red sword and the quest to find the other new swords and those who is creating them.

First and foremost the book is a mellui story, taking you on a tour of the northern Mediterranean. You see the interaction between British empire and the Dar/Islamic one. There are pirates and a great deal of discussion of sailing ships. Really too much detail. A sailor might be able to follow all of it, but I just glazed across most of it. I did find the medieval marine’s life interesting.

There are a number of interesting characters in the book. All the major and most of the minor ones are richly drawn and have unique personalities and quirks.

Cully the reluctant former Paladin, shows a real understanding of people and what you would hope Paladins are really like.

Niko, the fisherboy made into a Paladin, gives you the outsider’s view.

Grey, the tortured soul. He carries the Red sword with the soul of the Khan in it, and is sure he’s destined for hell.

Bear, a Paladin who carries the White nameless, and is one of the few truly and actively good characters I’ve seen written in a while.

Admiral DuPrey, a land bound seaman, was a delightful curmudgeon.

All in all a interesting book, and I’ll probably read the coming sequel.

Book 2005: House Atreides

Finished my first book of 2005 while at MacWorld last week. It was House Atreides by Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderson.

This is the first prequel to the Dune books written by Frank Herbert’s son. It was a little slow starting, but once it got going it was pretty good. The scope was large like the original Dune. The story centers around Duke Leto Atreides, but includes the origins of other characters like Duncan Idaho and the Emperor. There is actually a lot of background as you would expect. Little things in the Dune books, like why is Duke Harkonnen so fat, have fascinating backgrounds.

As the book went on I thought it would end at the beginning of Dune, but I was wrong. It is the first of a trilogy that are leading to Dune. I’m not sure I want to read the next one because it is focused on Harkonnen and I hear very harsh.

MacWorld and Sick

I was at MacWorld San Francisco last week and picked up a virus of some sort while there and have been in bed since then. I’ll post as soon as I feel better.