Been moving

My work has been moving from one office to another and I’ve been too busy to blog. I do actually blog during work, but the move has also been more physical and I’ve been too tired do anything in the evening.

I’ve actually gotten to the point where I don’t like to even open my computer when I get home at night. I need to get some focus, some meaning or reason to the things I do. When I do that I will find it fun to do stuff at night.

I’m also watching too much TV. Going through the last season of Alias on DVD. I’ve only got 2 more disks. Other than that I watch Good Eats.

Watch for me to post some life changes/goals in the near future.

A quick teaser is I’ve discovered I get pleasure out of being good. Not good quality, but Good morally. When I go beyond myself and do something that I know is good. Whether that is patiently helping my kid with his math or leading the small group bible study from church on Sunday nights. When I’m Good I feel good about it.

Good by the way isn’t about what I don’t do. Abstaining from Evil doesn’t mean you are doing Good. You are probably being good, but not doing Good.

Written while listening to Gra De by Maire Brennan from album Perfect Time
Written while listening to Gra De by Maire Brennan from album Perfect Time
Written while listening to Heal This Land by Maire Brennan from album Perfect Time
Written while listening to Na Paisti by Maire Brennan from album Perfect Time

Life is…

Seems like every October-ish I get the desire to look over my life and see what is going on. Right now I’m reading – sporadically – The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I’m also listening to Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey.

Two things are bouncing around my head. One if from Covey, talking about how when you change your paradigm, you make dramatic, quick and easy changes in your life. We focus too much on changing our behavior, and sometimes that is easy and sometimes it is hard. But if you change your paradigm then how you look at everything is different and how you react to life flows naturally.

This is interesting because today’s thought in PDL was to look at what you think life is. Basically to ask yourself how would you finish the sentence “Life is…”

PDL has an interesting answer to this question, which requires a major change in paradigm for me. But at least the change is based on something I believe in.

But my blog related question is: How would you finish the sentence “Life is…?

Written while listening to Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw from album Live Like You Were Dying-(Prom
Written while listening to Stupid by Sarah McLachlan from album Afterglow
Written while listening to Six Sirens by Project 86 from album

Trying New Weblog Editor

I use Kung-Log to edit Reactuate. I use NetNewsWire Lite to read news. I never got the full NNW version because I didn’t want the editor. I tried it for awhile, but didn’t like it.

So now I’m trying out the new beta of MarsEdit, which is a rewritten editor from the NNW people. So far it pretty much does everything Kung-Log did, though sometimes in a different way.

I can’t figure out how to add a keyboard shortcut to the custom tags, but it is probably there. And I need to mess with the iTunes insertion script to get it to format the way I want.

Written while listening to “Let’s Do It Again” by TLCfrom album CrazySexyCool

No means of contact

As you can tell from my blog roll, I read blog called Confessions of A Jesus Freak on a regular basis. Today he asked that question many bloggers wonder about, “Does anyone but my wife read this blog?”.

The problem is I get an error when I try to leave a comment, which will make it hard to get the answer to the question.

I spent a little time trying to find an email address to send him a message and the one I found didn’t work anymore.

Now we’ll find out if he reads this blog…


I was cruising some portfolio sites, in this case One Talent Source, and decided to look at local photographers to see what the competition was like. It amazes me how people can be so deluded.

Models are deluded when they say they are very experienced models and have crappy snap shot portfolios, or worse nothing in their portfolios. I mean what are they thinking?

Photographers are just as bad. They claim to be very experienced and have snap shots of one model in their portfolio. No special lighting and only one model. Its amazing.

Written while listening to “Wicked Garden”
album Core
by Stone Temple Pilots

Cookies, Stock and Pizza

Lots of cooking this weekend. Bright and early Saturday morning I got up to start cooking Chicken stock. I knew it would take a while (6-8 hours) so I wanted to start early. The only problem I had was keeping the temperature right. It would either start boiling or stop bubbling at all. My directions came Good Eats episode True Brew: IV.

Once I got that going, I was ready for my other experiment. Friday night I bought a stand mixer and was itching to use it. I decided I was going to try all three recipes from the Good Eats Cookie episode Three Chips for Sister Marsha.

The Thin came out OK, though I found it a little sugary. That may have been because I didn’t do the mixing right since it was the first time I’d used the mixer.

The Puffy were the ones everyone liked the least. I followed the instructions that if they look done they are over done and probably took them out too soon, since they didn’t really get done in the middle.

The Chewy were the favorites. Very molassesy and chocolately.

The cookies were also very big. A good 4-5 inches across. One was plenty for a person.

On Sunday I decided to make pizza dough to use the mixer. Using the recipe from a Wolfgang Puck book I got at Half Price Books – its also on his website – it was pretty painless and tasted great. While Puck is famous for making interesting pizzas, we went traditional with tomato sauce and 4 cheese toping. Did make a little chili oil and tried it. The sesame version didn’t taste right. The olive oil version was alright, though if it was under the sauce you hardly tasted it.

The recipe says to cook the pizza for 10-12 minutes. My oven doesn’t have a window in it so I can’t see the pizza, and I worry about giving up heat every time I open the door. So I didn’t check the first pizza till 10 minutes. It was very over done, but it actually still tasted good and surprisingly the boys ate it. The next one I checked at 4 minutes and it was done. Cooked the third one for 4 minutes too.

What don’t you blog about?

Here’s an interesting question to all you bloggers. Feel free to comment or trackback.

What’s off limits in your blogging? What subjects won’t you blog about? Why?

This occured because there is a 4 post series in the drafts section of my blog editor that I haven’t posted for at least a year. It is on the edge of what I will post about, so I wrote them, but I’m a chicken to post them.

I also mostly don’t post about politics. I do some but not constantly. Sometimes I think that’s the easiest way to get your blog read. Political blogs seem to be big, plentiful and highly trafficked. Sometimes I want that for Reactuate, but I’m not really into arguing politics or getting hate mail so I don’t do it.

Also I don’t blog about work. For obvious reasons.

To some extent I don’t blog about anything I wouldn’t want the people from church or my folks to read. I’m not an anonymous blogger. My full name and hometown are in my about me.

What about you?

And feel free to post a link to this entry in your blog to get other blogger’s involved. Thanks.