20 pounds today

Crossed the 20 lbs mark today on my diet. I weighted 185.2 today. I went looking for the first post with my starting weight to find out exactly what I weighed. I started on Sunday July 17th at 205.3. It has been 6 weeks and 2 days since then. That means I’m losing an average of 3.3 lbs a week. Not bad. Of course it hasn’t been steady. I’ll plateau for a couple of days and then lose a lot.

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album Up!
by Shania Twain

Tied Low Weight Today

This morning I tied my lowest weight ever 186.6. My previous weight summary post was obviously wrong. It said my lowest was 187.6 and then listed a low on BFL of 186.6. I think the 187.6 was during my daily weight records and didn’t include all my BFLs.

Anyway, this morning I tied the record. I weight a low as I have in at least 2 years and probably longer. Wow. I’m with in 7 lbs of my goal weight. And I wore my skinny shirt. One I bought when doing BFL. It is kind of lose which it wasn’t on BFL because I had actual muscle. I really need to get back to lifting, but I’m a little paranoid about gaining weight. Jeez I sound like a woman. I know body fat is what matter, not total weight.

Oh and this was the week after I ate badly over the weekend.

Model of the Week: Trixie Monroe

I warned that the winner of this week’s MOW was going to be one of the models from the workshop. And I hinted it would probably be the redhead. Well all that has come true.

Trixie Monroe is a really pretty redhead going to school in Austin Texas. She came down for the workshop in San Antonio and I took more pictures of her than any other model.

5′ 3″, 105 lbs
BMI: 18.6
Measurements: 35-25-34
Age: 19

Trixie has a portfolio on OMP and one on the deviantArt site. She is also in my portfolio.

I should spend more time writing about Trixie, but I’m a little burned out this week. That’s why MOW is a day late. I normally work real hard to get it up on Tuesday.


Wow. My cholesterol is down. I try to give blood at least once a quarter and I gave last Friday. I kind of always wait for them to have deal, especially one that involves a free t-shirt. Last week it was an Astros t-shirt. Whenever you give blood they check your total cholesterol and put it on their donor website.

Last time I gave it was 310, continuing an upward trend over the past year. This time it was 248, which obviously is much better. According to the American Heart Association it needs to be under 200, but you are borderline at under 240. Obviously I’ve still got a way to go, but its getting better. Of course this decrease has to be because of a lost 17 lbs and a significant change in diet for the last 8 weeks. If I get down to my target 279, hopefully my cholesterol will be in the healthy range.

I know I need to get my HDL/LDL levels checked, but I haven’t wanted to go to the doctor and get it done. Still probably should.

Red Trixie and Soft Eyes

My favorite images I shot from the workshop is this series of Trixie Monroe on a red background. The only problem is I my focus isn’t sharp on the eyes. I love the colors, the expressions, the richness of the pictures, but they aren’t technically good so they don’t go in my official portfolio.

(2.4 MB) (3008×2000)

Click on the image to see the full size image. It becomes much more obvious when it is that big.


I wanted to get my favorite images from the workshop up, so I used iPhoto to export a web page and uploaded it to a new sub domain. You can go to Ron’s Portfolio and see the 8 images I thought were the best from the workshop. Click to see larger versions.

This is my official online portfolio and I’ll fix the layout and try and make it easier to update when I get a little time. Probably not today.