Company Taxes

I’m doing research into incorporating R.A.D. Productions and found this site with details on costs and taxes for corporations. California is definitely off my list.

I’m really trying to decide between Texas and Nevada.

There are no income taxes in Nevada, but you have to pay and annual fee of $80. Texas has a franchise tax, but if you made no real income you might be able to avoid taxes all together. I doubt my company will make a profit for a few years, so Nevada might end up being more expensive.

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Interesting site

I’m looking for a graphic designer for R.A.D. Productions my software company so I spend a lot of time looking at designer’s websites and portfolios. Today I discovered a site called Web Design for Web Designers and was going through their directory of designers. I found Two Brothers Web Design and the first thing in their portfolio if for someone who is an artist in “specializing in the female form”. Given that I’m a fan of the female form I decided to check it out. an interesting site. The art is good, though not safe for work. One thing I didn’t like about it was alot of the women appear to have fake breast. OK since they aren’t real neither are their breasts, but they have that too hard, out of proportion look fake breasts often have.

Don’t miss the movie trailer either.

I’m a Rock Star

OK, not really a rock star, but a Mac star. When I was at MacWorld San Francisco early this month I took part in a radio interview for Mac Night Owl. In case you didn’t know my day job is programming for Alsoft Inc on their font manager product MasterJuggler. So I got to answer all the questions about font management in interview. The interview starts at 11:34 in the broadcast.

So if you ever wondered what I sound like, this is your chance to hear.

Macs and the FBI

Interesting article via MacSlash on the FBI, Macs and security.

Dave also had a great quotation for us: “If you’re a bad guy and you want to frustrate law enforcement, use a Mac.” Basically, police and government agencies know what to do with seized Windows machines. They can recover whatever information they want, with tools that they’ve used countless times. The same holds true, but to a lesser degree, for Unix-based machines. But Macs evidently stymie most law enforcement personnel. They just don’t know how to recover data on them. So what do they do? By and large, law enforcement personnel in American end up sending impounded Macs needing data recovery to the acknowledged North American Mac experts: the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Evidently the Mounties have built up a knowledge and technique for Mac forensics that is second to none.

Another interesting thing was the author’s attitude toward FBI. He’d never met one and was surprised how personable the agent was. I grew up the son of a federal law enforcement. Feds are suppose to be personable. They are the most professional. They generally have more education, training and experience than local law enforcement. The FBI is suppose to be the best in these areas. Did you know that you can’t apply to be and FBI agent until have had some other job? You can’t be agent unless you were something else first. There are exceptions for lawyers and I think doctors.

Anyway an interesting article.

Internet Politics

I agree with John Perry Barlow. Don’t do that very often but this comment is totally spot on:

One of problems with the groups that form on the Internet (…) is that they often end up being self-reifying fields of ideological homogeneity. We create our own ideological ghettos which seem much larger to us than they are.

One of the great myths of the blogosphere is that they represent a huge number of people. It just isn’t even close to true.

According the Nielsen, 79% of the US population has Internet access. I wonder what constitutes “internet access”? And what the usage is? Does that mean they get on everyday?

Here’s a couple of questions for you. When you send an email to a friend who doesn’t work in a tech related field, how long to do you expect it to take to get a response? It will be at least 24 hours and probably longer. Most people check their email once a day, not every 5 minutes like I do.

What percentage of people do you know that have email? I’d say 80% of the people I know have a personal computer and an email account. But even they don’t check it often. My mom has an email address, but I have to call her on the phone when I want to send her something and tell her to check it.

Of the people on the Internet, do you think that most people read more than one site for news? Do they go there everyday? If they only go to one or two news sites which ones do you think they go to? My bet is it is either one from a major TV network, or a major newspaper.

I should point out that of my real world friends, none of them read blogs. My bet is that shortwave radio has more audience than the entire blogosphere.

But I find these beliefs aren’t limited to just the blogosphere, everyone seems to think most people act and think like they do and any aberrations to are the crazy few.

I remember my friends, mostly conservative Republicians, being shocked at how close the race for president was in 2000. I remember thinking maybe that’s just how closely divided the nation was. If you listen to Rush Limbaugh everyday you start to think all but a few agree with him. But even Rush knows it isn’t that true. I remember him responding to a suggestion that he run for office by saying he’d just be joining the ranks of popular celebrities with failed political lives because they thought they were bigger than they really were.

Remember a TV show is a stunning success if it get 20% of the people watching TV when it is on. That doesn’t take into account the people who aren’t watching TV. For instance the Golden Globes was the top rated show last week with 16.95% of those watching TV watching it. But there was only a 25% share at the time. A share is the percentage of the population watching TV. That means 4.2% of people watched the most watched TV program last week.

When I hear comments like “The vast majority of Americans want Bush removed from office” I immediately think, this guy lives in California and needs to get out more. Not because I believe Bush is going to win by a land slide but because it sounds like they think there is no support of Bush because they don’t know anyone who even likes Bush. I know people who love and venerate him.

I also find it interesting that both sides are now playing the victim to the media. The Democrats are sounding just like the Republicans did a few years ago. The “media” is now totally biased against them. The right controls it.

This is funny to Republicans because they still see left wing bias over the majority of TV news. Republicans perceived they have one news channel on their side (Fox News) and it seems sour grapes for Dems to whine about it.

Barlow’s complaint about the way Dean was killed by the media sounds like Republican’s complaints about the treatment of Dan Quale in 1996, or the constant contention George W. was stupid during 2000. If Dean can’t take the heat he needs to get out of the kitchen, along with his cry baby followers. The reason the media came down hard on him was because he was the front runner. The reason his screeching was heard round the world was because it was funny.

I’ve had a few discussions with Republicans about the screech and they say everyone is making more a big deal out of it than it was. We don’t want our leaders to have no room to express emotions. An out burst of emotion isn’t shocking, its just funny. What Dean and his followers believe is shocking.

Even Dean now understands the belief the people of the Internet will make him president is wrong. He fired his visionary Internet campaign manager and replaced with a traditional campaign manger.

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Surreal Houston

I decided to do a search on Yahoo Groups for Houston just to see what was out there. Its kind of amazing. Here are some of the more interesting groups. Sometimes its isn’t the group it self that is so interesting as it is the number of people in it.

One of the biggest groups in the first 100 was Houston Affairs which has over 2100 members. I wonder how many are Private Investigators and spouses watching to see if their spouse signs up. I thought about joining to see what the traffic was like, but decided I wouldn’t want myself connected with the group.

The Houston Freaks group is also pretty big and has a lively discussion. It is for people who want to be in porn.

Want to be meet guys that will treat you like a bimbo? houston_bimbosandwannabees is for you. I wonder how a bimbo wants to be treated?

Maybe these people – Become_a_star_houston – should be on Houston Freaks.

OK houston-swingers is the new leader in membership.

How about trek_houston for gay trekkies.

Houston Gamers are for people who like to play board games.

OK I’ve had enough.