Shelia at Redhead Ramblings had a post about a cyber stalker and it made me wonder. So I did a little searching and found the home addresses and phone number of a number of people in my blog roll. Guess I could call them up and freak them out.

I’m reluctant to even post which ones it was but if you wonder if it was you you can email me and I’ll let you know.

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album Affirmation
by Savage Garden

3 thoughts on “Home Addresses

  1. Hey man.

    Did you find me? Just curious.

    My stalker has appeared to cease and desist – but the entire thing has freaked me out. Just a bit.

  2. Google has made it pretty trivial to find most people. And if it doesn’t have you, you can rest assured that there’s some data mining company out there who will be happy to sell your information (not just address and phone number but Social Security number, credit history, you name it) to anyone with a valid credit card.

    True privacy is a joke these days. Especially if you live in Oregon:

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