Jerry Pournelle, whom I think of as a Science Fiction writer, just bought a Mac and had one of the worst insults I’ve ever heard for an Apple Store employee. It incited pained groans from my coworkers when I read it to them.

“The sales girl knew less about Apples than the average Fry’s employee”


Sluggy Freelance

A while back I was introduced to Sluggy Freelance, an online comic, through the books of John Ringo. Its is a geeky funny comic with lots of interesting storylines and is available online for free. One that has special interest to me right now is the Vampire story line, which includes Muffin the Vampire Baker.

Assault weapon ban

I was looking for the expiration date on the assault weapon – or as I like the call it the scary looking weapon – ban and found a really cool site, AW Ban Sunset.

It has a great overview of the definition of an assault weapon.

The thing I most dislike about the ban doesn’t really have to do with assault weapons at all, but magazines. I want a clip that holds more than 10 shots for my Walther, Walt. (Yeah I named my gun this weekend.)

By the way the law expires in September of 2004.

Written while listening to “Hammering In My Head”
album Version 2.0
by Garbage

Bought Ammo

An official day late and not 100 rounds, but I went to Carter Country, a local gun store and range, at lunch and bought 20 rounds of Corbon +P 115 grain JHP and loaded 11 of them into my Walther.

I may go to a gun show this weekend and buy some cheap ammo for the range. And I might go to a range this weekend. I’ve never actually shot at Carter Country and it is an outdoor range and if the weather is as nice this weekend as it is today it would be nice to shoot outside.

Written while listening to “Elephant Love Medley”
album Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
by Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, and Jamie Allen