Head’s up on the weekend. Tonight my wife has the kids down on the other side of town for Halloween and I’m baching it. I’m either going to watch a movie or go see Kill Bill.

Tomorrow I’m going to shoot some pictures with my new camera of my wife for her blog. I was talking to her and said “I’ve been trying to think of what image would sum up you.” Before I could answer she said “I’d be naked reading a book.” Which is really about right. We’ll see.

I’m also going to work on setting up Nucleus for her and writing a migration script for her blog.

Tomorrow night I’m going to a bachelor party. Whoo hoo. I’ve got the Playboy Guide to Bachelor Parties out in the car and need to do a little more reading. It should be fun. I almost feel all the married guys who are going are planning on having more fun than the bachelor. Bachelor parties are a free ticket for married guys. The wive’s don’t care if you go to a strip club and neither do most people. You could even say “I went to a bachelor party last night” at church and not get in trouble. If they look worried you can say “I didn’t really want to go, but he was a buddy.”

BTW, Ray if you want to go give me a call.

Have a good weekend.

Written while listening to “Oh Marie”
album Sheryl Crow
by Sheryl Crow