Bunny, Bachelors and Halloween

Head’s up on the weekend. Tonight my wife has the kids down on the other side of town for Halloween and I’m baching it. I’m either going to watch a movie or go see Kill Bill.

Tomorrow I’m going to shoot some pictures with my new camera of my wife for her blog. I was talking to her and said “I’ve been trying to think of what image would sum up you.” Before I could answer she said “I’d be naked reading a book.” Which is really about right. We’ll see.

I’m also going to work on setting up Nucleus for her and writing a migration script for her blog.

Tomorrow night I’m going to a bachelor party. Whoo hoo. I’ve got the Playboy Guide to Bachelor Parties out in the car and need to do a little more reading. It should be fun. I almost feel all the married guys who are going are planning on having more fun than the bachelor. Bachelor parties are a free ticket for married guys. The wive’s don’t care if you go to a strip club and neither do most people. You could even say “I went to a bachelor party last night” at church and not get in trouble. If they look worried you can say “I didn’t really want to go, but he was a buddy.”

BTW, Ray if you want to go give me a call.

Have a good weekend.

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Blog Factors #2

Another tip for you bloggers out there. If people read your site via its RSS feed they are going to be coming to your archive pages and not your main page. Often there is a completely different template for the two and the archive pages may not have some important stuff.

First you have to remember your goal is to get people to read your blog. Preferably on a regular basis. My goal is to get them to subscribe to my RSS feed because that means they will read my site. For you it may mean they blogroll you to prove how wonderful you are to them. Either way the outcome is a regular read.

ASIDE: OK maybe that isn’t your goal. I met a guy once who didn’t have comments enabled on his blog because he didn’t want anyone to use them. He didn’t really want anyone to read his blog – he considered it private. And he got pissed when you emailed him. At least he got pissed at me. Oh and this guy wrote blogging software.

So to accomplish this goal, when people come to a single item you need to lead them to other items. There is one must have. You have to have a prominent link to your home/main page. Savvy users, if they don’t see something in big bold letters marked HOME or MAIN, will click on your logo at the top of the page, so make sure it is a link. Even if you put a discrete or even – to you – obvious link to the main page in a side bar or something.

Once they read one post, if they like it, they will want to read more by and about you. At least this is what I do, most people will not subscribe to your site based on reading one thing. So they are going to go read your main page and get the last few posts. Maybe you’ll hit them with something interesting and that will be all it takes. But let’s look at a scenario that will teach us something.

Say you post on a bunch of different topics like I do. Everything from beautiful women to motorcycles to politics. Now say someone comes to your site because of a link about motorcycles. But this is the first post in a couple of weeks you’ve made on that subject. Obviously you need to make it easy for them to find other motorcycle links.

So what do we learn from this class?

Make sure your category list is easy to find. It needs to be near the top of the page. Remember a user may never scroll their browser down while looking at your site. The screen real-estate at the top of the page is the most valuable. Use it wisely.

Given this usability analysis I’ve realized there is one thing my blog is missing on archive pages. A list of recent posts. It seems a little silly to have a list of recent posts on the main page because you can just see them, but on an archive page it leads people to other relevant posts. I’m going to add this in the next few days once I find or write a Nucleus plugin for it.

As I think about making my blog better and more user friendly I’ll post more in this series. Remember my post on about me’s. As the recent chicks of the blogosphere thing proves, people want to know more about the person doing the talking.

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RSS/Posting Advice

It seems a lot of bloggers don’t understand that a lot of people don’t read their blog in a web browser. They read it in a RSS reader. I do this. All my blogs are read/watched in NetNewsWire.

What this means is I see your entry title and the part of it you put in your RSS feed. So if you have multiple topics in a single message, but only a short excerpt in the RSS feed, I may not read the whole thing and miss some of your great insight. Gennie does this all the time.

There are two ways to fix this problem. One would be to only have one topic per entry. Personally I think this is the cleaner way, but you may differ. The other solution would be to put the entire entry in the RSS feed. This is what I do on Reactuate. So people don’t have to come to your site at all, which some people might not want to do.

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Why not

I have to confess I’ve not read Electric Venom before, but Dizzy pointed to a post desiring trackbacks and I decided to do it.

One thing I find interesting is I think Reactuate doesn’t get much in the way of traffic. Mainly because there aren’t a lot of comments nor referrer links, but my official HTTP stats say my average successful requests per day is 2,366. There have been 12,684 successful requests in the 7 day period ending last night. Electric says she gets 1657 hits a day. Are my stats right?

And for some reason all the songs for this post seem related in a weird subconscious way.

UPDATE: Haven’t looked at the referrer page in a while. I got hammered from the outsidethebeltway blogger chick post though I didn’t comment there until today so why did I get hit yesterday? I also didn’t trackback till today.

UPDATE AGAIN: I did trackback there on the 28th, just didn’t see my site until I looked at all 30 of the trackbacks and not just the first ones that were listed under the post.

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Femme Fatale

I don’t normally do film reviews but I watched Femme Fatale last night and its been on my mind since.

I put the movie in my NetFlix queue because Rebecca Romijn-Stamos was in it and I wanted to see if she could actually act. I’ve seen her in X-man but frankly being painted blue and fighting a lot doesn’t require a lot of acting.

The movie was just strange. It actually reminded me a little of Run Lola Run, sort of the European nonlinear parts. It is an interesting script, though weird and maybe a little disjointed. It does give Rebecca the chance to play a wide range of character and emotion. The point is she is a bad girl and changes to get her way.

She is pretty, though I found her a little on the skinny side. Can’t complain about a movie that involves a lesbian sex scene in the first 10 minutes. And she does strip a couple of times, but there is no actual breastage. I take that back, you do see her nude underwater near the end of the movie, but there are a bunch of bubbles involved. (God I sound like a perv).

Rebecca’s voice is very harsh. At least when she is speaking English. Her French and french accented English were very sexy. I don’t know if that’s the way she normally speaks or if it was for her character. For some reason I kept thinking there was some actress who was playing a military person that sounded like her, but I couldn’t figure out who.

The movie is worth a rent if you are into thriller/caper type movies.

Almost forgot to mention some of my eruditeness. There is a scene the early part of the movie where Antonio Banderas gets a phone call. The voice on the other end is John Stamos, whom I recognized, but is uncredited in the film.

Also notice the change in clothing colors in the last scenes of the movie.

Written while listening to “1999”
album 1999
by Prince
Written while listening to “Kiss Kiss”
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Xmas wish list

Thought I’d start the Christmas wish list early.

Froogle Wish List

Amazon Wish List, which has a bunch of DVDs on it and a couple of gun books.


A Nikon Speedlight flash. Needs to be “aimable” meaning it pivots up and down.

Portable reflectors, white, gold, silver.

An off camera mount for the flash.

Studio lighting.


Kershaw Shun knives. Prefer the three knife Alton Brown set

A food processor

Electric Kettle

Toaster Oven

Garlic Peeler

Melon Baller


Any of these guns:

M1 Carbine

A shotgun

A Walther PPK

H&K MP-5

Removed but here for historical purposes:

From 2003:

(Paid myself)Tuition to the Glamour, Beauty & the Nude photography workshop in San Antonio.

(Bought myself) A water proof camera bag.M-Rock Grand Canyon

(Bought myself) A circular polarizing filter for first my 62mm zoom and then for my 52mm main lens. (These are the diameter of the lens opening and hence the filter size).

(Received Xmas 2003) A cable release for my N80.

Gift certificates for developing.

(Received Xmas 2003) N80 battery pack. MB-16.

I’d also like an internal 80GB HD for my Powerbook. (UATA-66,9.5 in) OWC or TransIntl

1 or 2 magazines for a Walther P99. (Cheaper or factory)